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SoCool: The World’s Only True Refrigerated Smart Pet Feeder

SoCool Automatic Cat Feeder
Written by Jamey Ekins

Do you struggle to keep your pet’s food fresh while juggling a busy life? Meet the SoCool Refrigerated Smart Pet Feeder, designed to take the hassle out of maintaining your pet’s diet. 

Currently running as an InDemand campaign on Indiegogo, SoCool, designed by Happy Llama Tech ensures your furry friends get fresh, nutritious meals at just the right temperature, making life easier for both you and your cat. 

SoCool Automatic Pet Feeder

A Revolution in Pet Feeding

SoCool is not just another pet feeder; it’s a game-changer in pet care. This revolutionary device maintains food at an optimal 40°F, ensuring your cat’s meals stay fresh and hydrated. Whether your cat eats wet, dry, or raw food, SoCool handles it all, making it perfect for cats with special dietary needs such as IBD, diabetes, obesity, and kidney disease.

Why SoCool Stands Out

  • True Refrigeration: Unlike traditional feeders that rely on ice packs, SoCool uses proprietary technology to keep food at a consistent 40°F. This ensures that your cat’s food remains fresh and safe.
  • Flexible Feeding Options: Suitable for all types of food – wet, dry, or raw. SoCool offers endless possibilities for your pet’s diet.
  • Easy Scheduling: With the simple setup through the app, you can schedule up to 6 meals a day. Just fill the bowl, set the times, and go about your day.
  • Stainless Steel Bowls: Upgrade to stainless steel bowl inserts with custom lids for easy storage and meal prep. These inserts are dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.
  • Real-Time Notifications: The complementary app keeps you informed with notifications for each meal served, power outages, and allows remote feeding control.
  • Secure Design: Tested to prevent curious pets from accessing the food, SoCool also features a locking mechanism in its final design for added security.

SoCool True Refrigerated Wet Food Pet Feeder

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Seamless Integration and Ease of Use

SoCool is designed with busy pet owners in mind. The device works with the SmartLife mobile app, a global platform supporting various smart home devices. This integration ensures that even if the internet goes down, your cat’s feeding schedule remains uninterrupted. Plus, the refrigeration system detaches from the bowl to allow food to warm to room temperature naturally, avoiding the drying out issue seen in other feeders.

SoCool Automatic Refrigerated Pet Feeder

About Happy Llama

Happy Llama, the brain behind SoCool, was founded by pet-loving professionals who faced the challenge of ensuring fresh meals for their pets amidst their busy lives. Traditional feeding methods often led to health issues in cats due to poor nutrition and hydration.

Determined to find a better solution, they created SoCool, the world’s first refrigerated smart pet feeder, allowing cat owners to provide the best care for their cats without sacrificing their lifestyle.

Happy Llama has made significant strides in product development, overcoming their largest production challenge with the stainless steel inserts for the pet food. After several iterations and design adjustments, Happy Llama has finalized the superior design that minimizes material use and optimizes functionality.

SoCool Stainless Steel Inserts pet feeder

The co-founder of Happy Llama recently returned from a 45-day trip to China, where he worked closely with the manufacturer to expedite production. This hands-on approach has streamlined communication and accelerated the development process. 

How to Purchase the Smart Pet Feeder

The SoCool Refrigerated Smart Pet Feeder is currently available for 28% off the purchase price on Indiegogo, shipping to the United States and Canada. 

The estimated shipping date for SoCool is August 2024, ensuring that pet owners in the USA and Canada can soon experience the benefits of this innovative feeder.


With the SoCool Refrigerated Smart Pet Feeder, you can relax knowing your cat is getting fresh, nutritious meals without the daily stress of feeding schedules. This is so helpful when you’re out of town for the night.

This innovative product from Happy Llama is a testament to their commitment to pet health and owner convenience. 

Purchase your SoCool feeder now on Indiegogo.

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