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Best Cat GPS Trackers That Specifically Designed for Cats

different cat gps trackers 2019
Written by Clair Chesterman

Most cats are smart enough to find their way home, but they are difficult to locate at times. This is when GPS cat tracker comes handy. Sometimes cats make bad decisions that often lead to them being lost or stuck. Not letting your furry friend out may not be the best solution because some cats like to wander and be outdoors. From now on, you will have peace of mind even if your cat is outside.

A cat GPS tracker is the best solution to your problem! Fortunately, a number of cat trackers are out in the market. There are even a few trackers that also double-up as activity trackers. We understand that buying a cat GPS tracker may be a daunting task, so we compiled all the best GPS cat collar around in this article. Here is a selection of our favourites!

12 Best Cat GPS Trackers in 2021

list of best GPS cat trackers 2019

Here’s the list of 12 best GPS trackers we picked specifically designed for cats based on the reviews:

Below, you will find important details to pick the perfect cat GPS locator!

  1. Loc8tor Cat Handheld Finder

loc8tor cat tracker

In this list, our first pick would be is the NEW Loc8tor Pet Handheld Finder that is designed for finding multiple cats or locating other valuables! An Amazon’s Choice for cat trackers, this tag by Loc8tor is the smallest and lightest of their kind, weighing only 5 grams. The tag is neither too big nor too small and simply slips in any cat collar. Your cat’s comfort is always a priority!

However, if you are looking for a cat tracking device that creates a safe zone and alerts you when your pet leaves the safe zone, then this is not for you. The Loc8tor Cat Finder is primarily for locating your cat, not for preventing your cat to go anywhere.

Cats are infamous for climbing, chasing dogs, getting stuck in trees, and getting trapped in sheds and garages. Therefore, this is the best cat tracker for protecting your cat all the time while reducing your worries. Powered by RF-based technology, the Loc8tor tracking device delivers a longer range than traditional keyring finders and provide greater accuracy than most cat GPS trackers in the market.

The slim credit card-sized handset will be able to help you to easily find your furry friend through its dual directional technology. The technology is more effective than GPS and more ideal in finding in tricky places! Moreover, the handset is extremely easy to use and works by picking up the signal from your pet’s tag as soon as you press the locate button.

It’s also worth noting that you will receive both visual and audio clues to guide you right to your cat! The Loc8tor handset will direct you to your cat’s exact location within 1-inch accuracy. Furthermore, it tells you which way to find your lost or hiding cat! Now, being a cat parent will be much easier!

  1. Cat Tailer

cat tailer gps tag

Our next selection is also a cat tracking device designed like a pet tag that can be attached to your cat’s favourite collar. The Cat Tailer Bluetooth Waterproof Cat Tracker differs to our first pick by control. Instead of a handheld device, Cat Tailer requires you to use their application on your phone in order to find your cat.

As the name suggests, the Cat Tailer is another reliable solution that tails your beloved feline. This cat collar tag works by broadcasting a low energy wireless homing beacon that is picked up by your phone. The Cat Tailer determines how far are you from your feline depending on the strength of your signal. It will vary even if you are not moving.

Similar to the Loc8tor Cat Handheld Finder, the Cat Tailer does not work as a cat GPS tracking system. The Cat Tailer is not a mapping device and does not tell you the exact location of your cat. Instead, Cat Tailer is an effective solution for finding your cat in your yard, neighbourhood, or if you want to keep it near you whenever you’re outside!

Being a device that tails your cat, you will get notifications on your phone whenever your cat is in range or nearby. I will also notify you at a farther range. To find your cat, simply walk in the direction that the app tells you in order to be closer to your cat. You should always rely on live scanning screens when searching for your feline.

On the other hand, the Cat Tailer app will show you your approximate distance from your cat and the battery life of your Cat Tailer. Fortunately, the battery lasts for 6 months without changing or recharging! The battery is replaceable and can be easily found in the stores.

Overall, the Cat Tailer is a small and lightweight bluetooth waterproof tracker that can be used for cats of all ages and sizes! It is another effective device that will help you in protecting your beloved feline from common cat accidents.

Cat Tailer Quick Summary

Main FeatureThe battery lasts for 6 months without changing or recharging

  1. Pawscout Smarter Cat Tag (New Version 2.0)

cat-with Pawscout Smarter Tag 2.0

If you’re looking for a cat tracker that can cater short-range and long-range tracking, then this one’s for you! Our next pick would be this little tracking device with lost pet alerts, outdoor virtual leash, walk tracker, pet points of interest, and no monthly fees. The Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag is not just your ordinary pet tracking device, it’s all in one!

Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, you can always make sure that your feline is near you all the time. Pawscout allows you to track walks of your feline and keep tabs on your cat whether you’re in the yard or out with your dog.

You can set a perimeter invisible leash of 300 feet through the outdoor virtual leash feature to contain your cat in a safe place! However, the Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag is mainly designed for short-range tracking. It will not tell you your cat’s exact location but will rather watch your pet in its “cone of safety.”

For long-range tracking, Pawscout create instant digital flyers to the Pawscout community. In case your beloved feline goes missing, simply mark your pet lost in the Pawscout app and Pawscouters within five miles will be urged to join the search! You will receive notifications and location data when your cat will come within 300 feet of any Pawscout user.

I love that Pawscout video review:

Another feature of Pawscout that is worth noting is that any user of the app will get to interact and have their own “petwork”! Through the app, you can also share your pets’ photos, arrange walks, and alert neighbours to pet hazards or pet-friendly places! You can also add your dog’s medical records, vaccinations, behavioural, or medical issues in your pet profile.

Believe it or not, Pawscout offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Just let them know if you’re unhappy with your pet tag, Pawscout will eventually make it right. This feature makes Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag a safe choice. But I don’t think that you would be unhappy with Pawscout!

Pawscout Smarter Cat Tag (New Version 2.0) Quick Summary

Main FeatureOutdoor virtual leash feature

  1. Findster Duo+ Cat Tracker With Activity Monitor

Findster Duo+ Cat Tracke

Here’s the first cat GPS tracker option that won’t let you down! The Findster Duo+ is a combination of a GPS and activity tracker! As one of the most popular and well-loved cat GPS trackers in the market, you can be assured that your beloved feline is healthy and safe all the time! A healthy and safe cat means a happy cat, right?

The Findster Duo+ is a small, lightweight, and sturdy GPS tracker that is waterproof up to three feet! It has a long battery life that depends on your usage. The battery can last up to 12 hours if GPS is always on but can be extended to several days if only used for a few hours each day.

Fortunately, the Findster Duo+ cat tracker doesn’t require a subscription plan in order to work. However, you might need a higher budget for this one! With the Findster Duo’s features and durability, it will surely be a great investment for your furry friend! Unlike other GPS trackers, the Findster Duo+ works everywhere off the grid because it doesn’t require cellular coverage to work.

Whether you’re taking your cat out on a walk or exploring a land, the Findster Duo+ is your feline’s most ideal companion! You can set a safe area around your cat and you’ll immediately be notified once they leave the area. Please take note that the Findster Duo+ is mainly for outdoor tracking- not indicated for indoor tracking or remote monitoring.

That’s not all as the Findster Duo+ app allows you to revisit your cat’s walks and past locations through it’s “History” feature. It is the best way to prevent future escape attempts by detecting patterns and trends! You can also track your cat’s activity levels and compare it with other cats in various categories, such as distance and paws walked.

Furthermore, Findster Duo+ tracker allows you to share access to your cat’s profile with as many people as you can! Even other family members, friends, neighbours, and your cat’s trainer can track your feline! Findster Duo+  is a little more than what you would have paid for a couple of other devices similar to it, but over time, the fees would make those devices end up more expensive!

Findster Duo+ Quick Summary

Main FeatureFindster Duo+ cat tracker works everywhere off the grid because it doesn’t require cellular coverage to work

  1. Cube Pro Cat Finder and Smart Tracker

Cube Pro cat Finder and tracker

It’s a common scenario if you are one of the people who frequently misplace their valuable items. The great news is that there are plenty of items finding solutions in the market, including this tracker that is lightweight and discreet enough to clip into your items or cat’s collar.

The Cube Pro Cat Finder and Smart Tracker is not just a cat tracking device but also a Bluetooth tracker for your keys, kids, dogs, luggage, wallet, and phone! It is a tracker that you can literally attach to anything that you want to find, fast. The Cube Pro has a cool and innovative design with basic but effective functionality. But we are talking about the tracking devices that you can use to find your cat, so let’s talk more!

You can use Cube to find your cat by using the Cube Tracker app to ring your Cube in order to locate your feline when it is near. If you are unable to locate your cat in nearby places, you can use the Cube app to view your cat’s last known location on a map! Plus Cube uses Bluetooth to tell you if you are near or far and has a separation alarm to alert you if you left something behind!

The finding feature of Cube Pro doesn’t end there! Once you declare your cat lost, the “Crowd Find” feature urges the Cube community to be your search party! Simply push the small button of your cube and it will make your phone ring, vibrate and flash even if on silent!

The great news is that the Cube Pro’s ring is loud enough for you to hear. Even if my cat was in our yard, I am able to find him easily by following the Cube’s tune! Being the upgraded version, the Cube Pro has 2x volume and range up to 200ft of volume and 101dB of volume.

It’s also worth noting that the Cube Pro has an outstanding battery life which lasts at least a year! Unlike other similar tracking devices, you will only replace the battery each year, not the device itself. Plus, there is an extra battery included in the package!

Cube Pro Cat Finder Quick Summary

Main Feature“Crowd Find” feature urges the Cube community to be your search party to find a missing cat

  1. Girafus Pro-track-tor Cat Tracker

Girafus Cat Tracker

With the cat tracker collar from Girafus, you never need to worry about losing your furry friend again. Usually, cats hide in many places and narrow areas where GPS trackers don’t work. Specifically made for cats, the Girafus Pro-track-tor ensures you that you can find your beloved feline wherever it hides.

There are a lot of situations where cat owners lose their pets due to poor GPS performance. Often times, the range of Bluetooth trackers are not enough. For more accurate tracking, the Girafus Pro-track-tor uses radio frequency signals which the receiver box interprets and displays how far and from which direction the signals of your cat’s module are coming from.

The Girafus Pro-track-tor has two parts; a handheld locator and a tag unit. A single handheld locator is capable of tracking four cats making Girafus Pro-track-tor ideal for pet owners with multiple cats. For your cat’s comfort, the tag unit only weighs 0.28oz including the battery! Girafus can work up to 30 days without charging with the included rechargeable batteries and charger.

Check Girafus cat tracker in action:

The accuracy of Girafus Pro-track-tor is arguably a reliable tracker as it can track your cat’s direction and distance up to 500 meters of the radius in a clear line of sight. Unlike a GPS tracking device, it does not interfere with other wireless devices nearby.

The handheld receiver has a direction indicator that tells you the right direction in the search area. For easier tracking from a longer distance, there will be signal sound and the LEDs blink and beep to help you. There is also a smart sleep mode that allows your Pro-track-tor’s battery lasts longer!

Furthermore, there is a temperature indicator feature that gives alerts when the temperature drops too low for the device to handle. This makes the Girafus Pro-track-tor safe for your beloved feline!

Girafus Pro-track-tor Cat Tracker Quick Summary

Main FeatureGirafus Pro-track-tor uses radio frequency signals which the receiver box interprets and displays how far and from which direction the signals of your cat’s module are coming from.

  1. TabCat Collar Locator Homing Tag

tab cat track collar

Next up in our best cat GPS trackers list is another handheld receiver and tag unit combination. If you are considering a cat tracker that does not rely on GPS or Bluetooth in finding your pet, then the TabCat Pet Collar Locator Homing Tag is another option. It also uses radio frequency-based technology which will give you the greater frequency and better performance.

The TabCat Collar Locator functions similarly to Girafus Pro-track-tor Cat Tracker. However, TabCat’s handheld receiver is sold separately. TabCat may cost a little extra, but it’s arguably one of the best cat trackers in the market in terms of effectiveness, durability, and reliability!

The TabCat will locate your beloved feline up to 400 feet but when you are out in the field behind obstacles or buildings, the maximum range is 250 feet. This is already more than enough for my cat. The TabCat works by directing you to your cat’s exact location through audio and visual cues. Great news is that the audio cues are loud enough for you to hear.

Setting up your TabCat tag unit with the handheld locator is fairly simple. The first step is to turn on the handheld device until it beeps and place the tag that you want to pair next to the locator. Next step is to choose one of the four buttons on the handheld device, press it for three seconds and the locator beeps as it pairs with the tag. Sounds easy right? Or not? Well, TabCat made video manual for you:

In terms of durability, the new Tabcat certainly did not fail me. By just looking at the cover, it seems sturdy enough for playful cats. Fortunately, between rough tumbles and attempts to pull the tag off the collar, the Tabcat unit stayed in his collar. Thumbs up for TabCat!

  1. Tagg GPS Tracker with Cat Collar Attachment

whistle cat gps tracker with attachment

Whistle is a well-known brand in the pet tracking category, and their Tagg GPS Pet Tracker is a must-have. Whistle has been in the market for so long that the Tagg GPS tracker has been deemed as the nation’s leader in GPS Pet Tracking technology. Tagg uses advanced GPS technology and the nation’s largest wireless network to find your furry friend anytime and anywhere.

One of the high-rated cat trackers on Amazon, Tagg is a small and lightweight device with many excellent features. Prioritizing your cat’s comfort, Tagg can be attached to your cat’s favourite collar. Unlike Bluetooth and radio frequency trackers, Tagg is a combination of a tracking device and activity monitor. This is why it may cost a little extra.

You can rely on Tagg for near and far tracking as you are able to track your cat’s location via an interactive map. Plus you will be given location updates every three minutes to prevent your cat from getting lost! If your pet goes missing, the Whistle app will provide driving directions to your cat’s exact location.

Through Tagg, you are also able to monitor your beloved feline’s health! The Activity Tracking allows you to know if your cat is getting enough exercise. You can track your cat’s daily activities in one view and spot long-term changes! Moreover, you can also set goals and compare your cat’s activities to other cats. Make your cat say goodbye to laziness!

  1. Tuscom GPS Collar

tuscom gps cat tracker

Next up on the best cat GPS trackers roundup is the cat GPS tracker collar from Tuscom. The Tuscom GPS tracker differs from all the other cat trackers in this list because it comes with a collar that fits cats and dogs of all breeds and sizes. Plus, the collar is comfortable enough for your beloved feline!

Tuscom offers different pet collars, you can get blue, white, red, light blue, and yellow! Together with the GPS tracker and collar, you will also get a charger, USB cable, and manual that is very helpful for installation! The GPS cat collar only needs 7 lithium batteries that are either replaceable or rechargeable.

In terms of tracking, since the Tuscom cat tracker uses GPS technology, it is paired with your smartphone. Simply download the Tuscom app and it works for both android and ios! For live tracking, Tuscom also offers web online tracking!

That’s not all! Tuscom has a GPS sports trajectory tracking for outdoor tracking! My favorite feature of the Tuscom cat GPS tracker is that I am able to know the environment around my cat by simply dialling the tracker. This way, I am assured that my cat is safe even outdoors! It also helps pet owners from losing their pets and very useful in finding their missing friends!

If you’re worried about spending your money and is still sceptical about the product, be at ease! All Tuscom GPS trackers are backed up with a lifetime guarantee! If you are not 100% satisfied with your own Tuscom cat tracker, call the manufacturer and they will solve your problem. Many clients testified that their customer service is approachable and friendly! But we’re doubting that you would!

Tuscom GPS Collar Quick Summary

Main FeatureYou are able to know the environment around my cat by simply dialling the tracker

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  1. Weenect Cats: GPS Device for Cats

weenect gps tracker

This is another reliable and effective solution that will not only track your cats but also trains them! With the Weenect Cats, you can live to track your beloved feline on a map because this cat GPS tracking system covers any distance. Now, you can track your cat wherever it goes and makes sure that it remains safe in its territory!

The Weenect Cats has a unique feature that lets you train your furry friend to follow your commands! As one of the best GPS cat tracking devices, it has a training feature adapted even to the most daring cats. You can make the tracker ring or vibrate when it’s time to eat, reinforcing the events to feline’s mind. Now, it becomes easier for you to call your cat during the eating time!

You can also call your cat through the phone feature! It will surely run back to you when it hears your voice! This is a very helpful feature in preventing your feline from getting lost. If you don’t see your cat getting back to you after a few minutes, use the GPS location feature. There are three available tools that you can use:

  • the map,
  • compass,
  • and radar.

If you ever see your cat hiding in a bush, simply ring the collar to flush your feline out instantly!

To prevent missing accidents, you can discover your cats favourite places to go to! Weenect Cats uses the GPS chip to identify your cat’s territory and spot the places it often visits. With the Weenect Cats, finding your cat is so much easier. It’s undoubtedly one of the best cat GPS trackers in the market!

Pod 3 GPS Cat Tracker Quick Summary

Main FeatureThe Pod 3 uses GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular technologies

  1. Pod 3 GPS Cat Tracker and Activity Monitor

Pod 3 GPS cat Tracker

One of the most popular and best-selling cat tracking devices around, it’s not hard to see why. It’s small, discreet, and does exactly what you need it to! Introducing the Pod 3 GPS Cat Tracker and Activity Monitor which uses multiple technologies to help cat owners find and protect their furry friends anytime and anywhere with only a cell reception!

The Pod 3 is designed to fit a wide range of animals, even the smallest ones! It is a small and lightweight device designed for your cat’s comfort. You don’t have to worry about getting it wet because the Pod 3 GPS tracker is fully waterproof! It’s interchangeable batteries makes it’s usage last longer.

While some cat location trackers only use GPS, Bluetooth or radio frequency signals, the Pod 3 uses many technologies! To make advanced tracking more simple, the Pod 3 uses GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular technologies to help in finding and protecting your cat at the push of a button. This makes Pod 3 a reliable solution for cat tracking, giving you the peace of mind you have always needed!

The four tracking technologies allow you to track your beloved feline indoors and outdoors. It has live indoor and outdoor tracking with unlimited range in 175 countries! You can also view 24 hours of location history in the Pod 3 app anytime to identify your cat’s favourite places and prevent it from getting lost!

For your feline’s protection, you can set multiple safe zones and receive alerts once your cat is detected outside the safe zone. The feature is ideal for cat owners who bring their furry friends with them anywhere they go! You can set virtual fences around your home, workplace, and more! Plus, you can record your cat’s adventures!

The Pod 3’s function doesn’t end there because it also serves as an activity monitor! This cat finder GPS also allows you to view your feline’s activity data to ensure that it is getting the exercise it needs. You can also monitor your feline’s movement continuously to detect any unusual behavior or activity. With the features that Pod 3 offers, it certainly deserves a spot in this list!

Pod 3 GPS Cat Tracker Quick Summary

Main FeatureThe Pod 3 uses GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular technologies

  1. Tractive 3G GPS Tracker

tractive GPS tracker

It may be the last GPS tag for cats in our list, but certainly not the least! Considered as a well-known cat GPS tracker, the Tractive 3G has amazed us with its unique and helpful features. It is designed to be a lightweight and waterproof GPS tracker that is most ideal for pets weighing 9 pounds or more. It is a durable GPS cat collar tag that can be easily attached to any collar or harness.

Whether your furry friend is athletic or not, a decent cat tracker must be secure enough to stay on the collar in any situation. As expected, the Tractive 3G tracker passed the test because it only weighs 35 grams that are comfortable enough for cats of all breeds and sizes! Remember, bulkier and heavier tracker means worse performance!

The Tractive 3G is water-resistant and almost unbreakable in pools, beaches, and muddy soils! This is a very helpful feature because you wouldn’t have to worry about taking the tracker off your cat when it suddenly rains! Plus, you will be able to track your feline in any environment!

One of the features I consider in finding a GPS for my cat is long-lasting battery life. Luckily, the Tractive 3G takes less than 2 hours for whole day tracking! The tracker usually lasts between two to five days, depending on usage.

Through Tractive 3G, you can also set a safe area with its Geofence technology! The tracker will alert you once it detected that your dog is outside its safe zone. Tractive 3G’s chip frequently calculates your dog’s location and is updated on the map every 2-3 seconds. Furthermore, the LED will help you to guard your furry friend at night.

Tractive GPS Tracker Quick Summary

Main FeatureThe Tractive 3G is water-resistant and almost unbreakable in pools, beaches, and muddy soils


Overall, Tractive GPS Cat Tracker impressed us with its features and performance because it exactly works as advertised. However, Tractive requires a service plan that starts from $5 per month for the US edition that comes with an integrated SIM card. Still, the Tractive 3G will be a great investment for your beloved feline!

Technomeow’s Personal Pick

Our #1 in this list of GPS Cat Trackers TabCat collar. It’s really simple to use, has lots of features and fits all cat breeds. Price is reasonable too.

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