Ebo Cat Robot Review

Ebo Cat Robot Review
Written by Clair Chesterman

Some cats may require more attention than others and it can be difficult to keep them busy and entertained especially if you are either at the office, working from home, or doing some chores. Enabot has designed a perfect cat pal companion for your cat called Ebo Cat Robot and their aim is to give you a hand in keeping your cats occupied while you work. They have designed it well to keep your cat entertained: laser pointer toy and several costumes, autonomous mode, etc.  

Main Features Of The Ebo Cat Robot

Ebo Cat Robot close up image

  • HD camera – allows you to record videos, take photos, and watch livestream
  • A variety of costumes to keep your cats entertained
  • Laser pointer to keep your cat healthy with bouts of exercises
  • LED screen shows eyes and different types of emotions 
  • Self-charging auto-docking device
Pros Cons
  • Great companion for your cats
  • Laser pointer toy
  • HD 1080p Camera
  • Speaker 
  • Still works properly on a carpet
  • Allows you to set a schedule when to play with your cats
  • No off/on button
  • Short battery life span
  • Expensive
  • Shaky camera feed
  • Faulty docking when it needs to recharge

How Ebo Cat Robot It Works

The Ebo Cat Robot works just like a toy but a highly interactive one as the LED screen shows different types of emotions at certain situations and “speaks” to your cat. You can dress it up with different outfits and top it off with a silicone feather hat that will surely catch your cat’s attention. It has a laser pointer that can be controlled by you via the app and watch them live as they try to chase and catch the red dot. 

Who Ebo Cat Robot Is It For? 

Cat is playing with Ebo Robot for the first time

With all its playful features, this Ebo cat pal is perfect for cats with separation anxiety or cats that need a little bit of a boost when it comes to doing exercises. It can help them ease your cat’s stress, anxiety, and boredom while you are away as it also has an autonomous mode you can switch on whenever needed. 

When Do You Need It? 

You need it if you are a cat parent who needs a little bit of help when entertaining your cats while you are away or busy at work or on a vacation, and not only still wants to keep your cats healthy and entertained but also watch them play and nap through the live stream via the app when you are not home. 

Ebo Cat Robot Tech Specifications 

  • Design 

Ebo Cat Robot design on the image

The Ebo Cat Robot weighs 223 grams and has a dimension of 76 x 76 x 70 mm which is just about the size of a baseball. It is designed with an LED screen as its eyes that is well-protected by a black plastic cover in front and a camera on it that fronts as its nose. There are two charging contacts underneath the device and one reset button on it. The two silicone tracks are designed to withstand hair and dirt particles, and although they work well even on carpets, they are designed to move around perfectly on hard surfaces. 

  • Battery life

The battery is 7.6V @ 1100mAh 120 minutes. No need to worry because it docks onto its charging port by itself whenever the battery gets low. 

  • Apps 

Ebo cat robot device and its app

The Ebo App lets you control the Ebo cat robot by using the joystick on the app screen on your phone while watching your adorable cats while they follow their cat pal around. The app also lets you schedule the autonomous mode which lets Ebo play with your cat freely on its own. It also allows you to talk to your cats and call on them to come over, and you can also taunt them with the laser pointer toy to play with them and keep them entertained and exercised. 

  • Connectivity & Memory

The Wi-Fi connectivity is 2.4G and works at a max range of 20m away from the router. The standard memory is 16GB while the pro is 32GB.

  • Camera

The photo captured is 1920 x 1080 while the HD video is 1080p at 30fps. It also allows you to watch the live stream of your cats whenever you are away. 

General Features

cat is interacting with Ebo Cat Robot

  • LED Screen

The Ebo Cat Robot is great at showing different types of expression and it is very entertaining nonetheless for us humans, if not for our cats. While roaming around, its “eyes” makes the shape of arrows, pointing it in the direction it is headed to. The eyes become like a bar that shows the percentage of the battery while charging, and shows a wifi “eyes” above that indicates it is not connected to your wifi. 

  • Interchangeable costumes

They designed the Ebo cat pal to entertain your cats therefore they added a little bit of extra: cute and eye-catching costumes. There are outfits and cats that can be easily changed whenever you wish. However, not all of the hats have a built-in laser pointer but are made just as simple decorative ones. 

There are even silicone feathers included for your cats to play with. However, if you know that your cats love to chew on their toys or other stuff, be watchful as they may be able to take those feathers off and chew them up albeit it is not harmful to them. 

  • Charging Dock

The Ebo cat pal is designed to dock by itself when the battery is low, just plug the charging dock and you wouldn’t need to worry about your cat’s robot companion dying. 

Is It Worth It To Pay For It? 

Yes. It can be very expensive but I think that it is worth the price because of all the features we talked about. It makes a great companion for our cats especially when we are not at home or when we are busy with things to do in the house. It can surely keep them entertained with the variety of interchangeable costumes and silicone feathers and a laser pointer toy. This definitely is worth it especially for cats who have separation anxiety and get bored easily or those who need to do some exercise to become healthier. 


What I like about the Ebo Cat Pal Robot is that it is a perfect companion and playmate for your cats. I will surely keep your anxious and bored cats entertained while you are busy or away from by utilizing all the features, the Enabot has designed for you. I like the fact that you can watch and play with them at the same time by using the app but also switch to the autonomous mode once you start getting busy and still keep them happy. The thing I did not like the most is that there is no on and off button which means once it is on, it will be on until the battery gets low and it needs charging so I couldn’t turn it off when not need, but overall, despite it being expensive, the Ebo Cat Robot is a really great companion for your cats whenever you are not home. 

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Clair Chesterman

Clair is a professional cat breeder having her own cageless CFA and CCA Registered cattery & fostering company FluffyMeowPaws in Eugene, Oregon. Clair knows everything about multiple cat breeds and how to use the latest technologies to make the cat's life better.

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