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PetSnowy SNOW+ Cat Litter Box Review: Is it Worth The Hype?

My cat looks at Petsnowy SNOW+
Written by Clair Chesterman

The Petsnowy SNOW+ Cat Litter Box is a promising addition in the world of self-cleaning litter boxes. It’s the latest addition to the market and has been gaining quite a bit of attention, especially following its successful crowdfunding campaign. I was eager to review this innovative product before it officially hits the market.

Although I wasn’t able to conduct a hands-on test, I’ve carefully examined the product’s description and leaned on my wealth of experience to provide a thorough evaluation of the Petsnowy SNOW+ self-cleaning cat litter box.

PetSnowy Snow+ Automatic Cat Litter Box Self Cleaning Litter Box
  • Effortless Setup - Simply lift the top cover, add fresh litter, and let SNOW⁺ do the rest! Our self cleaning cat litter box will automatically scoop, collect and seal the waste in the PetSnowy liners.
  • Effortless Cleanup - No need to assemble. Easy to disassemble without tools. Anti-tracking walkway to trap mess for a spotless home 24/7. Purrents with limited mobility now can easily maintain a clean litter box.
  • Effortless Safety: Rest assured that your furry friend is always safe with 6 stages of SnowSafe⁺protection. When your cat enters the automatic cat litter box, the cleaning process will immediately pause.
  • Effortless Health Tracker - Remotely keep track of your cat's situation from your smartphone. With SNOW⁺self cleaning cat litter box, you can access and adjust settings and view usage records from any location where you have an internet connection.
  • TIMELY SUPPORT - PetSnowy strives in providing high-quality products and backs them with worry-free after-sales support and warranty. If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time, and our support team will resolve your concerns to 100% satisfaction.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

PetSnowy SNOW+ Cat Litter Box: Price

Interestingly, the Petsnowy SNOW+ Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box comes in at a price point similar to other well-known automatic cat litter boxes like the Litter Robot 4 and Leo’s Loo Too.

There are several factors that could contribute to this higher cost automatic cat litter box. The Petsnowy SNOW+ may incorporate advanced features and cutting-edge technology that make it a worthwhile investment. It could excel in terms of self-cleaning capabilities, odor control, or offer an exceptionally cat-friendly design. Additionally, the construction and materials used might be of top-notch quality however, without using it in person my opinions are limited to what information I’ve been able to find online.

Given the price point of the Petsnowy SNOW+, it’s a good idea to research this automatic kitty litter box and compare it with other popular brands. This ensures you’re making a well-informed decision and getting the best value for your money.

PetSnowy SNOW+ Cat Litter Box: Product Description

Product specs include a litter box dimension of 29.5 x 20 x 25.6 inches with a waste drawer capacity of 2.9ft3 and a peak noise level of 53dB which is the equivalent to quiet office space. 2.6 gallons drawer capacity supports up to two weeks of cat waste. The liner replacement that takes less than a minute to swap out.

The tool-free assembly is magnetic for easy assembly and easy cleaning when you need to disassemble the unit.

The product description provided by PetSnowy has some points that appear to be misleading in my view. The statement, “Finally, a litter box that collects all scoop ideas,” may lead one to believe that their product is unparalleled in the market. Nevertheless, there are already numerous existing self-cleaning litter boxes with similar features readily available.

Furthermore, the claim of being the “world’s most trusted smart care innovator” seems to be a bit of an exaggeration, especially considering the presence of several established cat tech brands in the pet industry. While PetSnowy’s self-cleaning cat litter box certainly has its merits, positioning itself as the utmost trusted innovator appears somewhat misleading from my perspective. Of course, different folks may have different opinions on this, but I believe in exercising caution when such claims appear in a product description.

These are the factors that I thoughtfully consider before deciding to invest in a new and relatively expensive product. Now onto the PetSnowy SNOW+ Cat Litter Box features.

Zero Smell Experience Feature

3-stage deodorization technology on Petsnowy SNOW+ cat litter box


The “Zero smell experience” feature from PetSnowy SNOW+ Cat Litter Box is quite promising, though it’s essential to acknowledge that previous products have sometimes struggled with effective odor elimination from cat litter. The limited customer reviews I can find seem to give odor control a high rating, that is unless you forget to clean your litter box every couple of days.

PetSnowy claims to eliminate 90% of ammonia odors, and reviews on odor control are decent. However, I do have one concern about the longevity of the deodorizing system. There’s a possibility that this system might require periodic replacement, potentially resulting in recurring expenses.

Nevertheless, if the deodorizing system performs as promised, maintaining an odor-free environment for both cats and their owners would be a highly beneficial investment.

Auto-Sealing Draw Waster

Explanation of how waste auto-sealing works with Petsnowy SNOW+


The Auto-sealing draw waster feature undeniably offers something unique and currently missing in products like Litter-Robot 4 or Leo’s Loo. However, it comes with a potential downside. Cat owners need to use PetSnowy bags specifically designed for the drawer, potentially leading to additional recurring expenses.

PetSnowy sells these bags on their website 30 bags for $39.99 with options to buy larger quantities for a reduced rate.

In contrast, Litter-Robot 4 and Leo’s Loo have their liner bags, but users aren’t bound to use them. From my experience, regular garbage bags have worked well with the previous cat litter boxes I’ve tested.

Therefore, while the auto-sealing Draw Waster is a unique feature, the need for purchasing specific bags should be considered in terms of ongoing costs.

Curved Walkway

Cat in front of Petsnowy SNOW+ cat litter box


The Curved Walkway feature of the litter box has sparked many conversations about PetSnowy SNOW+ Cat Litter Box. However, I hold concerns regarding its enclosed design.

Considering my cats’ preferences, I believe they could be hesitant to use this litter box. Many cats tend to dislike confined spaces, especially when attending to their business.

While I understand the rationale behind PetSnowy’s design choice, I don’t view it as the best option for larger cats. It’s possible that my assumptions could be mistaken, and I look forward to the opportunity to test it in the future. Reviews point to only a small amount of litter tracking so this system seems to work well for the most part.

Even though PetSnowy claims the box can accommodate cats weighing up to 20 lbs, I remain skeptical about the comfort of cats over 15 lbs when using this litter box based on past experience with my larger cat. Note that cats weighing under 3.3 lbs (usually under 6 months) are prohibited from using this cat litter box.

App and Health Monitoring

Petsnowy SNOW+ app


The PetSnowy SNOW+ cat litter box also incorporates an app and health monitoring feature. There’s nothing particularly distinctive compared to similar offerings from other products in the market. Many automated cat litter boxes offer companion apps that enable users to monitor their cat’s health and receive notifications about their litter box activities.

While this feature can be convenient for keeping track of your cat’s well-being, it doesn’t stand out as a unique selling point for the PetSnowy SNOW+ self-cleaning cat litter box.

PetSnowy SNOW+ Cat Litter Box Warranty and Return Policy 

One of the notable drawbacks of the PetSnowy SNOW+ is its limited warranty and return policy, offering only a one-year warranty, which is relatively short for a brand-new product in the market. This shorter warranty period leaves me somewhat uncertain about its long-term reliability and customer support.

Moreover, PetSnowy’s 30-day return policy falls short when compared to other competitors. For instance, the Litter Robot 4 boasts a 90-day return policy and a 3-year warranty, demonstrating their confidence in the product.

Customers frequently prefer longer warranties and more generous return policies as they instill a sense of confidence and assurance in both the product’s quality and the manufacturer’s commitment to customer satisfaction. This is especially the case when the cost of the product is relatively high as it is in this case.

PetSnowy SNOW+ Cat Litter Box Verdict

When considering the price point of the PetSnowy SNOW+ litter box, it’s best to feel as this is perfect self-cleaning litter box for you and your cat. Other, more established automatic cat litter boxes in the market offer better reliability, great warranties, and robust customer support but there are a lot of great things about PetSnowy SNOW+ to like as well.

Since this is still a rather new product, a prudent approach may be to await initial user reviews while they work out the kinks and closely monitor their experiences with the product for at least 6-12 months.

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  • Clair Chesterman

    Clair is a professional cat breeder having her own cageless CFA and CCA Registered cattery & fostering company FluffyMeowPaws in Eugene, Oregon. Clair knows everything about multiple cat breeds and how to use the latest technologies to make the cat's life better.

Petsnowy SNOW+ Final Review
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  • There is no information as to who the owners of the company are, or an address for the company . The only way to contact them is via email or an 800 number. A good way to hide who you really are.

    I am always skeptical when a company does not want to “own” their product with names of principals, and design/business background. Instead their website says that
    “Our parent company brings over 33 years of smart pet care experience to our work and 4 production parks across the world, and has more than 300 patents, positioning us as the world’s leading supplier of pet products. Some of today’s most trusted pet retailers in U.S rely on us as their exclusive partner.”

    Who are you? Not spending $500 without some more information.

  • We love ours! Easy to clean and our 2 kitties like using it. The only road block is searching for a good litter. Still trying to figure it out:(

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