TOP 11 Electronic & Motion Activated Cat Toys Under $30 in 2020

11 electronic motion activated cat toys

You’ve been thinking that it is so energy-draining to look for suitable electronic cat toys within your small budget. Yes you can use a simple ball, twig or a yarn but you do not want your cat to create a mess right? Your cat might misbehave if the same toy is being used all over again. You do not need to exceed $30 to buy an electronic toy for your cat. Just read this list about the top 11 motion-activated cat toys under $30, and save yourself the time and headache to search for quality and budget friendly cat toys.

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TOP 11 Electronic Cat Toys Under $30

  1. OurPets Play-N-Squeak Mouse Hunter
  2. Adrance Electronic Interactive Feather Teaser
  3. Playdot Cat Laser Toy
  4. Hexbug Nano Motion Activated Cat Toy
  5. SmartyKat Hot Pursuit
  6. OurPets Play-N-Squeak Real Birds Fly Over
  7. SmartyKat Chickadee Chirp
  8. OurPets Play-N-Squeak Twice the Mice Motion Activated Cat Toy
  9. Patgoal Electronic Motion Activated Mini Mouse
  10. PAWZ Road Motion Activated Cat Toy
  11. Cat’s Meow-Motorized Wand Cat Toy

Note: This list is not arranged according to the worst to best product and vice versa.

OurPets Play-N-Squeak Cat Mouse Hunter (battery-operated toy)

Our Pets Play-N-Squeak motion activated mouse in action.
Photo Amazon

Key features

  • real mouse electronic sound
  • contains catnip
  • over 1000 positive reviews (check here)

Hunting is one of the cats’ natural instincts. It tells them to stalk and chase anything small and darting. Unleash your cat’s hunting skills and physical ability with this battery-operated electronic cat toy. The mouse hunter cat toy is made of realistic fur that will attract your cat. It even smells catnip that is why your cat will surely love to catch it. When pounced or clawed, the squeaking RealMouse sound will trigger your cat to enjoy this newly founded prey.

  • Amazon Reviews: 4+
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 1000 Reviews: here at Amazon

Adrance Electronic Interactive Feather Teaser For Cats

British kitten is playing with Adrance electronic feather teaser.
Photo Amazon


Key features

  • battery-operated cat toy
  • replaceable feather
  • cheap price (check on Amazon)

2 electronic cat toys in 1. Track toy and feather toy! Play with your cat using the electronic feather wand. If you get tired, just plug the auto-rotate feather wand into the plate and your cat can play alone with it. The brightly colored ball with sound will stimulate your cat’s natural instincts to track the ball like stalking its prey. The motion activated ball will not come out of its place because it spins securely across the tracks.

  • Amazon Reviews: 3+
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 70 Reviews: here at Amazon

Playdot Electronic Cat Laser Toy

Small cat is interacted with Playdot cat laser toy.
Photo Amazon


Key features

  • 4 modes of play with a cat
  • adjustable speed
  • cheap price (check here)

This electronic laser cat toy box is great for any feline. It has three automatic play modes and one still handheld mode. The random patterns ensure that your cat won’t be bored any time soon. The adjustable speed makes it easy for you to find the perfect place for your kitty companion so that it’s neither too easy nor too difficult to catch causing your cat to lose interest. You can bring this durable, small and super lightweight toy to every place you want your pet to play. For an affordable price, this automatic cat toy is a steal!

  • Amazon Reviews: 4+
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 300 Reviews: here at Amazon

Hexbug Nano Motion Activated Cat Toy

HEXBUG nano robotic electronic cat toy in green color.
Photo Amazon


Key features

  • remote control cat toy
  • smart electronic technology
  • amazing feedback on Amazon (read here)

This will create a real hunting adventure for your cat. The Hexbug will fool not only your cat but other humans into thinking that it is a real moving bug. Because of its appearance, it will get your cat’s attention. The robot is smart and can navigate around obstacles. It will find ways to escape your cat. Your feline companion will now think and run to catch the new prey. It is up to the cat if he or she will give up or not.

  • Amazon Reviews: 4+
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 200 Reviews: here at Amazon

SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Electronic Motion Cat Toy

SmartyKat Hot Pursuit motion toy with moving prey in purple color.
Photo Amazon

Key features

  • replicates the movements of hidden prey
  • two speeds
  • over 6000 reviews on Amazon (read here)

Cats have the ability to pounce on hidden preys. The SmartyKat’s wand under the cloth imitates the movements of real hidden prey. This electronic toy makes cats interested in watching, waiting and baiting the prey. It encourages healthy activity on cats. This product is environmentally friendly since it is made of recycled plastic. Safeness is guaranteed because of its compliance to all applicable safety standards.

  • Amazon Reviews: 4+
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 6000 Reviews: here at Amazon

OurPets Play-N-Squeak Electronic Bird For Cats

Our Pets Play-N-Squeak Birds imitate electronic sound to play with cat.
Photo Amazon

Key features

  • realistic chirping sound
  • contains catnip
  • cheap price and amazing reviews (check here)

Looney Tunes’ Sylvester and Tweety chase scenes now come to life. When the fake bird’s batted by your cat, it will make a realistic chirping sound. Your pet will be excited to fulfill its hunting capabilities. This OurPets’ toy will surely get your cat out of boredom with this motorized toy. The catnip is also on the toy too!

  • Amazon Reviews: 4+
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 1000 Reviews: here at Amazon

SmartyKat Chickadee Chirp Sound Cat Toy

SmartyKat Chickadee Chirp cat toy with bird sounds and label "pull to active sound".
Photo Amazon

Key features

  • electronic bird sound toy for cats
  • high sounds
  • extremely cheap price (check here)

One of the electronic cat toys that are catnip refillable; SmartyKat Chickadee Chirp will burst into a real bird song when pushed by your cat’s paw. Its height is similar to a real lovebird. It hits a high note when pounced and in effect, its sound will surely make your cat wild.

  • Amazon Reviews: 4+
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 900 Reviews: here at Amazon

OurPets Play-N-Squeak Twice the Mice Electronic Motion Activated Cat Toy

Two electronic mice from Pets Play-N-Squeak are ready to be electronically activated to play with a cat.
Photo Amazon


Key features

  • encourage physical play with a cat
  • real mouse electronic sounds
  • tons of positive reviews on Amazon (check here)

Double the fun! This is like getting two OurPets Mouse Hunters in 1 package. With lifelike mouse looks and sounds (RealMouse sound), your cat will eagerly unleash his or her hunter instincts. Your pet can even smell the catnip aroma. You can just decide to use the two mice simultaneously or just hide the other mouse and release it on a later time period. It is a real bargain when you have two cats in your house.

  • Amazon Reviews: 4+
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 900 Reviews: here at Amazon

Patgoal Electronic Motion Activated Mini Mouse

Patgoal Rat motion activated Toy for Cat
Photo Amazon

This remote control cat toy is a perfect toy for both cats and kids. For cats, Patgoal’s mouse-like features and running speed can make your cat chase it until tired or when the toy was captured by your feline pet. With collision resistance, this cat toy is durable to use. This is the best toy for pet owners who want to control their cat’s movement and activity. Kids can also use this mini mouse cat toy for good pranks, racing and moving things.

  • Amazon Reviews: 3.6/5
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 30 Reviews: here at Amazon

PAWZ Road Motion Activated Cat Toy

PAWZ Road Motion Activated Cat Toy
Photo AliExpress

No battery required since the cat will just move the mouse and scratch the pad. This is ideal for cats that like to claw and scratch on furniture since this toy will now serve as your cat’s scratching post. The built-in mouse rests on a small beam-like plastic that spins when mouse is being pushed by your cat’s paws or claws. This toy keeps your cat entertained for hours and helps your adorable companion to satisfy the urge to scratch and claw.

Cat’s Meow Motorized Wand Cat Toy

Cat's Meow electronic toy package.

Key features of this motorized cat toy

  • 3 speed settings
  • auto shut off
  • over 2000 positive reviews on Amazon (read here)

It’s a simple & high-quality electronic cat toy that attracts with your cat instantly and keep cats excited & playful. Having 3 different speed setting it fits for all small and big cats. This toy has a motorized mouse wand that silently moves and changes directions. What else your cat need? Not only this motorized toy interacts with your cat but it’s also fun exercise.

  • Amazon Reviews: 4+
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 2000 Reviews: here at Amazon

What Motion Activated Cat Toy To Pick?

All electronic motion activated cat toys mentioned are battery-operated except the PAWZ Road Toy. No need to buy too expensive electronic cat toys for your cat to enjoy, but do not just let your cat become bored even he or she mostly sleeps and eats within the day. Give your cat exercise and stimulate your feline friend’s instincts. Your relationship will surely become solid and stable when you play together especially when using these effective, affordable yet quality electronic motion activated cat toys.

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Tillie is a professional dog & cat breeder. Tillie is a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant focusing mostly on cat active breeds e.g. Bengal or Sphynx. For the past 3 years, Tillie was using a numerous cat gadget to research how the affect cat's behaviour.


  1. These really aren’t “motion-activated” in that your cat cannot turn them on him/herself. (The FoxTail toy allows that.) These are automatic interactive toys that can be turned on and off and do not require human participation.

    1. These are great my cat can’t play alone the prices for my sanity are great the fishing pool with fish I bought him a child’s duck with baby’s and ran water in the tub he loved it and the peep a boo maybe I’ll have time for myself bless you I am so happy Princeton will be as will great toys thank you so much 👍🏻🙏

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