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PETJC Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Review: Affordable or Not?

PETJC Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box review featured image
Written by Clair Chesterman

We are reviewing another innovative litter box that I recently discovered on Amazon. I am referring to the PETJC self-cleaning cat litter box. Cat owners are talking about this litter box as it is more affordable compared to leading automated cat litter boxes.

It is said to have a great overall design and is made with high-quality materials that can match up with leading cat litter box brands. I decided to test it and find out myself if this PETJC cat litter box is worth my bucks and meets my expectations.

PETJC Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Product Highlights

  • This cat litter box is quiet at 30 decibels.
  • It has eight gravity sensors which ensure the safety of your cat inside the machine.
  • It is designed to have an upper cover separation as a backup safety measure in case the system protection of the unit fails.
  • Everything is done in one click from adding litter to emptying litter to cleaning the unit.

PETJC Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Design

The PETJC cat litter box is made with HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) material which provides a smooth surface. It has a fully enclosed design that only opens during the cleaning process. Thus, it is safe for your felines as it will automatically stop cleaning once the machine detects your cat.

However, in my personal observation, the structure of the litter box looks like it’s easy to get crushed. The material used is not as sturdy as I expect it to be.

PETJC Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Ease of Cleaning

It is said that because of the materials used in this cat litter box, the surface of the unit is smooth and easy to clean. It is also said to be stain resistant. However, in my experience, if your cat is experiencing diarrhea or has a soft stool, it is a bit difficult to clean. The dirt sticks and you have to make an effort to remove it. In my case, I have to scrub the litter box until the traces of the stool were removed.

In terms of the litter, I have observed that it rakes too much litter into the waste drawer. I used Tuft + Paw cat litter in this case and experienced some issues. The cleaning function also acts up sometimes. There are days that it functions well but there are also times wherein it doesn’t start. I already checked if there are obstructions, but there aren’t any. I honestly find this thing a waste of money. 

PETJC Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Size

Pretty Litter package with my cat on it

The entire unit measures 24.41 x 22.44 x 27.17 inches and weighs 26.46 pounds. While the unit is bulky and seems big on the exterior, the interior is too small for my Bengal cat.

PETJC Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Smart Features

After the cat has left, the machine cleans itself automatically. The delay time can be configured to two, five, or 10 minutes. It comes with a mobile app that connects to the unit and allows you to operate it from there. The app also sends information about the state of the unit.

The device can only connect via 2.4G wifi and is not 5G capable. It also includes an ozone generator to help keep odors at bay.

It is easy to use with its one-click everything feature. It only takes one click to empty the bin, add cat litter, and clean the device.

Ideally, this cat litter box is beneficial to cat parents. However, in my experience, the sensor is not that efficient aside from the cleaning function. I was so disappointed as it seems like everything in the ads is not what I got.

PETJC Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Material

As mentioned earlier, this cat litter box is said to be made of HIPS material. Given this, you would expect that the product is sturdy and durable. But after a month of use, my unit already has chips on the lid and signs of near cracking. I guess in a few more months, the entire unit will be worn out.

PETJC Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Price

Budget-wise, this litter box is competitively priced compared to other automated cat litter boxes. However, given the flaws and bad experiences I had with this unit, I’d rather splurge on more pricey self-cleaning cat litter boxes rather than waste money on this cheaper brand.

My Verdict on PETJC Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

I wouldn’t recommend getting this self-cleaning automated cat litter box. I would still choose Litter Robot 4 over the PETJC even if the latter is cheaper. 

Not all budget-friendly things are worth buying. You have to be smart and vigilant about whether a product is effective and gives you value for money. In this case, PETJC totally did not meet my expectation. It does not do its purpose effectively so it’s totally not worth purchasing.

If you want to get your feline pal the best self-cleaning cat litter box, the Litter Robot 4 is a much better option.


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