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Hi everyone! My name is Clair Chesterman, the owner of Technomeow. Cat mommy by day, writer at night. Cats and writing are my faves when it comes to stress relief. Whether you are a person who wants to be a cat parent for the first time or an owner of several cats, you might find the information on my website useful.

You might be wondering now how well I know about caring for cats. I am a professional cat breeder and I have handled multiple cat breeds. Since I have cat experience, I have used the latest cat gadgets and technologies to make the cats’ lives better. Because of cat owners’ feedback and comments about my kitty technology stuff, I decided to build a cat care business that eventually evolved into a cageless CFA and CCA Registered cattery & fostering company called FluffyMeowPaws that is currently located in Eugene, Oregon. I am using practical and at the same time, good quality cat tech products so I and my fellow cat owners will give the right care and love for our beloved feline friends.

Since I spoke to several cat parents before, I decided to share my cat gadget reviews on one-stop, that is why I created Technomeow. I hope all the information and reviews that I can give will help you make a speedy decision when it comes to giving the best for your kitties.

I also love organizing things since I wanted to find my home and cat items easily. I want to inspire pet owners to try taking care of kittens and cats because they are lovely animals, not aloof and very lazy. In general, they are good companions too.

With Technomeow, you do not have to spend and test different cat tech products just to know if these are compatible with your kitty cat’s lifestyle or not. I included my lists of the best cat products in the market so you can see the overall information and comparisons with other cat tech products. You don’t have to experience several hits and misses because I and the other compiled reviews already tried these.

Please share Technomeow with your friends, and don’t hesitate to comment on my posts.

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