TOP-5 Best Cat LED Collars in 2023

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Written by Clair Chesterman

Do you have a small cat that is so tiny and cute that you have a hard time spotting them? Well here’s the five best LED cat collar available anywhere not just for your little cat, but also for your little dogs.

We have all heard the horror stories, little cats and dogs run off into the bushes have trouble getting back, owners worried or worst, little cats and dogs getting run over by backing the car in dark driveway.

Owning a LED light up cat collar is one of the best and easy solutions that you can have if you have this problem or is worried about your little cats and dogs.

I have come up with a LED cat collar review base on our own personal experience and our friend’s experiences too, with LED cat collars.

We will try and narrow down which is the best LED cat collar do we have in the market today.

TOP 5 LED Cat Collars In 2023

Before we go over them one by one, I would like to emphasize that the review that we did is based on our own experience and familiarity with the products, of course, user experience might differ so feel free to leave a comment below.

  1. BSEEN Reflective LED Cat Collar

bseen led cat collar

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BSEEN Led Cat Collar Quick Summary

Amazon Reviews4.2 out of 5
Main FeaturesMade out of a double layer of nylon webbing

First is the BSEEN Reflective Cat Dog Collar and Leash Set, while the branding suggests that the BSEEN reflective collar was primarily designed with dogs in mind, we found that it works well with our cats too. This is mainly because it comes in different sizes from xs or extra small to large. It will fit your small mini and toy dogs to your most slender cats. The BSEEN reflective collar has a quick release buckle which is also adjustable.

What I like about it is very durable, made out of a double layer of nylon webbing, and the light comes not just from the LED but also the reflective tapes that abound in collar and leashing areas making it super bright because almost the whole collar lights up and with the reflective tapes, you will not miss even the smallest of small cats. It has three light modes steady, glows, and the quick flash-off.

Power comes from an energy saving, USB rechargeable battery.

It is pretty light at a little over an ounce in weight and it comes in red, green, and blue.

This is perfect if you have a hyperactive little cat or dog but you do not want him to wear the LED cat collar at home because you can just easily use the fast release buckle to get him out of it when he is at home.

  1. Vizpet LED Light Up Cat Collar

Vizpet Led Light Up LED Cat Collar

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Vizpet LED Light Up Cat Collar Quick Summary

Amazon Reviews4.6 out of 5
Main FeaturesThree light modes: steady, glow and quick flash mode

Vizpet Led Cat Collar is just like the BSEEN Reflective Collar, only it is slightly heavier, slightly cheaper and has less battery life.

It has all the same features, but this is more attuned for dog walks or for supervised cat time. It also has three light modes, steady, glow and quick flash mode. Because of its small battery life, I suggest that you set it on quick flash mode and not steady because it will last way longer.

This is a great option for single pet owners who only need LED cat collars for limited use like supervised timeouts or quick run and jog. While the LED lights are at par with even the best LED cat collar in the market, the battery life is very low and can be a cause for concern at times. I remember when I first used the Vizpet LED Cat Collar, I thought it was broken or I was undercharging it because I ran out of battery juice just too quick. Till I decided to change the LED light setting to blink and I got three times more running time than when I had it on steady.

It ran for like 6 to 8 more hours than when I had it on steady light.

I love the nylon collar on the Vizpet LED Cat Collar because it is made of high-quality nylon.

Available in red, green, and blue.

  1. LivingABC LED Cat Collar

living ABC led cat collar

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LivingABC LED Cat Collar Quick Summary

Amazon Reviews4.1 out of 5
Main FeaturesWaterproof and has three light modes

The LivingABC LED Collar is probably the best LED cat collar in the market today and is probably my favorite here.

I chanced upon the LivingABC LED Collar by accident, before cat collar LED light were a thing in our house, I used to walk our dogs at night a lot. I always had this fear that we would be run over by a pre-occupied jogger in the park or a driver might miss me but not my dog when we are crossing the streets. So I decided to buy a LED light up collar for our dogs. It was phenomenal, the light was so bright, but it was not bright enough to bother my dogs, it reflected greatly on the dark street and when my dogs were playing at night in the snow, I knew where they all were.

Then a thought came into my mind, I wondered if I can use it on my tomcat. He is a stubborn little thing who keeps flirting with the wall in our backyard during his supervise time outside. So one night, I took one of my dog’s collars and tried it on our tom, and it fit so well that I decided to buy him his own. And eventually, I bought one for all my other cats.

Just like the other LED light up cat collar featured here, it can be charged through a USB, its waterproof and has three light modes, the same as the others and it also comes in different colors.

  1. Domi LED Cat Collar

Domi Led cat Collar

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Domi LED Cat Collar Quick Summary

Amazon Reviews4.1 out of 5
Main FeaturesUSB rechargeable with reflective nylon collar

Our family was introduced by happy accident to the Domi LED Cat Collar when my sister and her family came over to visit. They bought with them their cat which for some reason knew my schedule for taking out the garbage and would usually sneak out when I opened the door to take the thrash out. I freaked out when I first noticed it but my sister was not, she just took out her Domi LED Cat Collar and put it in her cat’s neck at night so just in case she sneaked out, we knew where to catch her.

After my sister’s visit, she accidentally left her Domi LED Cat Collar and voila, it has been part of my cat family’s growing collection of LED light up cat collar.

Just like most of the other LED cat collar here, the Domi LED cat collar is also USB rechargeable with reflective nylon collar. It comes in Neon Green and Royal Blue colors and can be set in two modes, steady and flashing.

  1. Morpilot Cat Pet Collar Light

Morpilot Cat Pet Collar Light Quick Summary

Amazon Reviews4.3 out of 5
Main FeaturesUSB rechargeable with reflective nylon collar

If the LivingABC LED Cat Collar was my favorite, then the Morpilot Cat Collar is probably the cutest in the bunch. Unlike other LED Collars featured here, the Morpilot Cat Collar Light is not an actual collar but a “collar light” meaning that you can attach it directly to your cat’s collar.

It looks like a small, round ID with a LED light and a stainless steel carabiner that you can use to attach to your cat’s collar. It is very, very lightweight and waterproof and already comes with batteries. As I said, the LivingABC Led Cat Collar might be my favorite, but the Morpilot Cat Collar is probably my most used LED light cat collar.

How is that possible? It is so small yet so bright that we use it when we are hiking or when we are out. My partner and I are also avid runners, so we use it when we go out on long hikes, long runs, or when we ride our bikes. We also bring it when we go on camping or general outdoor activities.

It is very visible and very bright that it has transcended its original design’s purpose and we use it now general for almost anything that we can think of.

Final LED Cat Collar Review

Final words on our top five LED cat collar review is that pick what suits you best. Four of the five here are nearly identical with little to minimal differences with the last one being more utilitarian than the most. Be that as it may, if it goes down the wire I will be picking the LivingABC LED Cat and Dog Collar for the purpose that it is handy, sturdy, reliable, and I have been familiar and comfortable with it. But if I were to recommend a LED cat collar to anybody listed here in our top five? It would be the Morpilot Dog and Cat Pet Collar Light. It is easy to use, no adjustments for your cat because you only attach it to their existing collar, and you can use it in different ways for different purposes not just for your pet cats and pet dogs.


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  • The LivingABC collar comes in only 2 sizes, Medium (17″ – 19″) and Large (20″ – 23″) so unless you’ve got a very large cat (a tiger?) that collar should be way too large and I don’t see how it can be a favorite for cats. It seems to me only the Bseen and Domi are actual contenders here.

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