TabCat GPS Cat Tracker Review: Is It Worth It?

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Written by Clair Chesterman

The TabCat GPS Cat Tracker is a proven, effective, and reliable device designed specifically to track your cats wherever they may roam and even train your stubborn kitties to return on command. It utilizes RF-based technology developed by Loc8tor Limited, renowned for its award-winning cat GPS tracking devices. This guarantees the accuracy and effectiveness of the device’s features as advertised. Discover them all below

Pros And Cons Of TabCat GPS Cat Tracker

Pros Cons
  • Patented RF-based technology 
  • Can track your cats up to 400 ft.
  • Features a locate button to make your cat come back home – with initial training helps
  • Lets you track up to four curious kitties
  • Limited range
  • Does not feature safe zones
  • Not as effective if there are obstacles

How It Works

Tabcat cat GPS tracker device

Photo from Official TabCat website

The TabCat GPS Cat Tracker works by connecting to the tag attached to your kitty’s collar, showing you the path to their location.

A single red light indicates you’re in their range. As you move in the right direction, the light changes to amber and then green as you get closer to your feline friend. TabCat’s patented RF-based technology ensures highly accurate tracking, allowing you to easily locate your kitties, even in obscure places or beyond your neighborhood.

When You Need This Collar 

Outdoor cat with TabCat GPS collar

Photo from Official TabCat website

If you have an outdoor cat that enjoys wandering around the neighborhood or even venturing beyond, the TabCat GPS Cat Tracker is a must-have. It helps you locate them, especially if they get trapped in bushes or unusual places. With the locate button, you can even encourage your cat to return home on their own.

When you press this button, it activates a beeping sound on your cat’s collar, increasing the chances of them returning. Through some training sessions, your feline friends can learn to associate this sound with their favorite treats, making them more likely to come back to you.

Tech Specifications

Tabcat box and packaging

Photo from Official TabCat website

Design And Durability

The TabCat GPS Cat Tracker sports a sleek smartphone-like design while maintaining impressive durability. It’s shockproof and reasonably water-resistant, but be cautious not to fully submerge it.

Battery Life

With a TabCat Tracker, you can expect the battery to last an impressive whole year, depending on usage and brand.

General Features

Directional Tech Features

Loc8tor Limited, the English company behind TabCat, has integrated RF-based technology into all their units. This advanced tech ensures more accurate tracking and locating of your furry companions compared to conventional GPS cat trackers.

Sound Training

By simply pressing a button, you can activate the tracking feature, causing the cat collar to emit a distinctive beeping sound from the homing tag. You can use this sound as a training tool to encourage your pets to return home at your command, especially with a little treat incentive.


Thanks to its RF-based technology, the TabCat GPS Cat Tracking Device works practically anywhere without relying on a cellular network signal.

Is It Worth Paying For The TabCat GPS Cat Tracker? 

Absolutely! The TabCat Pack, priced at $99.99 and including a directional headset, two water-resistant cases, and two homing tags, may seem somewhat expensive. However, the remarkable features discussed above truly make it a worthwhile investment. That said, if you’re looking for alternatives, consider exploring the Tractive cat GPS collar.

TabCat GPS Cat Tracker Conclusion

Overall, I love the TabCat GPS Cat Tracker. The TabCat GPS Cat Tracker offers a robust and reliable solution for keeping track of your feline friends. Its directional technology, impressive battery life, and user-friendly features make it a top choice of trackers for cat owners. Personally, I’ve found the Sound Training Feature to be a game-changer, offering the potential to train your cats to come to you with ease. With TabCat, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your cats are always within reach, enhancing both their safety and your bond.

Say goodbye to the worry of losing your beloved pets, thanks to TabCat. You can get it on Amazon.

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TabCat GPS Cat Tracker Review

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