CATLINK Self-Cleaning Litter Box Full Review

Here is another automated self-cleaning cat litter box that I have tested — the CATLINK Self-Cleaning Litter Box!

This second-generation litter box now comes in three versions: CATLINK Luxury Pro, CATLINK Young and the newly released CATLINK SE version (however it seems to be sold out at the moment. 

I tested the pro to gauge everything in this brand first and see if it is worth the money.

Just like my other reviews, I considered the same factors in rating this product which is the following: 

  • Design
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Size
  • Smart feature
  • Material
  • Price

CATLINK Self-Cleaning Litter Box Pro Main Features

CATLINK Self-Cleaning Litter Box

  • Alexa compatibility makes cleaning easier.
  • Microwave Radar sensor protection is included.
  • To provide a clean atmosphere, double UV sterilisation is used.
  • The anti-pinch sensor keeps your cat secure at all times.
  • The litterbox is kept from shifting and tipping over by a gravity sensor.
  • App compatibility
  • Temperature, humidity, and cat litter volume detection
  • Cleaning modes include timed, automatic, and manual.
  • Deodorizer that may be used to neutralize any odors.


The design of this litter box is a bit similar to other brands. It has a screwless, spherical-shaped ball cabin with a convenient opening and sturdy base. Its anti-fall triangular design supports the unit and prevents it from tipping over. The entire design is minimalistic and can fit in any room in your house.

Overall, CATLINK’s design is sleek and modern just like any other high-end automated litter box.

CATLINK Ease of Cleaning

CATLINK has a one-key cat litter emptying function. This function effectively cleans the litter just by simply starting the “empty mode”.

This litter box is also equipped with double UV sterilization. This means that you do not have to worry about breeding bacteria, germs, and viruses. 

Another feature I appreciate is the activated carbon filter located within the waste drawer. It removes any unpleasant odors, leaving your home clean and fresh. A rechargeable odor purifier can also be purchased separately. I purchased this one since I am quite sensitive about the smells after my cats do their business.

Disassembling the unit to wash the removable parts is also simple. Although in my experience, there was clumping of the litter which makes cleaning longer than the usual.

On the good side, you have minimal to no excess litter on your floor because of the CATLINK Stairway. This accessory is sold separately but it is worth buying particularly if you have small and elderly cats.

Most of these mentioned features are also available in the Litter-Robot 4. I find Litter-Robot 4 easier to clean since I didn’t experience clumping litter in it.


The CATLINK Scooper Standard Pro measures 60 ​​х 58 x 71 centimeters. It features a large entrance and enough room for average to bigger-sized cats weighing up to 10 kilograms. 

My inquisitive cat was ignoring this machine at first but after his first try, he got used to it immediately.

My cats seem to like CATLINK but because Litter-4 has a multi-cat design, I still prefer it better than CATLINK.

CATLINK Smart Feature

The CATLINK app allows you to receive notifications on your mobile phone. The app will update you on your cat’s activities inside the litter box. This includes the number of times and duration of your feline’s toilet visit. It also provides your cat’s weight for better health monitoring.

The Abnormal Alerts also notifies cat parents of any underlying issues that your cat may have experienced while he was inside the box.

CATLINK also has multi-cat recognition. I had this tested with my cats and it is indeed accurate. It correctly identified my cats after recording their information from their first use.

The device is also Alexa-compatible, so you may operate the box by just instructing Alexa to do so.

CATLINK also has sophisticated security measures such as:

  • The automated self-checks allow the gadget to shut down if it detects anything unexpected within.
  • Anti-pinch mode for safe and accurate cat protection.
  • The gravity sensor stabilizes the device and prevents it from toppling over.

If your felines have poor eyesight, CATLINK’s ambient lighting is perfect for them. When this function is turned on, the lights automatically switch on during the night and switch off during the day. This function can be adjusted using the CATLINK app.

CATLINK Material

This cat litter box is made of sturdy and durable materials. So far, it looks long-lasting and is comparable to other brands like Leo’s Loo Too and Litter-Robot 4.

I just hope though that it will meet my expectations when it comes to durability and longevity.

CATLINK Self-Cleaning Litter Box Price

You can currently get a CATLINK Pro on Amazon for $598.00 however check the link for current pricing. The price is worth the product but it is similar in price to the Litter-Robot 4

Comparing its features, Litter-Robot 4 is much more worth the price given all the additional accessories it comes with. If you have a $600.00-$649.00 budget for an automated self-cleaning cat litterbox, I would recommend getting a Litter-Robot 4 instead.

CATLINK Self-Cleaning Litter Box: The Verdict

Generally, CATLINK is a good automated self-cleaning cat litter box. When it comes to features, CATLINK is up to date and can match with other top brands. The design, size, and materials are also comparable to other brands in the market.

I believe it is worthwhile to give it a shot because all of the characteristics of this litter box work well for me and my felines. In comparison to other boxes I’ve tried, I didn’t have many negative encounters with this one.

However, I think the main downside of this litter box is the price. Since you can already get a well-known brand like Litter-Robot 4 with CATLINK’s price, I think it is best to go with the Litter-Robot 4 instead. 


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  • So I purchased the catlink litter box almost a year ago and I tried contacting someone to assist me with what the wifi password was and no one seems to respond back to me of the wifi for the catlink. Hopefully I can get someone’s attention to reply back. What is the wifi password so I can connect via wifi?

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