If there is one thing that having a cat makes it messy, is the spilling of water every time the drinks and the cat lover always end up asking on how to prevent water spilling or knocking over the water bowl for his or her cat’s natural feline action. And you think that cats are good without water because they are afraid of it? You have to fret because lack of enough water in the system of your furry pet would lead to kidney problems, diabetes, urinary tract and other illnesses. Good thing Desimore Inc., a leading Delaware company designing pet-friendly products for our beloved animals, has to launch yet another innovation for cats and their owners: the KittySpring Fountain.

The design itself is already stylish yet conveniently functional. Simply fill in the dispenser with water, cap it off in the base and see the dispenser fill in the dish with water oozing from the center of it. No need to plug any cable since this water fountain is non-electric. Since the KittySpring is a water dispenser on its own, you do not need to refill your furry pet’s water bowl every now and then as it automatically refills on its own without any electricity at all, making sure that there is enough water on the bowl for as much as two days. This would not worry every cat owner for additional electric billing charges for a cat water fountain. The design of the bowl is also shallow enough to let your cats drink their water without the fear or anxiety or submerging their whiskers and whole faces in it. The design is made for the water to be dispensed in the center of the bowl to prevent cats from playing with running faucet-like water flow. The dispenser even comes with a filter that would last for years to prevent unwanted particles from coming out in the water dish to ensure clean and safe water for your furry pet. Such a cat lover that you have more to feed? Good thing the bowl is wide enough to accommodate two of your lovely cats to share water. The stability of this light-weight water fountain is also unquestionable that your beloved cats have in no way to knock the bowl over as the base is wide, attached therein the dispenser too The whole base is covered by a non-slip pad to ensure that your cat has stable water supply all throughout without checking it several times the whole day. Most importantly, the KittySpring is 100% FDA approved and considered safe and made from non-toxic RoHS certified materials that are durable that it is unbreakable. Since KittySpring is non-electric, this most cat-friendly water fountain is noiseless and will prevent your cats from getting agitated. Cleaning this cat water fountain is no-hassle too. The removable parts are easy to be detached and to clean. This is simply a life saver not just for your lovely pets but to you cat owners as well!

The dispenser itself is transparent to see the cleanliness of your cat’s water and for you to know if there is a need to refill the water dispenser, while the base is white. This cat’s perfect water fountain has a variety of version, the regular one which is made of durable non-toxic material, and the other one is the glass version. The KittySpring bowl also comes in two colors for the regular version, one in clear crystal white while the other is with a hue of emerald green. For the glass version, the bowl is in crystal white color.

Right now, KittySpring is available via Kickstarter and Indiegogo, where it is already raised over $1.5 million as of this writing. For a limited offer, starting at $35, you will be receiving one KittySpring water fountain along with non-slip pad. Desimore also offers prices in bulk and orders and distributor’s price. Its starting retail price once it is available for shipping commencing October this year in the market by is at $58. KittySpring is ready to be shipped in any part of the world so order now to get a hefty discount for your furry cats!

Clair is a professional cat breeder having her own cageless CFA and CCA Registered cattery & fostering company FluffyMeowPaws in Eugene, Oregon. Clair knows everything about multiple cat breeds and how to use the latest technologies to make the cat's life better.

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