TabCat GPS Cat Tracker Review: Does It Worth It?

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Written by Clair Chesterman

The TabCat GPS Cat Tracker is a proven effective and reliable device specifically made to track your cats wherever they may be and even train your stubborn kitties to return on command. It is an RF-based cat tracker that was developed by Loc8tor Limited known for its award-winning cat GPS tracking devices. This ensures you of the accuracy and efficacy of the features of this device as advertised. Check them all below. 

Pros And Cons Of TabCat GPS Cat Tracker

Pros Cons
  • Patented RF-based technology 
  • Can track your cats up to 400 ft.
  • Features a locate button to make your cat come back home – with initial training helps
  • Lets you track up to four curious kitties
  • Limited range
  • Does not feature safe zones
  • Not as effective if there are obstacles

How It Works

Tabcat cat GPS tracker device

Photo from Official TabCat website

How the TabCat GPS Cat Tracker works is that it connects to the tag attached on the collar of your kitty and shows you the path towards where they are. 

A single red light signifies that you are already in their range. And if you walk towards the right direction, the light becomes amber to green as you get closer to your feline friend. The TabCat brand is patented with RF-based technology which makes the tracking of your fur friend very accurate so that it can easily search for and find your kitties wherever they may be such as in obscure places or even beyond your neighborhood. 

When You Need This Collar 

Outdoor cat with TabCat GPS collar

Photo from Official TabCat website

You need the TabCat GPS Cat Tracker if you own an outdoor cat who likes to stroll around the neighborhood or even beyond where it can be difficult to find them or where they can be accidentally trapped in bushes, weirdly placed nets, etc. The TabCat Tracker can either help you find them or just press the locate button and that has the ability to make your cat come back home on their own. 

The way this button works is that it turns on a beeping sound on the collar of your cat and this increases the chances of your fur babies coming back with, of course, possible multiple training sessions with them to help them learn to associate this beeping sound with their favorite treats that will surely make them come back to you. 

Tech Specifications

Tabcat box and packaging

Photo from Official TabCat website

Design And Durability

The TabCat GPS Cat Tracker is designed to look like smartphones and is made quite durable. It is shockproof and you can say that it is water-resistant but not entirely waterproof so still be careful of accidentally pouring or spilling water on it. 

Battery Life

The battery life expectancy of the TabCat Tracker is up to a whopping whole year, still depending on usage and brand. 

General Features

Directional Tech Features

The English company, Loc8tor Limited, made it possible to input its RF-based tech into all of their units. It makes the tracking and locating of your kitties more accurate than any other conventional GPS cat trackers out there. 

Sounds Training

By pressing a button, it activates the tracking feature of the collar and with this, it will start emanating a beeping sound that comes from the homing tag. You can use this alert to train your fur babies to come back to you the second they hear that beep. With a little bit of training with their fave treats, I’m pretty sure this can easily make them come back home.  


The TabCat GPS Cat Tracking Device works just about wherever you are due to its RF-based tech. The good point about this feature is that it does not require you to have a cellular network signal for it to function. 

Is It Worth Paying For The TabCat GPS Cat Tracker? 

Absolutely! The TabCat Pack $99.99 which includes a directional headset, two water-resistant cases, and of course, the two homing tags, surely seems expensive, however, the features it has that I talked about above just makes it worth it. However, there is even a better option available on the market which is the Tractive cat GPS collar.


I love the TabCat GPS Cat Tracker especially because of the Sound Training Feature. Cats are difficult to train or convince to come to you, however, I think with the help of this feature and a little bit of training and patience, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to make my cat come back to me anytime I want or need him to be. You can get it from the official website.

TabCat GPS Cat Tracker Review

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