Gary Nealon

Gary is a serial entrepreneur, who built up an e-commerce company in the home improvement space to $40+ million a year in sales before exiting 5 years ago to pursue other projects. Since then he has been coaching other e-commerce companies on how to scale from 6 figures up to 7 and 8 figures using the processes and systems he used in his own business.

Gary Nealon

Gary combined his business acuity with his love for dogs and started Vet Naturals, a natural pet supplement brand dedicated to helping dogs live the best life possible. With products like Hemp & Hips, Hemp & Hips Plus CBD, Immune & Allergy Chews, and Senior Dog Overall Wellness, Vet Naturals offers veterinary-formulated, high-quality, and all-natural “Made in the USA” supplements for every stage of a dog’s life from puppyhood through their golden years.

Soon after the introduction of Vet Naturals, Gary decided to expand on his love for dogs by launching Pawzitivity Pet, a pet-centric publishing company that includes, SeniorPups, TechnoBark, TechnoMeow and AlphaTrainedDog among others under its umbrella.

In addition to owning Pawzitivity Pets, Gary also owns a Virtual Assistant company called, a Consulting Company named Nealon Solutions, and is a partner in which helps match up companies that are looking to raise money, with PE firms, family offices, and private investors that are looking to invest in growing companies.

Gary has been featured on the Inc 5000 list 7 times, Philly 100 Fastest Growing Companies 6 times, and the Smart CEO Future 50 list 5 times.  He authored the book Notes to A Young Entrepreneur, and is often the keynote speaker at Marketing, Business, and Ecommerce conferences.

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