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Litter-Robot 4 Big Review

Litter Robot 4 review featured image with litter box and my cat in it
Written by Clair Chesterman

Litter-Robot 4 is the most awaited automatic self-cleaning cat litter box this year. The most anticipated upgraded version of Litter-Robot 3 has finally arrived and I have tested it! I made a review for Litter-Robot 4 considering the following factors: design, ease of cleaning, size, smart features, material, and price.

My cat on top of the Litter Robot 4 box

I was excited to try it out as it has a lot more features than Litter-Robot 3 such as the updated mobile app connectivity, OdorTrap feature, and more customization options.

Quick disclaimer: If you decide to purchase a Litter-Robot 4 please use my referral link I use a few times in the review. This helps our website maintain high-quality content, test cat products and provide an honest expert opinion. Also note, this is not a sponsored review.

The first thing that you’ll be delighted about is that Litter-Robot 4 comes fully assembled. There will be no more figuring out and assembling parts. This is how the box comes:

Box with Litter Robot 4 delivered

And then all you have to do is simply take it out. It involves almost no effort: you simply plug it in and turn it on.

Took out litter box 4 from the box

While you may think that the instructions for a system like this would make connecting the phone app to the device difficult, it certainly does not. I was able to connect the device to the phone app in just three simple steps that took me less than five minutes to accomplish. After connecting, we are ready to test its functionality!

Of course, after testing it, a review is a must so here we are sharing our discoveries about the Litter-Robot 4.

Litter-Robot 4 | WiFi-Enabled, Automatic Litter Box

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How Does Litter-Robot 4 Work?

I show you just how to use it in my video review but let me still talk about it in a nutshell.

After unboxing, set it up in your preferred space, ideally somewhere near an outlet to plug it in. Then, follow the instructions in the manual to connect the LR4 to the Whisker app via WiFi. It’s extremely straightforward and pretty simple to follow. Once connected, you may add the preferable cat litter.

The next part (which can be tough for some cats and cat parents) is getting your cat used to the LR4. I did not remove our cat’s old litter box from its usual space just yet. I never pushed her to use the Litter-Robot 4 right away. I took it slowly so she could adjust to the machine. Surprisingly, she was not scared and used it almost right away.

My cat is using litter robot 4

When your cat uses it, the machine detects that by default and the cleaning cycle begins after 10 minutes. You may adjust the cleaning cycle timer though via the Whisker app.

Setting up a cycle time for Litter Robot 4 via Whisker app

After each use, the app will notify you about your cat’s visit. The app will also show your cat’s weight, and the space left in the waste drawer as well as if it has enough litter inside.

Whisker app shows the weight of my cat after she used Litter Robot 4

Finally, you may clean up the drawer lines when they are 100% full. You will know this through an app notification. That’s pretty much it — no more scooping! 

Here is a quick step-by-step snapshot of how the Litter-Robot 4 works:

  1. Unbox it and plug it in, no assembly is required.
  2. Add a preferable cat litter that matches the lines inside.
  3. Let your cat go inside and do its business.
  4. A cleaning cycle will begin shortly after your cat departs the Litter-Robot 4.
  5. The innovative sifting mechanism and design separate dirty clumps from clean litter while the globe rotates softly.
  6. Clumps are put in the waste drawer below, which has a big capacity and is tightly sealed.
  7. When it is time to empty the waste drawer, simply remove the liner and replace it. The Whisker app will let you know when it’s time.

As simple as that!

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Litter-Robot 4 Product Highlights

Fully unpacked Litter Box 4

It has an automatic sifting that leaves a clean bed of litter after every use. 

I absolutely love the automatic sifting feature of the Litter-Robot 4! It leaves a clean bed of litter after every use, saving me time and effort while providing a hygienic and comfortable environment for my cat.

Plus, it’s gentle and non-intrusive, which helps reduce stress and anxiety for my cat.

The WiFi-connected litter box that allows you to monitor your cat’s usage habits through your mobile phone.

SmartScaleTM technology on Litter Robot's 4 Whisker app shows the weight of my cat

I’m really impressed by the WiFi-connected feature of the Litter-Robot 4! With just a few taps on my phone, I can monitor my cat’s litter box usage habits and get alerts when it’s time to empty the waste drawer. It’s so convenient and easy to use, and it gives me peace of mind knowing that my cat’s litter box is always clean and well-maintained.

Also, it features sensors that can detect when the waste drawer, holding the cat poop and other waste, is full and notify you via the Whisker app.

Next, let’s talk about the waste drawer sensor feature of the Litter-Robot 4! The sensors detect when the drawer is full and notify me via the Whisker app on my phone. This is so convenient, as I no longer have to check the waste drawer manually and can focus on spending more quality time with my cat (and my ever growing to-do list). It’s just another way that the Litter-Robot 4 makes cat ownership easier and more enjoyable.

The waste drawer is so spacious that it only needs to be emptied once a week for my one cat, which saves me a lot of time and hassle. This is such a game-changer compared to traditional litter boxes that need to be emptied almost daily. However, you’ll need to do this more often if you use Litter-Robot 4 for multiple cats in your household.

It features QuietSift™ technology which reduces noise during litter sifting for discreet cleaning cycles.

QuietSift™ technology makes the cleaning cycle so quiet during litter sifting that my cat barely even notices it. It’s the major difference compared to Litter-Robot 3.

It has an upgraded sifting screen that reduces airborne and surface dust. 

Litter-Robot 4 significantly reduces airborne and surface dust, which is great for both me and my cat. This means we can both breathe easier and enjoy a cleaner, more hygienic living environment.

It has a MultiCat™ design that can accommodate up to four cats.

I have 4 cats in my household, and I can confirm such a statement from Litter-Robot 4 website.

It features a SafeCat™ system that recognizes cat mobility and analyzes safety zones to keep your cat safe.

Litter-Robot 4 recognizes my cat’s movements and analyzes safety zones to keep my furry friend safe at all times. This gives me peace of mind knowing that my cat won’t accidentally get trapped or injured while using the litter box.

Litter-Robot 4 Design

Litter Robot 4 design fits my living room

Upon unboxing the Litter-Robot 4, I was immediately amazed by its compact and sleek design! I ordered the black-colored version but it’s also available in white.

The control panel appears sleeker and more contemporary. The design appears more elegant as you will no longer be distracted from the Robot’s front’s space-age sleekness after the buttons were moved to the top of the machine and the labels were taken off.

Control panel of Litter Robot 4

I don’t mind having it in my living room as it’s much more aesthetically pleasing for a litter box. You can even switch on two little dim lights to highlight the opening. It’s a feature, similar to a restroom sign (haha).

My cat is exploring Litter Robot 4

The Litter-Robot 4 also has an improved SafeCat™ technology, which detects cat movements and analyzes safety zones to keep the cat safe. This safety feature was improved for kittens weighing 3 lbs and above. Because of this, I do not have to worry about my little cat getting his paw stuck somewhere along the edges of the litter box.

Also, after each usage of the Whisker app, the SmartScale™ system tracks your cat’s weight. This is a nice feature to keep up with your cat’s health.

Litter-Robot 4 Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning the Litter Robot 4

Some automated self-cleaning cat litter boxes are tedious to clean but this is not an issue with Litter-Robot 4. Its EasyClean™ system has modular components for convenient thorough cleaning. It has an adjustable cycle timer which allows post-use cycle delays — from three, seven and fifteen-minute delays.

Adjusting cycle delays in Litter Robot 4 app

My main concern about Litter-Robot 3 was the odor. Litter-Robot addressed this problem with Litter-Robot 4’s tightly covered and carbon-filtered waste drawer. It also has optional OdorTrap™ Packs that can neutralize the litter box smell.

The waste drawer is also tightly sealed as its edges are smooth and have no crevices for tucking the waste bag. Because the edges are flat, it is now easier for me to put on the bag.

Litter-Robot 4 Size

Litter robot 4 does not fit my washromm

Compared to Litter-Robot 3, the Litter-Robot 4 is a bit smaller measuring 22 x 27 x 29.5 inches. The Litter-Robot 4 offers two designs: one with a step and the other with a handle. The handle-equipped type is best for cats who like to enter the unit directly without utilizing the step. This model is ideal for small spaces as it takes up less room due to its smaller depth. It did not fit well my bathroom so I kept it in the living room.

Litter Robot 4 in my living room

The size difference is not that significant though as the Litter-Robot 4 can still be a bit big for tight spaces. It is still advisable to check your room dimensions to see if you can accommodate Litter-Robot 4’s size.

The Litter-Robot 4 has a MultiCat™ design that works for up to 4 cats of any size. Its compact size has the same footprint as an ordinary large litter pan. It has a wide opening and comfortable space for cats of all sizes. My four average-sized cats tried the unit and they fit comfortably inside. This litter box is a dream for cat parents with multiple feline babies!

A tip worth sharing though is I found setting your cleaning cycle duration to 30 minutes is best. By doing this, your cats will have enough time to use the litter box before the unit goes into a cycle. The 30-minute duration is also another upgraded feature since you can only set Litter-Robot 3’s cycle duration up to 15 minutes.

Litter-Robot 4 Smart Features

My cat is curious a about Litter Robot 4 cleaning cycle

Litter-Robot 4 has a lot of technology features, as I mentioned before, that cat owners will love. The litter box can be connected to Wi-Fi and the Whisker mobile app.

The Whisker app is available for iOS and Android and it is really fantastic. I like how it illustrates how filled the drawer is with a percentage, as well as a litter-level scale. By looking at this, you can tell if you need to add any at a glance. The lasers work hard and constantly check levels and provide real-time data.

Whisker app screenshot with my cat's profile on using Litter Robot 4

This mobile app allows you to:

  • Identify trends and irregularities by looking at the daily, weekly, and monthly activities of your cat.
  • Receive notifications on your cat’s use and necessities.
  • Keep track of the current state of your waste drawer and know when it’s time to empty it.
  • View current litter levels to determine when additional litter should be added.
  • Check your cat’s weight after each use.

In addition, The SmartScaleTM technology tracks your cat’s weight and activities after each use of the Whisker app. Recent activity shows when a cat was identified and how much it weighed.

SmartScaleTM technology on Litter Robot's 4 Whisker app shows the weight of my cat

You will find a weekly breakdown of your cat’s bathroom information on the monthly history page. It displays the week’s highest and lowest weight of your feline companion. This is a nice feature to keep up with your cat’s health.

Monthly history of my cat using LR4

The real-time mobile notifications though can be a bit annoying especially if you are not fond of receiving notifications from time to time.

Real-time notification from Whisker app that Litter Robot 4 cycle is done

One time when I wasn’t at home, I received more than a dozen notifications because my beloved cat kept stepping in and out of the litter box.

Another feature that fellow cat parents love about the Litter-Robot 4 is the QuietSift™ technology. This feature reduces noise during litter sifting for discreet cleaning cycles compared to Litter-Robot 3. It also has an upgraded sifting screen that reduces airborne and surface dust.

Finish of the cleaning cycle of Litter Robot 4

Although audible, the Litter-Robot 4’s gentle humming is not loud enough to interfere with everyday tasks like talking to someone or watching TV. During the first week of testing, the sound definitely drew our cats’ attention, but they rapidly got used to it and are now unbothered when the device cycles.

Photo of Litter Robot 4 when it's dark

Aside from that, it also has a LED control panel with indicator lights to conveniently view the status and adjust settings. This panel has physical buttons, so if your phone is missing, you may start a cycle from there. There’s even an empty button that dumps all of the debris from the globe into the drawer for quick cleaning.

My cat is trying to use Litter Robot 4 for the first time

You can also put the litter box on sleep mode which pauses automatic cycling in 8-hour increments.

Litter-Robot 4 Other Features

Cool packaging of Litter Robot 4

What I love most in the Litter-Robot 4 are the accessories that come along with the unit such as:


You can use this accessory for your cat’s easier access to the litter box.


This accessory is used to reduce litter tracking while still allowing full entry to the litter box.


This is an entranceway that can be used by elderly or medically compromised cats.


This accessory is a full enclosure with a flap door that prevents litter from scattering on your floor.

Pet ID Tag

This identifies individual cats and tracks them using real-time data.


This accessory will keep your cat’s claws clean and provide a scratching post.

Camera Mount

You can attach your own camera to your Litter-Robot by installing this camera mount.


WhiskerCam is a camera that you can install on the litter box to detect which cat is using the unit at a particular time.

Bag Holder

Bag holder in the waster drawer in Litter Robot 4

Keep waste drawer liners exactly where you need them with Litter-Robot 4’s handy bag holder.

Mega Fence

A bigger fence for aggressive litter-kickers to reduce litter tracking.

Litter Hopper & Bonnet

Holds an additional 8 pounds of litter for consistent litter levels.

Litter-Robot 4 Material

Showing Litter Robot 4 material

Similar to Litter-Robot 3, the materials used in Litter-Robot 4 are durable and long-lasting. The manufacturer, Whisker, would not be a top-notch producer of automated self-cleaning litter boxes if they don’t use durable and high-quality materials, right?

You will not have to be concerned about the gears and other components of the unit breaking quickly. From the minute you open the box, you can tell it is built of high-quality materials. I’m hoping it lives up to my expectations in terms of lifespan.

Litter-Robot 4: Cat Litter Compatibility

My cat and Litter Robot 4 box

I chose to remain with the cat litter I was currently using even though Whisker suggests a high-quality, clay-based clumping litter specifically for Litter-Robot 4. However, it is important to note that Whisker cautions that some lightweight litter may not travel through the screen. Thankfully I didn’t have any issues with this.

You should avoid using cat litter that is solely absorbent, non-clumping, or loose-clumping. These kinds of cat litter will not function with the Litter-Robot 4. Examples that are frequently used are pine-based litter and wood pellet litter.

Litter-Robot 4 Price

Another factor you have to consider is the price.

The Litter-Robot 4 is priced at $699. With all the smart features, accessories and improved quality that it offers, I think it is worth the purchase. In fact, many cat owners say it’s their best investment ever. There are many bundle options that are worth looking into  that include extended warranties or starter packs.

In comparison, Lavviebot which has pretty much the same features is priced at over $1000. Make sure to buy it from the official website only to avoid scams or resellers. 

Litter Robot 4 Drawbacks

I did experience a minor issue with the Litter-Robot 4 after 6 months of use. A plastic part on the back started coming off, which caused the device to stop working properly.

Plastic part is coming off Litter Robot 4

I contacted Whisker support and they were very responsive, sending me a replacement part within 2 weeks. However, during that time, I wasn’t able to use the device properly. Overall, this was a minor setback, but it’s worth noting that customer service was helpful and responsive in resolving the issue.

That was the only issue I experienced. However, some common drawbacks that have been mentioned by other users include the high price point compared to traditional litter boxes, the large size and weight of the device, and the fact that it requires a power source to operate. Some users have also reported issues with the sensors detecting when the cat has left the litter box, which can cause the cleaning cycle to start prematurely. That has never happened to me though.

Litter-Robot 4 Alternatives

LR4 alternatives

I’ve personally used several litter boxes over the years, including the Litter-Robot 3, Leo’s Loo Too, and the PETKIT Pura X.

The Litter-Robot 4 is definitely an upgrade from the Litter-Robot 3, with improved features like the upgraded sifting screen and the SafeCat™ system.

Litter robot after unpacking
Litter-Robot has been just unpacked

However, if you’re on a tighter budget, the Litter-Robot 3 is still a great option and performs similarly to the Litter-Robot 4. Check the current price on the official website only.

Leo’s Loo Too is a bit different from the Litter-Robot models, as it’s a more traditional litter box design.

My cat inspecting Leo's Loo Too litter box

However, it has some convenient features like a built-in scoop and a washable liner that make cleaning easier. It’s also a bit more affordable than the Litter-Robot models.

The PETKIT Pura X is another high-tech option that features auto-cleaning and app monitoring like the Litter-Robot 4. However, it’s a bit more compact than the Litter-Robot 4, making it a good choice for those with limited space or a smaller budget. However, it has a smaller waste drawer, a shorter power cord, limited compatibility with litter types.  I also experienced issues with the sensors and their support was hard to contact.

Overall, each of these options has their own unique features and benefits, so it’s important to consider your personal needs and preferences before making a decision. Read more in my articles where I compiled a list of the best automatic cat litter boxes.

Litter-Robot 4: Conclusion

Litter Robot 4 from the different angle

Among the different automated self-cleaning cat litter boxes in the market, Whisker’s Litter-Robot has an established reputation when it comes to cat gear. 

The manufacturing company of Liter-Robot (they also have an amazing cat feeder named Feeder Robot), Whisker (keep in mind, it’s not an iRobot litter box as many people think), was able to upgrade the Litter-Robot 3 by improving its existing features and adding some that addressed its shortcomings.

My large cat is exploring Litter Robot 4

The Litter-Robot 4 can be too large for certain people’s small spaces. Some people also think it’s pricey. The Litter-Robot 4 does, however, have more benefits than drawbacks. Because of how effective and dependable this self-cleaning litter box is, I think it is a worthwhile purchase. Not to mention all the accessories that make it so worth the price.

For people with uncertain schedules or those who regularly leave their cats at home for a few days at a time, the Litter-Robot 4 is a dream device. The expense may even be justified by the peace of mind it provides.

One more unpacked image of Litter Robot 4 device with the original box beside

Litter-Robot 4 also serves as a great way to constantly and correctly monitor two of the most important health indicators: weight and litter box usage. If you have a cat who is prone to or may have a tendency to have health difficulties, this litter box is also perfect for them.

Save $75 on Litter-Robot 4 Kickstart Bundle

Personally, I can say that the Litter-Robot 4 is worth the purchase particularly since it can be used by multiple cats. It is another problem that was solved for multiple cat owners like me.

If you are looking to switch to an automated self-cleaning cat litter box or upgrade from your Litter-Robot 3, the Litter-Robot 4 is an amazing innovation that you should definitely try! Check the current price on the official website.


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Litter-Robot 4 Review
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  • I have had the litter robot 3 for years. But, it constantly breaks down—the electrical connections to the bonnet and pinch sensor rust. The motherboard fails and etc. The litter robot company has been very nice with support. I am a member of the litter robot tech support group on Facebook. But, have you found any problems with it hanging in the middle of a cycle, having to power cycle the unit to get it working again and etc…?

    • No, not really. I had one issue with LR3 two years after use but their support helped me out. The customer service is superior, so if you have this issues just simply reach out to them.

  • I am looking into getting two of these litter boxes – my biggest question is about smell. I understand that the collection drawer is sealed and has a filter, but what about the smell after the cat has used the litter box, but before it has cycled. How smelly is it before the waste is sifted into the drawer?

    • It goes to the drawer almost right away, so I don’t usually feel the smell. Before it goes to the drawer, the smell would depend on the cat litter you use and whether your cat buries it well.

  • In the review of the litter robot 3 it is mentioned that it does not work for big cats. Would nr.4 have the same issue for large cats (eg. Maine Coon)?

    • Litter Robot 4 is bigger, especially the entrance part. My Bengal easily used it. In my opinion, it’s still not big enough but has the most capacity among all the self-cleaning litter boxes on the market.

  • I’m concerned about the part the cats stand on when urinating. It appears to be material of some kind. Do the cats appear to be unstable on that or do they get used to it. A regular litter box is a hard surface and they don’t feel shaky on it. How does this affect their comfort to use the litter box?

    • It’s very sturdy, but some cats need time to adjust to it especially if you are switching from regular litter box to Litter Robot 4

  • Just a small point of clarification – your blog post says “What I love most in the Litter-Robot 4 are the accessories that come along with the unit such as…”

    …but it should be mentioned that when you open the box, the only items on your list that are actually included are the step (which is just the handle for the waste drawer, really) and the fence. Everything else you’ve mentioned are accessories you can purchase separately and at least one, the ramp you mention, has not even been released as of this writing (it is listed for $65 on the LR website with a mid-2023 release date).

  • Would Leos Loo Too, LB4, or LB3 be best to keep a curious dog out of the litterbox? I am looking at the LB4 but the opening is really big and I think it would be easier for him to get there. I do have the option to turn it where the dog could not get inside the opening but wanted your opinion.

    • Hi Holly! I can answer this. I have both the LR4 and the Leo’s, plus a dog that likes to raid the litter box. While I like both boxes, I really do think the Leo’s does a better job of keeping her out. You’re right, the LR4 has a much wider opening. With the Loo, the opening is still wide but the way it’s positioned makes it harder for her to get into it. I mean, she still TRIES lol but it’s more of an awkward angle for her.

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