Tractive GPS Cat Tracker Review: Can This Be Used For Cats?

Tractive cat GPS tracker review by Technomeow
Written by Clair Chesterman

Most GPS tracking collars are designed for dogs, however, not many people are aware that GPS trackers can also be used for cats. Yes, you heard it right, the Tractive GPS Tracker can also be used on cats. It functions exactly like GPS dog trackers except that these ones are specifically designed for cats. My cat likes going out and about every now and then and I, of course, worry so much about letting him out of the house. So I decided to try one of these well-designed GPS cat tracking collars, specifically the Tractive brand, on my cat to see for myself how effective these are for felines. 

Tractive GPS Collar General Information

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker for Cats - Waterproof, GPS Location & Smart Activity Tracker, Unlimited Range, Works with Any Collar (Midnight Blue)
4,772 Reviews
Cat Activity Tracking?
More information
Tractive GPS Pet Tracker for Cats - Waterproof, GPS Location & Smart Activity Tracker, Unlimited Range, Works with Any Collar (Midnight Blue)
4,772 Reviews
Cat Activity Tracking?
More information

How It’s Designed For Cats

Cats love going to obscure places, and I am pretty sure that you, as much as other cat lovers and owners out there, are curious as to where your cat goes at whichever time of the day. The Tractive GPS devices are well-built by cat lovers for cat lovers; this helps you ensure the well-being and safety of your feline friends when letting them go outdoors, outside of your comfort zone for your cats. It is designed to help make you feel at ease whenever you let them out of your home. This is how it looks on my cat:

My cat with Tractive cat tracker

My cat with Tractive cat tracker

Pros And Cons Of Tractive GPS

Pros Cons
  • Distance and range does not have limitations
  • Virtual fence
  • Affordable 
  • Battery lasts anywhere between 2 to 5 days
  • Can be accessed through an app in your smartphone
  • One year warranty
  • Possible GPS interference indoors
  • Dependent on cellular signal therefore you are required to have a monthly subscription

How It Works

My cat with new Tractive GPS tracker

The Tractive GPS Tracker for cats works kind of like your phone in a sense that it has its own SIM card which allows the tracker to be connected to whichever network worldwide for the sole purpose of providing location data wherever your cat goes. And the subscription covers all the mobile fees that need to be covered which lets you enjoy 24/7 coverage in about 150 countries without any hidden costs. So if you and your cats are the adventurer types, you can take your cat anywhere you go around the world without having the risk of losing your cat if ever you decide to remove their leash and let them roam around a bit. 

When You Need This Collar 

You need the Tractive cat smart collar if you are the type of cat owner who freely lets their cats roam out and about and let them explore around your neighborhood. Yes, they do come back on their own volition, but there are instances where they 

Tech Specifications

Tractive GPS cat tracker design


I placed Tractive cat GPS tracker on my cat

The Tractive GPS Cat Tracker features a collar with a faux leather design that helps make the tracker feel lighter which in return, can help your cat move freely and comfortably without even noticing that they are wearing one. The Tractive brand also has a light and sound feature which lets you find the tracker just in case it falls down somewhere or gets tangled and removed from your cat’s neck such as in the forest or some bushes. 


We all know how cats can be when they enter into a fight or start their naughtiness and just freakishly start dashing away or chasing a mouse or other wild animals, and the developers of the Tractive GPS Cat Tracker especially designed this device for such situations and made it adventure-proof. It has an waterproof rating of IPX7 and they also designed it to be shock resistant, perfect for your adventurous kitty. 

Battery Life

The battery life can last you up to five days on a one-time full charge but it would still depend on your usage and the cellular signal. 


The Tractive GPS App is available for free for Apple users iOS 11 and above, Android users 7.0 and up, and this is also compatible with computers and mobile browsers. One more feature this tracker has is that you can enable the GPS by using the Alexa app, which let’s be honest, not all GPS trackers have.  

General Features

Live Tracking

Live tracking feature on Tractive cat GPS tracker


One of the main purposes of having a GPS cat tracker is, of course, for tracking your cats, however, the Tractive GPS Tracker for cats has upped its game as it can track your cat LIVE. This then allows you to monitor your cat wherever they may be. You will get live location updates every two to three seconds which is the fastest ping rate for a GPS tracker. 

Virtual Fence (Geofence)

Virtual fence feature on Tractive cat GPS tracker


Cats love exploring places, be it dark alleys or into the woods or just around your neighbourhood. With this feature, you can mark areas around your home or your street or even your whole neighbourhood as safe for your cats to roam just outside your home. Just imagine being able to let your cat stroll out and about with no worries on your mind as the Tractive Virtual Fence will let you know the moment your cat steps out of the fence and whenever they get back inside the fence by sending notifications via your smartphone. So, no more wondering and worrying for you as you will always and forever know where your cats are, as long as you have the Tractive GPS Cat Tracker. 

Activity Monitoring

Cat activity monitoring with Tractive


Not all GPS trackers have an activity monitoring feature but the Tractive brand does. With this added feature, you will be able to check out how much time your furbaby spends moving and playing around and sleeping. This then allows you to notice any particular changes in their normal behavior and habits which in turn will be able to let you know if they are acting differently which could mean a lot of things such as unknown illnesses or stressors in their daily lives. You as their hooman can then help keep them happy, fit, and healthy. 

Location History And Heatmap

Location history on Tractive app


Again, not all GPS Trackers save location history, and even if they have this feature, it can be limited to saving them for only 24 hours, however, this is not the case for Tractive as this tracker saves location history up to 365 days! It even allows you to export GPS data via gpx and kml file if ever you want or need it. An advantage of this feature is letting you know your kitty cat’s whereabouts which can broaden your imagination about their daily adventures, secret hiding spots, and their favorite places to be with their other fur friends. 

Cat-Safe Power Button

One more feature the Tractive GPS Cat Tracker has is the cat-safe power button which prevents your cat from accidentally killing the device or booting it on. No risk for you to lose your sight on your cat wherever he or she goes. 

Is It Worth It To Pay For A Tractive GPS Collar?

It is definitely worth it to get a Tractive GPS Collar for cats not only because of its features, but also because of how cheap it is, at only $49.99, free shipping via their official website


Fiona with Tractive GPS cat tracker

Fiona with Tractive GPS cat tracker

The Tractive GPS Cat Tracker is one of the best GPS trackers for cats that I have personally tried and tested. I love everything about it, especially the live tracking and activity monitoring because the live tracking gives me two-to-three-second intervals which means that it accurately shows me where my cat is at any given moment, while the activity monitoring allows me to monitor my cat’s health and behavior all the time. It is very affordable and the basic subscription already gives me all the features that I need which are GPS tracking, the LIVE tracking, and the activity monitoring features. All that I need in one go. If you decide on buying one, make sure to order from the official website to get the best benefits of the product.

Tractive GPS Cat Tracker Review
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