CatGenie A.I. Self-Flushing Cat Box Review

My cat near Cat Genie AI self-flushing litter box
Written by Clair Chesterman

The CatGenie A.I. redefines the concept of litter boxes, offering an all-in-one solution that sets it apart from the conventional self-cleaning types which typically employ raking, spinning, or rolling mechanisms to handle waste. Its standout feature? It’s not just self-cleaning – it’s also self-flushing, presenting a unique edge in the world of cat litter solutions.

Uniquely, the CatGenie A.I. eliminates the need for traditional litter. Instead, it utilizes washable granules that rarely require replacement. Post-use, this ingenious device not only scoops but also thoroughly cleans and dries the granules, offering an unparalleled level of hygiene and convenience.

CatGenie A.I. Self-Flushing Cat Box
Summary At A Glance

The CatGenie A.I. reimagines cat litter solutions with its self-cleaning and self-flushing capabilities. While it streamlines waste management, it may not capture all waste in every cycle and can be noisy during operation. Its odor control is effective post-cleaning, although some scents may linger during the process. Ideal for homes with up to two cats, the CatGenie works best with solid waste and requires ample space. With a 90-day money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty, it's a noteworthy choice for those seeking an automated, hassle-free litter box solution, although some may find alternatives like the Litter-Robot 4 more to their preference.

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How Does CatGenie A.I. Works?

Parts of Cat Genie A.I. litter box

How does this wonder gadget work? Picture a fusion of a washing machine and a toilet. The CatGenie A.I. connects to your home’s water supply and jumps into action either automatically after your cat’s visit or manually at your command, differentiating itself from other self-cleaning litter boxes, e.g. Litter-Robot 4.

The cleaning process involves the Cat Genie meticulously removing solid waste. Subsequently, the bowl fills with a SaniSolution, initiating a thorough wash cycle. Post-wash, all liquid waste is efficiently disposed of down the toilet or drain.

My cat watching how I install Cat Genie A.I. litter box

An added perk of the CatGenie A.I. is its energy-efficient drying system, now 50% more energy-efficient than previous models, contributing to odor control.

But there’s more – the CatGenie A.I. is smart enough to monitor your cat’s bathroom patterns, offering valuable insights into your furry friend’s health and well-being. It also has mobile app connectivity to help you get the most out of the Cat Genie.

Setting Up CatGenie A.I.

Starting installation of CatGenie A.I.

When planning to install the CatGenie A.I., remember it’s a sizeable device needing specific setup conditions.

The CatGenie will only operate in a laundry room or bathroom because it connects to your water and waste lines. You’ll also want to make sure the Cat Genie is close to a GFCI power outlet due to its electrical needs.

Cat Genie A.I. litter box drains

The dimensions of the CatGenie A.I. are approximately 21″ high, 19.25″ wide, and 24.5″ long, which might be challenging for smaller bathrooms, making a laundry room a viable alternative.

Fear not, the setup is user-friendly, guided by a comprehensive manual. I found the assembly process straightforward and screw-free. Components like the sanitizing cartridge, bowl, genie hand, and hopper cover easily come together.

Setting up Cat Genie A.I. litter box in my bathroom

For my setup in the bathroom, I connected the Cat Genie to the water line using the provided T-adapter and attached the drain pipe over the toilet. The package includes two types of T-adapters for both bathroom and laundry setups, along with a drainage hose, simplifying the installation process.

Connecting Cat Genie A.I. litter box to my toilet

For those opting for a laundry room setup, attach the larger T-adapter to the cold water outlet and place the drain hose in the laundry waste drain. Lastly, plug in the power cord, and voilà, your CatGenie is ready to revolutionize your cat’s bathroom experience!

Inserting the SaniSolution Cartridge and Filling it with Washable Granules

Cleaning cartridge for CarGenie AI self-cleaning litter box

The heart of the CatGenie A.I. system lies in its unique SaniSolution cartridge and the special washable granules. The cartridge, a green choice made of recyclable and biodegradable plastic, houses CatGenie’s standard cleaning solution – the same type reputedly used by veterinarians for sterilizing clinic surfaces.

Before you may run a cycle, the SaniSolution cartridge must be inserted on top of the main processor. To fill the litter bowl, use CatGenie Washable Granules, which also come in recyclable, biodegradable packaging.

These granules are a win for both pets and the planet. Made from a blend of natural and synthetic biodegradable materials, they are dust-free, pet-safe, and non-toxic. What’s really impressive is their environmental edge – they break down easily in septic tanks, sewers, or landfills thanks to a unique ingredient aiding bacterial decomposition.

After the installation, I was able to fill the litter box with washable granules. I placed the SaniSolution cartridge into the slot at the top of the unit and chose my preferred settings.

Filling Cat Genie A.I. litter box with washable granules

Setting up my CatGenie, the granules struck me as very similar to traditional clay litter, only better. They felt familiar to the touch, giving me confidence that my cats would adapt with ease.

Unlike clay litter, these granules are dust-free, meaning no more dusty surfaces or respiratory irritants in your home. And if a few stray outside the box, they’re a cinch to clean up, not sticking or clumping as clay does.

Running Cycle with CatGenie A.I.

Running cycle of Cat Genie A.I. litter box

The CatGenie A.I. isn’t just about innovative cleaning – it’s also about user-friendly operation. Its control panel lets you choose from three cleaning modes:

  1. Push Start Mode: Kick off a cleaning cycle manually.
  2. Cat Activation Mode: The box automatically cleans after your cat uses it.
  3. Auto Start Mode: Set it to clean every 6, 8, 12, or 24 hours.

Starting off in manual mode, as recommended by CatGenie, allowed both me and my cats to gradually get accustomed to this new gadget. A week in, and they’ve taken to their new litter box like ducks to water!

Phases of Cleaning Cycle

There are three distinct phases to the full CatGenie cycle, which lasts between 30 and 40 minutes.

Phase 1: Scooping Phase

Cat Genie A.I. litter box scooping phase

The scooping cycle is the first one to run when the Cat Genie cleaning cycle starts. As the Genie Hand moves down into the garbage, the bowl rotates as it collects any solid waste and deposits it into the hopper, where an impeller removes the waste.

Phase 2: Washing Phase

Cat Genie A.I. litter box washing phase

The bowl is filled with water and SaniSolution once the Genie Hand has transferred the waste into the hopper. The washable granules are stirred while the bowl is still rotating and the Genie Hand is dipping in and out of the water.

SaniSolution and macerated feces are flushed into your toilet bowl or drained by the CatGenie after they’ve had enough time to whirl around in the litter bowl.

Phase 3: Drying Phase

It’s time to get everything dry when the CatGenie has finished washing the litter granules. The grains are dried out by hot air that is blown from the bowl’s side. The granules are bone-dry, heated, and prepared for next usage after this 17-minute treatment.

CatGenie App

Using Catgenie app

The CatGenie app revolutionizes cat care. It tracks your cat’s usage of the CatGenie, alerts you to replace the SaniSolution cartridge, and schedules maintenance, streamlining your cat’s well-being and happiness. Its timer feature allows for customizable automatic cleaning cycles, sending notifications when it’s time for a thorough clean.


My cat is using Cat Genie A.I. litter box

While the CatGenie A.I. is an innovative litter box and a great option for cat parents, there are a few disadvantages I found while using it.


One noticeable drawback is the noise during the cleaning process. The sloshing, draining, and flushing sounds were quite audible, even from other rooms, drawing both my and my cats’ attention. While it’s louder compared to the Litter Robot 4, the noise level is a trade-off for its unique functionality.

Odor Reduction

The CatGenie does not actively combat odors between cleanings, which might result in a temporary scent if used manually or on a set schedule. Additionally, during the cleaning cycle, some residual odor was present, likely due to incomplete waste removal, intensified by the drying process.

Additional Purchases and Recurring Costs

CatGenie A.I. Washable granules

The CatGenie, while comprehensive in its initial setup, entails ongoing costs. The included SaniSolution and granules last a few months, with the SaniSolution refill priced around $23. Annually, maintenance costs could reach $100, excluding electricity, especially for multi-cat households.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the CatGenie self-flushing litter box is covered by a 2-year limited warranty from the manufacturer… But if you use your own cat litter, your warranty will be voided. Make sure to reuse washable granules by CatGenie only.

My Verdict

My cat did not like Cat Genie A.I. litter box

In my experience, the CatGenie didn’t consistently capture all the waste during the scooping phase. Sometimes, the Genie Hand left behind small remnants of waste on its tines instead of depositing all the waste into the hopper efficiently.

Unscooped waste tends to stay either on the rake or in the granules, where it undergoes the subsequent cleaning and drying phases. This issue might be mitigated by postponing the start of the cleaning cycle, allowing more time for the waste to solidify.

Odor control is somewhat of a mixed bag with this litter box. While I noticed some odors during the cleaning process, they completely vanished post-cleaning. The granules post-wash exuded a fresh SaniSolution scent, surprisingly free from any unpleasant waste odors, even with some waste particles present.

Cat Genie A.I. litter box without granules

The CatGenie may not be the best fit for young kittens or cats prone to soft stools. It handles occasional issues well with a second cleaning cycle, but like most automated litter boxes, it struggles with constant soft or liquid waste.

When it comes to saving time and effort in managing cat waste, the CatGenie A.I. offers a noticeable improvement over traditional litter boxes. However, I believe the market has other automated options that might outperform it.

Ideal for households with up to two cats and designed for firmer waste, the CatGenie may not suit cats with frequent diarrhea. Its sizeable footprint also requires a decent amount of space in your bathroom or laundry area.

Overall, while the CatGenie A.I. isn’t without its flaws, it stands out as a comprehensive solution for the right kind of cat owner.

Offering a risk-free trial with its two-year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee, it’s a unique, self-flushing option for cat owners, backed by the company’s excellent customer support reputation.

While my personal preference leans towards the Litter-Robot 4, the CatGenie A.I. might be the ideal choice for your needs. I hope you find this review useful in your decision-making process!

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  • Cat Genie has the rudest, least helpful customer service that I have encountered in my 63 years on this planet. Machine lost in transit? CatGenie won’t refund you until they’ve been refunded by UPS. Need a spare part? CatGenie demands a photograph of your machine’s serial number and your sales receipt, and then will only ship one part. Love the machine, hate the company, and am switching to their competitor because their customer service is so asinine.

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