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Instachew Purrclean Smart Cat Litter Box Review: Is It Worth Buying?

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Written by Clair Chesterman

The market for smart cat litter boxes is constantly expanding, with new products vying for attention among cat parents. One of these products is the Instachew Purrclean Smart Cat Litter Box.

This new smart cat litter box is recently gaining popularity for its affordability and purported features that rival those of higher-end models like the Litter Robot 4 and Leo’s Loo Too.

Although the manufacturer did not send me this product for testing purposes, a friend recently purchased it and invited me over to test it out at their home.

As a cat parent, I was excited to see what this litter box had to offer! I also reached out to my friend and the wider cat community to gather their opinions on the product.

While it may claim that it is comparable to high-end cat litter boxes, is it really worth it?

In this review, I will comprehensively analyze the Instachew Purrclean Smart Cat Litter Box, highlighting its features, pros, cons, and overall effectiveness as a cat litter box. 

Instachew Purrclean Product Highlights

I find most of the features okay but definitely not comparable to Litter Robot 4 and Leo’s Loo Too. Here are some of Purrclean’s highlights which my friend and I tested.

It has an app connectivity feature with GHz compatibility.

Testing Instachew app with their liiter box

Similar to Litter Robot 4 and other popular smart litter boxes, Instachew Purrclean has an accompanying app where you can easily scoop or clean the litter box automatically.

When my friend and I tested it, we found that we could either clean the unit on command or a set schedule. This feature can save time and ensure that our cats always have a clean and comfortable place to do their business.

Aside from that, the app also provides valuable data about your feline friend, such as their weight and frequency of use.

Instachew is also compatible with both 5GHz and 2.4GHz, which should result in reduced latency; however, based on my friend’s experience, she usually gets disconnected and encounters issues with the app. 

It has safety sensors.

Instachew Purrclean has multiple sensors to ensure our kitty’s safety. The infrared sensors can detect the cat within a 50 cm diameter of the litter box’s opening.

Even if my friend’s cat felt a bit reluctant to go inside the box during our initial test, the device detected him.

The Instachew Purrclean Smart Cat Litter Box also has a sensor that detects foreign matter during scooping. This feature is essential, as it ensures that the device will stop immediately if anything in the litter box could harm the cat. 

It operates in ultra-quiet mode.

At just 47 dB, the device is barely audible and can be kept anywhere in the house without causing a disturbance. 

I like that this litter box can be kept in a central location without having to worry about any unpleasant noise. This feature ensures that our cats can use the litter box whenever they need to without being disturbed or scared by any loud sounds.

Noise is a significant concern for my friend’s cat as he is too sensitive to noise. He already tried several litter boxes, and most of them have operating sounds that scare him. Purrclean scared him out during the first weeks of trying it. He eventually got used to it, though.

Compared to Litter Robot 4 and Leo’s Loo Too, Purrclean is really not that quiet. 

How Instachew Purrclean Works

I was very eager to test this smart cat litter box, so I was glad that my friend was willing to try it with me. I even went to her house right away when she told me that she would be unboxing her Purrclean.

Instachew Purrclean works the same way as other smart cat litter boxes. In a nutshell, here is how the unit works:

  1. Plug in your Purrclean Smart Cat Litter Box. You no longer have to assemble parts.
  2. Insert the garbage bag in the drawer.
  3. Connect the app to the litter box. Follow the instructions in the included manual.
  4. Add your preferred type of cat litter. Make sure to put enough litter.
  5. Allow your cat to enter and use the litter box.
  6. A cleaning cycle will soon start after your cat leaves the box.
  7. The sifting mechanism will separate the dirty clumps from the clean litter.
  8. The clumps are deposited into a waste drawer underneath the litter box. This drawer has a large capacity and is securely sealed.
  9. When it’s time to empty and clean the waste drawer, just remove the liner and replace it. The app will notify you when it’s time to do this.

Purrclean Design

Instachew cat liiter box design

Purrclean has a simple and minimalist design. It is not as sophisticated as higher-end models, but it is stylish enough to be put in any part of the room without being unsightly. I found it way too big though.

The LED touchscreen control panels are easy to use and conveniently located on the top left side of the unit. It also has a carrying handle, making it easy to transport and move around the house.

Purrclean Ease of Cleaning

Generally, the unit is easy to clean. There is not much to remove and disassemble with Purrclean. However, my friend said that the drawer gets stuck sometimes, which makes it hard to pull out.

Purrclean Size

Purrclean has dimensions of 19 x 20 x 26 inches. The product itself weighs 32 pounds. It’s nice that it looks compact, but the interiors are way too small. My friend’s cat is an average-sized Siamese, and while he fits inside the litter box, it looks a bit crampy for him. On the other hand, my Bengal cat cannot fit in this litter box. 

Purrclean Smart Features

Purrclean’s app works just fine, although we find it difficult to connect. My friend and even the other cat parents we know who use Purrclean say the app frequently disconnects from the device. Some say they do not receive notification that the waste drawer is already full.

In terms of the cleaning cycle, some litter is not sifted and goes through the waste bin. Compared to Litter Robot 4 and Leo’s Loo Too, Purrclean is not that efficient in doing a cleaning cycle.

I also talked to another cat parent who complained that her cat’s urine leaked, creating a puddle under the unit.

Purrclean also features the ability to deodorize its surrounding area, keeping any unpleasant smells at bay. But during our test, its odor control function is not that excellent. We can smell traces of foul odor during and after our cats use the litter box.

We also read on an online cat parents’ community that odor control is also one of their issues with Purrclean.

One thing I am particular about with smart cat litter boxes is odor control. I do not like any trace of smell from the litter box, so I am glad I learned about this drawback before purchasing this product.

Purrclean Material

With regard to Purrclean’s material, it is obviously made from cheaper resources. While it looks sleek and classy from afar, you can feel the material difference versus Litter Robot 4 once you touch and examine the unit. I hope my friend’s Purrclean will last even just for a year.

Purrclean Price

Budget-wise, Purrclean is way more affordable compared to other well-known smart cat litter boxes like Litter Robot and Leo’s Loo Too. It is only priced at $399.99, and currently, you can only purchase it from Instachew’s website.

The product was listed on Amazon before, but now it is no longer available there. Cat owners say the return process on Amazon is more effortless. 

Purrclean Cat Litter Compatibility

Some self-cleaning litter boxes can be picky about the type of litter they can use, which can be frustrating for both cat owners and their pets. With the Instachew Purrclean Smart Cat Litter Box, you can continue using the type of litter your cat is already familiar with, My friend’s cat prefers mixed litter, and Purrclean has no problems with that.

Whether your cat prefers tofu, soil, or mixed litter, you won’t have to change your pet’s litter habits. This feature is beneficial for cats that are sensitive to changes in their environment or routines.

Instachew Purrclean Smart Cat Litter Box Drawbacks

If you check independent reviews online, you will find plenty of cons and complaints about Purrclean. So far, based on the test we had, here are the primary drawbacks of this cat litter box:

  • Inefficient app connectivity
  • Unreliable cleaning cycle
  • The size is too small
  • Mediocre material and design

Reviews and Opinions From Cat Owners’ Community

Customer reviews of Instachew cat litter box

After asking around, I was able to compile opinions and reviews about Purrclean from other cat parents. Some of their comments are the following:

  • Terrible customer support. Many customers who experienced problems with their Purrclean cat litter boxes find it hard to get help from customer support.
  • Poor manufacturing. Some cat owners are not impressed with the material and overall design of Purrclean. They find it poorly made with shoddy materials.
  • Difficult app setup. Customers are having difficulty connecting to the app. They also complain about disconnections and failed notifications.


While Instachew Purrclean Smart Cat Litter Box offers almost the same features as other high-end smart cat litter boxes at a lower price, we cannot say this is worth your money.

It seems that since it is made with cheaper materials, the features and overall efficiency of the litter box are unreliable. I can say that it is not even on par with Leo’s Loo Too and not even Litter Robot 4.

You may save money by buying this over the other more expensive brands. Still, you may risk spending more because of its inefficiency and the inconvenience you will experience while using it.

Instachew Purrclean Smart Cat Litter Box Review
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