Cat Inhaler Masks For Asthma in 2020

Cat asthma or bronchial asthma is a real problem for our feline family members, how to help them use inhalers in giving cat inhaled asthma medication when their asthma attack is an even bigger problem. Cat inhalers is a great option to treat this syndrome. Here are four of the best treatment for cat inhaler masks for asthma in 2020 that would help push those stubborn allergic respiratory diseases away.

There are basically 4 main cat asthma inhales on the market right now:

  • Our personal favourite – AEROKAT Asthma Aerosol Cat Inhaler (check excellent reviews and price here)
  • Analog Heaven Medical Cat Chamber
  • AeroFlow Cat Inhaler with Breathing Indicator
  • Pawgreet Cat Inhaler Spacer

TOP-4 Cat Asthma Inhalers in 2020

The list of the best cat inhalers for asthma in 2020 by Technomeow.

  1. Analog Heaven Medical Cat Chamber
  2. AEROKAT Cat Asthma Aerosol Inhaler
  3. AeroFlow Cat Inhaler with Breathing Indicator
  4. Pawgreet Cat Inhaler Spacer

Before we begin, let’s talk about the reasons why these four made it to this list and understand, when your cat needs the inhaler. First of all, cat asthma inhalers are not ranked in order. Second, we have personally used these cat asthma attack treatment in our family. We lived in a multi-pet household composed of multiple cats and dogs all with chronic progressive respiratory diseases. These are the best treatment for cat asthma and dog asthma that we usually rotate or products that we swear by.

These cat asthma inhaler masks were chosen base on their ease of use, effectivity, and quality. Bear in mind that the cat asthma inhaler cost was not taken into consideration when talking about these products. After all, we are after giving a cat inhaled asthma medication, not just any cheap toy they can have fun with.

As an added, we will be throwing in quick tips on how to spot if your cat or feline friend has cat asthma.

A lot of cat owners are not aware but your cat might be in dire need of cat asthma attack treatment and you do not know it yet.

How do you know if your cat has asthma or bronchial asthma?

First of all, if your cat has asthma, do not worry cat asthma is a common disease in cats. It affects around 1 percent to 5 percent of cats.

You usually see cats showing signs and symptoms of asthma around 4 or 5 years. It can be caused by allergens, genes and some studies even suggest that some breeds are predisposed or susceptible to asthma, like Siamese cats in general.

According to PetMD, the General Symptoms of Cat Asthma Include:

  • A persistent cough
  • Laboured breath after exertion
  • Gasping for breath
  • Rapid racing breath
  • Coughing and wheezing
  • Abnormal posture hunched shoulders, extended neck
  • Gagging up foamy mucus
  • Open-mouth breathing
  • Blue lips and gums
  • Overall weakness and lethargy

If your cat is showing any of these signs, then bring them to your vet and if they are part of the 5 percent of cats who asthma then here are the top 4 cat asthma inhalers that you would need for 2020, let us begin.

Cat Asthma Inhalers Consider To Buy in 2020

  1.   Analog Heaven Medical Cat Inhaler

  Analog Heaven Medical Cat Inhaler in use

First on our list is from one of the best cat inhalers and most respected brands in animal and human medical equipment, Analog Heaven Medical.

Analog Heaven Medical’s Canine and Feline Inhaler has a wonderful aerosol spacer chamber and is made from premium antistatic medical grade material. It has a Medical Veterinary Animal Asthma Aerochamber which includes small, medium and large cat asthma inhaler mask, which also works on dogs.

The different sizes of masks are what drew us into the Analog Heaven cat asthma inhaler because it works for both our cats and our canine family members.

It is also effective for cats and dogs suffering from bronchial asthma, breathing difficulties and allergies. It even works for pets with a cough.

Even if you problems giving a cat inhaled asthma medication the low resistance inhalation and exhalation valves guarantee your cats can inhale the medication.

We have come to learn that the Analog Heaven Medical Inhaler great at giving a cat inhaled asthma medication without causing trauma or fear in our cats. It is quite light at 5.6 ounces.

Another great feature of this cat inhaler is its flapper or the flow indicator which is great at letting us know if we are giving a cat inhaled asthma medication. Most vets would recommend this cat asthma inhaler base on the mask alone which is perfect for a multi-pet and multi-cat setting cutting on cat asthma inhaler cost. Plus it is very, easy to use.

This sits top on the list, not because it is the best, but because it is the most easily recognizable and highly recommended one among this bunch.

The Analog Heaven Medical’s cat Inhaler is easy to use, effective with the low resistance inhalation and exhalation valve plus the brand name is very, very trusted in the market.

It is so effective and trusted that even if I was convincing my brother that we found a cheaper, more effective (in my opinion) and aesthetically better-looking alternative, he will not let go of his Analog Heaven Medical’s Canine and Feline Inhaler that he has used for almost two years now.

  • Amazon Reviews: 5/5
  • Check the price for Cat Asthma Inhaler and Read Reviews: Check on Amazon

  1.   AEROKAT Cat Asthma Aerosol Chamber

aerokat asthma inhaler with the mask in the cat
Photo Amazon

Second on our list is the AEROKAT Cat Asthma Inhaler. The Aerokat inhaler has easy to use inhaler spacer which is great for relief for cats. It’s super easy, just look:

This cat inhaler is compatible with all types of metered-dose inhalers or MDI prescribed by veterinarians. We used to employ it for our cats who have allergies and cat wheezing or cats with difficulty breathing.

Thanks to its unique masks, it can fit all cat breeds of perfect for giving a cat inhaled asthma medication. The Aerokat mask is back to back one side being for smaller cats and another side which is perfect cat asthma inhaler masks for 10 pounds or up cats.

The Aerokat Inhaler is designed to let your cat breathe normally while at the same time giving a cat inhaled asthma medication. This is a common problem with ill-designed cat asthma inhalers, they have a hard time breathing and get cat asthma attack treatment which can lead to panicky and traumatized cats.

Traumatized felines who fear cat asthma inhaler masks while at the same time having a hard time breathing is quite scary to watch.

The Aerokat’s FLOW-VU indicator monitors inhalation while the built-in low-resistance valve makes sure that medication is only released when cats inhale making sure that the best treatment for cat asthma goes directly to the lungs, needing a lesser dose of cat asthma attack treatment drugs and their possible fewer side effects.

It is slightly lighter at 4.8 ounces than the Analog Heaven Medical Inhaler.

In our experience, the Aerokat inhaler is probably the best for panicky and overly concerned fur parents.

The innovative Aerokat’s FLOW-VU indicator just does wonder for your peace of mind, because you can see that your cat is inhaling the medicine when you see the flap move. It is not all of the time that you can see the mist of medicine come in thru the tube but when it does not and you find yourself worrying, the Aerokat takes care of them for you by providing you with the Aerokat’s FLOW-VU indicator.

For people like us who live in multiple cats and multiple pet environment, if you find that not just your cats are asthmatic or need help in breathing or taking lung medication, the Aerokat Chamber line has four inhalers not just for cats an AeroDawg, small for smaller canine, the AeroDawg Large for bigger dogs and the AeroHippus for bigger animals like horses and even fowls.

  • Amazon Reviews: 4.8/5
  • View the Price and Read Over 700 Reviews: check on Amazon

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  1.   AeroFlow Cat Inhaler

aeroflow Cat Inhaler
Photo Amazon

Next on the list is the AeroFlow Cat Inhaler that was mostly designed for cars with asthma. This cat asthma inhaler has a feline aerosol chamber with breathing indicator and is also compatible with veterinarian-approved metered-dose inhaler perfect for giving a cat inhaled asthma medication or aerosol medication for our cat’s asthma attacks.

We like it as a great cat asthma treatment option because it is consistent in the amount of medication it delivers, which you can monitor through the transparent flow indicator that allows you to see exactly how much medication your cat is getting. This helps ensure consistency in the amount of medication being administered.

Now I know we said at the beginning of this article that we will now be considering prices, but it is worth mentioning that the AeroFlow Cat Inhaler is one of the more budget-friendly, and yet still very, very effective cat asthma inhaler in the market today.

Like most cat asthma inhalers here, the AeroFlow comes with low resistance inhalation and exhalation valves, as well as an indicator to know that your cat is still breathing in the medicine she needs.

The AeroFlow also comes with two differently sized masks to ensure that it can give the best treatment for cat asthma, no matter the size.

It is high quality and medical grade and is very simple to maintain.

It has the same weight as the Aerokat Chamber.

The AeroFlow Cat Inhaler was one of the earliest models that we had to use and it works great. It is probably the best in this list in our opinion because of the sentimental value. This is the same cat asthma inhaler that made us totally forget about asthma shots for our fur babies. During the initial days when we first found out we had a bunch of asthmatic little kitty, we were treating them with shots from our vet. Until she told us about medicating through inhalers.

My partner and I decided to give it a shot, and we were introduced to the AeroFlow Cat Inhaler and we have tried a lot in the past years just trying to review the next big thing in cat asthma inhaler mask.

  1.   Pawgreet Cat Inhaler Spacer

Pawgreet Cat Asthma Inhaler
Photo Amazon

Last but definitely not the least on our list is the Pawgreet Cat Inhaler Spacer. This cat asthma inhaler cost a little bit like all of the inhalers here it has a feline aerosol chamber.

This is an asthma inhaler spacer for cats and is designed to help cats with breathing and asthma issues. The Pawgreet Cat Inhaler is also specifically designed to deliver medication.

We generally bring the Pawgreet Cat Inhaler when we travel because it is quite handy and has a one-size-fits-all universal cat asthma inhaler mask.

It is made of anti-static and BPA free plastic which is both safe for your cats and for your dishwasher. Like all other cat asthma inhaler here, it has a metered-dose inhaler delivery for asthma medication.

It does not have the flow indicator though, but no product is 100% perfect right? That is why we only carry it as a travel cat asthma inhaler for emergency purposes.

While it is the cheapest on the list, it is quite heavy shipping out at almost 10 ounces.

If you decide to purchase and use the Pawgreet Cat Inhaler, make sure that you do not remove the “white disk” inside. Many mistake this for packaging as we did. But this not a sticker or any part of the packaging, that is the low-pressure inhalation valve. It works much like an o-ring that keeps the pressure in and prevents the medicine from going back or backfiring into the chamber if your cat inhales.

Cat Inhalers Comparison

Cat Inhaler Name

PhotoGeneral ReviewsPros
Analog Heaven Medical Cat InhalerCanine and Feline Cat Astma Inhaler4.8/5
Aerosol spacer chamber is made from premium antistatic medical grade materials
AEROKAT Aerosol Chamber
aerokat astma inhaler
Photo Amazon
This cat inhaler has unique masks that can fit all cat breeds
AeroFlow Cat Inhaler
aeroflow Cat Inhaler
Photo Amazon
This cat asthma inhaler has a feline aerosol chamber with breathing indicator
Pawgreet Cat Inhaler SpacerPawgreet Cat Asthma Inhaler4.2/5
The Pawgreet Cat Inhaler is specifically designed to deliver medication for cats with asthma

To Wrap The Things Up

Again, just a quick wrap up before we end, here are four the best cat asthma inhalers of 2020 that will help your cat keep the wheezing and laboured breathing away.

  1.    Analog Heaven Medical Canine and Feline Inhaler Aerosol Spacer Chamber
  2.    AEROKAT Cat Asthma Aerosol Chamber
  3.    Cat Inhaler Feline Aerosol Chamber with Breathing Indicator
  4.    Pawgreet Cat Inhaler Spacer

While these are the top four, and they are all equally effective, economical, and operational cat asthma inhalers and we have used them all one time or another, in my opinion, the AEROKAT Cat Asthma Aerosol Chamber takes the bag as the best by a very slight margin.

Not to say the rest is not as good, it is just my preference for the four. My family of asthmatic cats rely on the AEROKAT Cat Asthma Aerosol Chamber, it is what we have been using for the past couple of years now.

What do you think of the cat asthma inhalers listed here? What are your experiences with them?

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