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Catmate Cat Water Fountain Review: Good Budget-Friednly Option

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Written by Clair Chesterman

I recently discovered another cat water fountain that made it to our list of best cat water fountains. I am talking about the Catmate Cat Water Fountain. I found it through an online community of cat owners, and I got curious about their positive reviews. Hence, I was so excited to try this water fountain for my feline friends.

The multi-stage filtration mechanism of the Catmate Cat Water Fountain ensures that my cats always have access to clean and fresh water that is free of contaminants and unpleasant tastes.

But what genuinely astounded me was how quickly my cats adapted to this fountain. I’ve had my fair share of failed attempts with other brands, but the Catmate Cat Water Fountain surpassed my expectations.

My cats seemed drawn in by the slow flow of water, which mimicked the appeal of a natural water source. Seeing their satisfaction as they gathered around the fountain, eagerly slurping up the fresh water, was a joy.

In this review, I will share my insights about our experience testing the Catmate Cat Water Fountain.

Catmate Cat Water Fountain Material

Catmate Cat Water Fountain is made of high-quality materials that assure its durability and contribute to its sleek and modern appearance.

When I unboxed it, I could see it was well-made. The materials utilized in its construction are of the finest quality, ensuring endurance and durability. The fountain felt solid and robust; I think my cats could use it for a long time.

Furthermore, the Catmate Cat Water Fountain has a well-thought-out and secure assembly, all components fitting snuggly together. The water reservoir and the fountain’s elements are precisely constructed to maintain stability and prevent leakage or wobbling. You can feel confident that this fountain will survive your cats’ playful antics without breaking a sweat.

Catmate Cat Water Fountain Filtration

The filtration technology of the Catmate Cat Water Fountain centers around the changeable 3-Stage Polymer-Carbon filter cartridge, which is critical in maintaining the water’s purity.

The 3-Stage Polymer-Carbon filter cartridge that comes with the Catmate fountain is a filtration powerhouse. It effectively removes pollutants like hair and debris, keeping the water pure and free of undesirable particles. It also eliminates odors, maintaining the water fresh and appealing to cats.

Another notable feature of the Catmate’s filter is its inclusion of a water-softening element. This element aids in preventing mineral buildup in the pump, extending its longevity.

This cat water fountain offers clean water for your cat and contributes to the fountain’s overall endurance by decreasing the influence of hard water on the internal components.

As with any water fountain, the filters should be cleaned and replaced routinely. I clean our filters every day and replace them once every two weeks.

Following the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding filter replacement intervals is essential to ensure optimal performance and water quality for your cat.

One disadvantage of Catmate’s filtering mechanism is that it employs numerous filters. While these filters contribute to the fountain’s remarkable filtration capabilities, they necessitate many filter maintenance and replacement. This may be a minor inconvenience for some, as purchasing and maintaining numerous filter cartridges needs more time and price.

While it may require managing many filters, the fountain’s superb filtering mechanism is well worth the effort because it gives clean and fresh water to your feline friends, helping their overall well-being.

Catmate Cat Water Fountain Noise Level

One of the positive reviews I read before I purchased this cat water fountain is the minimal to zero noise when operating. Catmate did not fail me as it is truly silent. My cats are sensitive to noise, so I need to choose cat gear and house appliances that will not stress them out.

The Catmate Cat Water Fountain exceeded my expectations in this regard. When the fountain is in operation, it emits minimal to no noise at all, ensuring a tranquil drinking experience for my cats. They can approach the fountain without any hesitation or fear, knowing that they won’t be startled or bothered by any intrusive sounds.

Catmate Cat Water Fountain Size

With dimensions of 6.75 x 10.5 x 8.75 inches, the Catmate Cat Water Fountain is a sensible choice for any cat owner. Its small size allows for easy placement in your home while still holding enough water to meet your cat’s hydration demands. 

Its dimensions make it versatile and adaptable to numerous environments, whether you prefer it in the kitchen, living room, or even your cat’s specific play area. You won’t need to be concerned about it taking up too much space or interfering with the design of your house.

Additionally, the size of this water fountain is well-suited for cats of various sizes. Whether you have a small kitten or a larger breed, the fountain’s dimensions offer enough space for comfortable access to the water flow.

Catmate Cat Water Fountain Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning the Catmate Cat Water Fountain is a breeze, and I couldn’t be happier with how simple it is to keep in good working order. The fountain and pump were created with the user in mind, allowing for simple disassembly and maintenance. Furthermore, the BPA-Free dishes are dishwasher safe, making cleaning even more manageable.

The fountain comes apart easily, allowing me to access every nook and cranny without any hassle. I can simply disassemble the various components. I can easily remove the water reservoir, pump, and individual parts, making it a stress-free process.

After disassembling the components, I can hand wash them or put the BPA-Free bowls in the dishwasher for increased convenience.

This cat water fountain is a game changer for me, saving me time and effort. I simply place the bowls in the dishwasher, select the proper cycle, and let it do the rest.

Catmate Cat Water Fountain Design

The design of the Catmate fountain minimizes the risk of spills. Unlike other types of fountains that may be prone to splashing and creating messes, the Catmate fountain has been thoughtfully engineered to mitigate these issues.

The water flow is controlled and directed in a way that keeps it contained within the fountain, ensuring that water stays where it belongs and reducing the likelihood of spills.

Another notable design feature is the deeper pump reservoir. This design element is crucial in preventing pump damage, especially when the water levels are low.

The deeper reservoir ensures that the pump remains submerged, even when the water levels decrease. This not only protects the pump from potential damage but also extends its lifespan, providing long-lasting performance and reliability.

The general appearance of the Catmate fountain is particularly noteworthy. Its sleek and modern style blends perfectly with any home decor. The sleek lines and smooth finish give it a minimalist and contemporary appearance, boosting the fountain’s visual appeal.

Catmate Cat Water Fountain Price

When it comes to considering a product, the price is often an important factor to take into account. In the case of the Catmate Cat Water Fountain, I believe it offers excellent value for the features and quality it provides (check the current price here).

Catmate Cat Water Fountain offers a balance between affordability and functionality, making it accessible to a wide range of cat owners. I can say that it is indeed worth the price! It offers excellent features and serves its purpose effectively. There are many other cat water fountain brands in the market, but Catmate is priced competitively and efficiently does its job.

When making a purchasing decision, it is essential to consider the overall value and benefits that the fountain provides, making the Catmate fountain a worthy investment for cat owners seeking a reliable and efficient water fountain.

Catmate Cat Water Fountain Brand Reputation

Catmate has a strong and reputable brand presence, and I am confident in its commitment to providing exceptional products for pets and their owners. Catmate has a long history together with the Ani Mate, Dog Mate, and Fish Mate brands.

Catmate experienced an exciting makeover and relaunched as Closer Pets in 2021, merging its well-known brands into a single streamlined organization.

This new name represents their commitment to providing a more personalized experience to pet owners like myself while embracing digital innovations to build a more connected organization.

Catmate’s brand reputation speaks volumes about its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. They have gained the trust of fur parents worldwide over the years by constantly producing dependable and innovative products. 

As a consumer, I value the reassurance of purchasing products from a reputable brand. Catmate’s commitment to providing a more personalized and connected experience while maintaining their established trust instills confidence in their ability to deliver items that match my expectations.


The Catmate Cat Water Fountain is an excellent choice for cat owners like me who are seeking a reliable and adequate water fountain for their beloved feline companions.

The quality materials and sturdy construction ensure long-lasting usage, while its 3-Stage Polymer-Carbon filter cartridge guarantees clean and fresh water, free from any unpleasant odors.

While regular maintenance and filter replacement is necessary, the convenience of easily disassembling the fountain and the dishwasher-safe BPA-Free bowls make the cleaning process a breeze. 

Investing in a reliable and durable water fountain for your cat is wise, as it promotes their hydration and overall well-being. The Catmate fountain, with its sturdy construction and quality materials, offers long-lasting usage, which can be considered a good return on investment.

The Catmate Cat Water Fountain delivers on its quality, convenience, and functionality promises. It definitely does its job and is worth every penny! I highly recommend this cat water fountain to my fellow cat parents.

You can get it from Amazon or the Official website.


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