Famree Smart Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Review

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Written by Clair Chesterman

The Famree Smart Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box was recommended by a friend to me who said it’s a good competitor for Litter Robot 4. I was in doubt to try it initially but because I read some good comments in a cat parents community, I gave it a shot.

After a few months of using it, here is my comprehensive review of this self-cleaning cat litter which considers the following factors:

  • Design
  • Size
  • Material
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Smart Features
  • Price

Quick disclaimer: if you decide to purchase a Famree Smart Cat Litter Box, I would highly appreciate if you use my referral link I use a few times in the review. This helps my website maintain high-quality content, test cat products and provide an honest expert opinion. Also, this is not a sponsored review.

Famree Smart Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Product Highlights

Better space utilization

  • The innovative All-in-One Waste Disposal System from Famree takes the place of conventional drawer-style collection techniques. The combined litter box/waste bin’s innovative design reduces the chance of cat trapping to 0%.
  • It has four weight sensors, and the APP will receive updates on the frequency, timing, and weight of your cat’s deposits.
  • Higher space efficiency—2.4Gal/9L collection bin with 13 lb. weight capacity. cat for a 15-day usage period.
  • The negative ion deodorizer operates without using any chemicals. After the poop has been deposited, the waste bin’s door is left closed to prevent odors from spreading.

Famree Smart Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Design

What enticed me most to buy this litter box is its unique design. It’s an integrated waste drawer and litter box design that stands out among other automated litter boxes. It prevents entrapment accidents which makes it safer for your feline pals.

It comes in two adorable colors: turquoise green and cherry blossom pink. It is so cute and sleek that you wouldn’t worry about it being an eyesore in your room. My cat got attracted to it and tried to get inside on the first day I installed the litter box. 

Famree Smart Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Size

He has an overall dimension of 18.9″ x 20.5″ x19.9″ and a capacity of 4.5 cubic feet. This gives your cat a toilet space of 17.2Gal/65L and supports a maximum weight of 17.6lb/8kg.

It is compact and fits nicely in the corner of our living room. However, I wouldn’t suggest this brand if you have a large breed of cat. It fits best for small to average-sized felines.

Famree Smart Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Material

Famree is made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or ABS plastic which makes it durable. So far after using my unit for a couple of months, I have not encountered problems with the quality of the litter box itself. It can support the weight of my cat and it doesn’t look like it will break any time soon.

Famree Smart Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Ease of Cleaning

quick clean and easy maintenance

Emptying the waste drawer and cleaning the entire Famree litter box is not a hassle. It has a dynamic waste collection which uses up all the space in the drawer and prevents poop from piling up.

You only have to take off the full waste bag, open the side locks, remove the litter box, and wash it. You can run it through water and soap without worries.

You can also modify the cleaning cycle settings of the unit. Famree includes four cleaning modes: Timed Cleaning, One-Click Cat Litter Change, Automatic Sensor Cleaning, and Clean Smell Mode. 

Famree Smart Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Smart Features

3 cleaning modes

Like other automatic self-cleaning litter boxes, Famree has a connectivity feature that enables users to connect the unit to the Famree mobile app. 

While you can adjust the litter box’s settings using the touchpad in front of the unit, you can also do this through the app. 

I had trouble setting up the connection. Why the device won’t connect to my network eluded me. Thanks to their helpfulness, I was able to get my questions solved.

My phone was initially connected to a 5G network that’s why it won’t connect to the machine. I was advised to switch my phone’s connection from 5G network to 2.4G before trying to connect it again to the Famree litter box.

It took a few hours before I successfully set everything up. 

Famree Smart Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Price

In my opinion, Famree is priced competitively (check the current price here). I was able to get mine on Amazon with a $100 discount. It is not as expensive as high-end brands but not as cheap as the other automated self-cleaning cat litter boxes which are not so effective. Yet, it offers good features and does its job well. Personally, I’d say it is surprisingly worth its price.


I didn’t expect that I would be impressed by the Famree Smart Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box. My first impression was it’s cute and nice to look at but it has so much more to offer aside from aesthetics. 

If you are switching from the traditional litter box to an automatic self-cleaning one, this brand is worth trying. But if you have the budget to go for more high-end brands, I’d say go all out and choose Litter-Robot 4.

  • Famree Smart Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Review

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