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Pawfit 3s Pet Tracker Review: Is It Worth Trying For Your Kitties?

My cat with PAwfit tracker
Written by Clair Chesterman

Cats like to wander around, and we always worry about where they go. Hence, cat GPS trackers are helpful and a must-buy for every fur parent. Today, I am writing a review about another pet tracker that you can use for your cats, the Pawfit 3s! I have tried this GPS tracker for four months, and now, I am sharing my opinion about this cat gear.

How Is Pawfit 3s Designed For Cats?

Pawfit 3s is specifically designed for pets as it is easy to use as the device click-fits into a collar mount. However, it can be bulky for small-breed cats. 

The device can be conveniently removed for charging using a custom charging dock. It can be connected to the Pawfit app to track your furbaby and receive app notifications.

Pawfit 3s is also waterproof up to three meters, making it worry-free for sudden rain showers or puddle splashes when my cat explores outdoors.

Pros and Cons of Pawfit 3s Tracker

  • Great location tracking
  • Health monitoring features
  • User-friendly app
  • Helpful alert functionality
  • It might be too bulky for some cats
  • Subscription is required
  • Needs mobile signal for full functionality

How Does Pawfit 3s Work?

The Pawfit 3s pet tracker uses GPS technology to provide accurate and reliable location tracking for your cat. The device communicates with the accompanying app on your smartphone to show your cat’s real-time location.

It also has an activity tracker where you can monitor your cats’ steps, distance covered, calories burned, and active and rest hours. This activity tracker is customized according to your pet’s breed, age, and weight.

Pawfit 3s Specifications


The tracker is designed to attach easily to collars and harnesses, providing a versatile solution for pets of all shapes and sizes weighing 3.5kg or more.

The tracker comes with a secure lock that prevents it from falling off accidentally. It is constructed from solid, durable materials that withstand normal wear and tear. 

Overall, the design is okay though I find it too bulky for small cats. If you have a smaller breed of kitties, I wouldn’t recommend this tracker for you.


In terms of durability, it seems that Pawfit can withstand all weather conditions and pet activities, including training. The entire device is made of high-quality materials that can last through extended usage. 

Battery Life

Pawfit GPS tracker claims to have a battery life lasting up to seven days. However, it can be influenced by some factors.

The strength of GPS and cellular signals can impact Pawfit’s battery life, as it needs to maintain a connection with satellites and cell towers to function effectively. Additionally, the more frequently the device is used, the more it will drain the battery.

Personally, I am not impressed with Pawfit’s battery life, as I can only use it continuously for three days. I still vouch for Tractive’s longevity.


The app was simple to connect to the device. I did not encounter any issues while pairing. The user interface is also friendly, and there are no complexities in using it. 

Pawfit 3s Features

Live Tracking

Pawfit offers an efficient and reliable method of locating my cat. The device utilizes real-time GPS tracking and light and soundtracking. However, it only uses a 2G network which can be difficult for some areas.

While Pawfit has reliable live tracking, I still prefer using Tractive.

Virtual Fence

I can set up to 10 virtual fences with Pawfit 3s. I set up fences around my pet’s common areas and favorite spots. Whenever my pet crosses any of these boundaries, I receive an immediate notification on my app. This gives me peace of mind and assurance that I can constantly monitor my kitty’s safety.

Activity Monitoring

The app estimates my cat’s daily active hours based on the physical data I entered upon registration, including breed, age, weight, and step count recorded by the tracker. To ensure accuracy, you should update your cat’s weight and height as they grow.

Pawfit also estimates my cat’s rest hours by recording the duration of zero step count. The tracker’s rest hour count resets each night at midnight and begins counting immediately after.

Remote Voice Commands

This feature allows me to record up to five personalized voice commands and trigger them from my mobile or smartwatch via the Pawfit app.

Pawfit Voice offers an ideal solution for training our cats and dogs. Whether my cat is out of sight or in a different location, I can deliver audible commands in my own voice, with each command lasting up to four seconds. This feature is promising because it provides personalized commands from any location.

Is Pawfit 3s Worth Buying?

I placed Tractive cat GPS tracker on my cat

Latest Tractive cat GPS Tractive model

Budget-wise, I’d rather buy a Tractive GPS tracker. Pawfit 3s is reliable and has good quality, but there is nothing much special to it. For its price, I am expecting a lot more features. Not to mention that you need a subscription to maximize the device’s usage.


Pawfit 3s is a nice purchase, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a must-buy for cat parents. It would be better if Pawfit could offer more battery life and other excellent features. I still prefer to use my Tractive GPS tracker over this device to monitor my cat’s location and activities.

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