Tractive GPS Cat Tracker Review: Can This Be Used For Cats?

Tractive cat GPS tracker review by Technomeow
Written by Clair Chesterman

I took the plunge and decided to give GPS cat tracking collars, specifically the Tractive Cat GPS Tracker a whirl, eager to find out if it could provide the peace of mind I sought when my cat ventured outside the home.

While most GPS tracking collars are primarily designed for dogs, it’s not widely known that these nifty devices can also be a game-changer for cat owners. Yes, you heard it right – the Tractive GPS Tracker is tailored for cats. It operates much like your typical GPS dog tracker, but with the specific needs and preferences of our feline friends in mind. As a concerned cat parent, I often worry about my adventurous cat’s outdoor escapades. I wanted to finally put my mind at ease.

GPS Cat Tracker & Cat Collar with Wellness Monitoring | Tractive

The Tractive LTE GPS Cat tracker enables you to view your cat’s location from anywhere, anytime. Track your furry friend in real time without any distance limit. Access the location history on your smartphone and enjoy more fun features together with your pet. The Tractive LTE GPS Cat will find your pet almost anywhere in the world using the best available mobile network. Simply attach the waterproof and lightweight tracker to your cat’s collar and start tracking your pet using the Tractive GPS app.

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Tractive GPS Collar General Information

How It’s Designed For Cats

Cats have an uncanny knack for exploring mysterious nooks and crannies, and if you’re anything like me and countless other cat enthusiasts, you’ve probably wondered about your feline friend’s secret adventures. Well, here’s where the Tractive GPS devices come into play – they’re not just another gadget; they’re a labor of love crafted by fellow cat lovers.

With the Tractive Cat GPS Tracker, you can embark on a journey of ensuring the safety and well-being of your beloved cat when they step into the great outdoors, venturing beyond the confines of your cozy abode. It’s a reassuring companion that lets you breathe easy every time you grant your cats the freedom they crave. Curious about how it looks on my cat? See for yourself:

My cat with Tractive cat tracker

My cat with Tractive cat tracker

Pros And Cons Of Tractive Cat GPS Tracker

Pros Cons
  • Distance and range does not have limitations
  • Virtual fence
  • Affordable 
  • Battery lasts anywhere between 2 to 5 days
  • Can be accessed through an app in your smartphone
  • One year warranty
  • Possible GPS interference indoors
  • Dependent on cellular signal therefore you are required to have a monthly subscription

How The Tractive Cat GPS Tracker Works

My cat with new Tractive GPS tracker

The Tractive GPS Tracker for cats functions somewhat like your smartphone, equipped with its own SIM card that enables it to connect to networks worldwide, ensuring you receive precise location data no matter where your feline explorer ventures. Plus, the subscription neatly covers all the associated mobile fees, providing you with uninterrupted 24/7 coverage across approximately 150 countries, with no sneaky hidden costs to worry about.

So, if you and your cats are the adventurous types, you can confidently take your feline companions on globetrotting escapades, all while letting them roam freely without the constant fear of losing track of them. It’s the perfect way to keep your cats safe while satisfying their innate wanderlust.

When You Need This Collar 

You need the Tractive cat smart collar if you are the type of cat owner who freely lets their cats roam out and about and lets them explore around your neighborhood. Yes, they do come back on their own volition, but there are instances where they might get a little too adventurous, and that’s where the Tractive Cat GPS tracker shines. It provides peace of mind by ensuring you always know where your cat is, even when they embark on unexpected adventures.

Tech Specifications

Tractive GPS cat tracker design


I placed Tractive cat GPS tracker on my cat

The Tractive GPS Cat Tracker boasts a collar with a faux leather design, making the tracker feel lightweight. This design ensures that your cat can move freely and comfortably without even noticing they’re wearing it. Additionally, the Tractive brand includes a light and sound feature, enabling you to locate the tracker in case it falls off or gets entangled and removed in dense vegetation or the forest. The light feature is also great when trying to find your cat in the dark.


We all know how adventurous and sometimes mischievous cats can be. The developers of the Tractive Cat GPS Tracker had these situations in mind when designing the device, making it adventure-proof. With a waterproof rating of IPX7 and shock resistance, it’s perfect for your spirited feline friend.

Battery Life

On a full charge, the battery can last up to five days, although actual usage and cellular signal strength may affect this duration.


The Tractive GPS App is available for free on iOS 11 and above for Apple users, and Android 7.0 and up for Android users. It’s also compatible with computers and mobile browsers. An additional feature of this tracker is its compatibility with the Alexa app, providing extra convenience that not all GPS trackers offer. With the Tractive GPS Cat Tracker, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your adventurous cat is safe and sound.

General Features

Live Tracking

Live tracking feature on Tractive cat GPS tracker


One of the primary purposes of a GPS pet tracker is, of course, to keep tabs on your feline friend, but the Tractive Cat GPS Tracker takes it up a notch with real-time tracking. This feature enables you to monitor your cat’s whereabouts wherever they roam. You’ll receive live location updates every two to three seconds, making it one of the fastest GPS trackers on the market.

Virtual Fence (Geofence)

Virtual fence feature on Tractive cat GPS tracker


Cats are natural explorers, and they can wander into various places, from dark alleys to woodlands, or just around the neighborhood. With the Tractive Virtual Fence feature, you can designate safe areas around your home, street, or entire neighborhood for your cats to explore. Imagine letting your cat venture out worry-free, thanks to the Tractive Virtual Fence. You’ll receive smartphone notifications the moment your cat steps out of or returns inside the fence, eliminating any uncertainty about their whereabouts.

Activity Monitoring

Cat activity monitoring with Tractive


Not all GPS pet trackers offer activity monitoring, but the Tractive brand goes the extra mile. This feature allows you to track your furry friend’s activity levels, playtime, and rest. It helps you notice any significant changes in their behavior and habits, which could signal health issues or stressors in their daily lives. As their human, you can then take steps to keep them happy, fit, and healthy.

Location History And Heatmap

Location history on Tractive app


Unlike many GPS trackers that limit location history to 24 hours, the Tractive GPS Cat Tracker stores location data for up to 365 days. It even allows you to export GPS data via gpx and kml files if needed. This feature not only provides insights into your kitty cat’s daily adventures but also reveals their secret hiding spots and favorite places to socialize with other furry friends.

Cat-Safe Power Button

Another noteworthy feature of the Tractive GPS Cat Tracker is the cat-safe power button. This innovative design prevents your cat from accidentally turning off or activating the device, ensuring you never lose sight of your cat, no matter where their curiosity takes them. With the Tractive GPS Cat Tracker, you can confidently give your cat the freedom they desire while ensuring their safety and well-being.

Is It Worth It To Pay For A Tractive Cat GPS Collar?

Absolutely, investing in a Tractive Cat GPS Collar for your cat is highly worthwhile. Not only does it offer a plethora of features, but it also comes at an incredibly affordable price of just $49.99, with free shipping available on their official website.

As I’ve noted above, the Tractive Cat GPS Tracker offers a range of valuable features, ensures the safety of your cat, and provides insights into their health and behavior – exactly what cat parents are looking for.

Tractive GPS Cat Tracker Review Final Verdict

Fiona with Tractive GPS cat tracker

Fiona with Tractive GPS cat tracker

The Tractive Cat GPS Tracker stands out as one of the finest GPS trackers I’ve had the pleasure of using on my cats. I genuinely appreciate every aspect of it, particularly the live tracking and activity monitoring functions. Live tracking provides me with updates every two to three seconds, ensuring I can always pinpoint my cat’s exact location. It’s the perfect cat collar for my door dashing kitty who seems to escape despite my best efforts.

Meanwhile, the activity monitoring feature enables me to keep a close eye on my cat’s health and behavior. What’s even more appealing is the affordability of this tracker, and the basic subscription already includes all the essential features I require, such as GPS tracking, live tracking, and activity monitoring. It’s an all-in-one solution that meets my needs perfectly.

If you decide on buying the Tractive Cat GPS Tracker, make sure to order from the official website to get the best benefits of the product.

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