ChillX AutoEgg Litter Box Review: Does It Worth It?

Chillx autoegg litter box design
Written by Clair Chesterman

The ChillX AutoEgg automatic self-cleaning litter box is relatively new in the market and is marketed as a stylish, minimalistic automatic litter box. This litter box is one of the most popular choices these days due to its design and functionality. For this ChillX Litter Box Review that we did, the factors we considered are the following: design, ease of cleaning, size, smart features, material, and price. Let’s find out if this litter box is a wise purchase or not. Long story short… NEVER AGAIN! Do not even spend your time reading this article and just check these best self-cleaning litter boxes in 2022 here.

By the time you read this review, we received a few messages from the customers that ChillX support is unresponsive. Be careful.

Factors We Considered For ChillX AutoEgg Litter Box Review

Public Reviews 

Chillx litter box ex amazon page

The company tried to sell the product on amazon, it was, however, destroyed by negative customer reviews such as the following: 

  • The lid is a nightmare to fit on the base every single time. 
  • The self-cleaning feature does not really work well and it leaves waste on the litter tray more than it could scoop it out. 
  • The rake gets stuck and gets bumped very loudly and then unplugs itself off the wall. 
  • The opening of the ChillX is so small that even a 10-pound cat is having a hard time entering the litter box. 
  • The odor-control feature does not really function well. 
  • You have to disassemble the parts to be able to thoroughly clean the litter box and then reassemble it every single time. 
  • The capacity for the waste product isn’t as big as you would want it to be and you would have to change it almost every three to four days. 
  • If their customer service finds out that you purchased it from Amazon and not from their website even though the seller on Amazon is named ChillX.co and they then refused to service the device. 
  • It is not really quiet as marketed as it makes loud noise whenever the rake starts moving and the rake leaves more quite a mess then cleans it up. 

You can still find their listing on Amazon via Google. I think this is the main reason why ChillX AutoEgg sells their litter box via the official website only so they can manipulate the reviews.


The ChillX AutoEgg litter box is priced at $399.99 on their website and it is slightly cheaper than the Litter Robot. You can also buy their biodegradable plastics for $39.99 which supplies you 100 pieces of garbage plastic. 


Chillx autoegg litter box design

The design of the ChillX litter box is quite stylish, modern, and minimalist, and this is one of the reasons why people prefer ChillX over other litter boxes. It comes in colors: minimal white, pastel pink, and cloud blue. 

One good point on its design is that it works very quietly during self-cleaning times. They discourage using silica crystal litter, any type of pellet litter, and some types of biodegradable litter such as tofu and wheat. 

Ease Of Cleaning

Chillx autoegg cleaning process

The ChillX AutoEgg litter box will start its self-cleaning function five minutes after your cat leaves the box. It also runs its auto-cleaning cycle every 3 and 9 during the day and night which can be good as it is better for your cat to have a cleaner litter box ready to use. However, it doesn’t really do a great job at cleaning the litter box as it leaves bits and pieces of waste on the litter tray and it also leaves quite a mess along the track sides where the rake moves along. It is recommended to dispose of the waste in the drawer at least once a week. 


Cat is using Chillx Autoeggself cleaning litter box

The ChillX litter box measures 30 inches long by 19 inches wide by 17 inches high which, if you ask me, is quite small compared to other automatic litter boxes. It also has a small litter bed that measures 11 ½ by 13 inches which can make your large cat feel uncomfortable and cramped while they are doing their business. Another thing is that the entrance only measures 7 ½ inches high so your cat would need to squeeze itself to be able to get in. It would work for small or medium sized cats though. 

Smart Features

One advantage the ChillX AutoEgg has is its health monitoring feature. It has a display screen that logs the number of times your cat uses the litter box, it also shows the date and time when your cat went to do its business, the amount of waste they deposited into the litter box, and how much they weighed at the time. Another addition to its health monitoring feature’s plus side is that it sends you alerts whenever it detects any abnormalities about your cat such as differences in its weight. I find these features extremely awesome. 

However, it is kind of difficult to check the screen as it is located inside the ChillX litter box and that makes it inconvenient to see all the useful information you need. 


Chillx litter box parts

The design of the ChillX AutoEgg looks very neat however the materials they used to make the whole product itself look cheap as the plastic material they used also looks very cheap despite it costing a bit expensive. To be honest, same with Litter-Robot, so you don’t have many options here.

Another addition to its downside is that the motor rake rigging can be bumped out of its place so you may have to make manual adjustments every time this happens. The lid is also a little bit hard to fit on the top of the egg base to get it into place. You will also face a similar problem when fitting the waste drawer into the litter box itself. This can inconvenience you and take more of your time when cleaning the litter box or whenever you want to check the display screen to check any discrepancies about your cat. 

Our Conclusion

In conclusion, we would not recommend the ChillX AutoEgg litter box. If you compare Litter Robot and ChillX, we highly recommend the Litter Robot cat litter box. The ChillX litter box only fits a small- or medium-sized cat and would already feel cramped for a bigger-sized feline however ChillX would perfectly fit any home space due to its minimalistic and compact design.  One of the few good things about ChillX is its 30-day return policy which gives you the chance to try it out on your cat.

ChillX AutoEgg Litter Box Review
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