CatGenie A.I. Self-Flushing Cat Box Review

My cat near Cat Genie AI self-flushing litter box
Written by Clair Chesterman

The CatGenie A.I. is an end-to-end litter solution, as opposed to other self-cleaning litter boxes that rake, spin, and roll to scoop up waste and then deposit it in a drawer or other compartment. It’s a self-cleaning, self-flushing litter box with a distinct claim to fame.

This cat box does not require litter and is septic-safe. It does, however, use washable granules, which do not need to be replaced frequently. The litter box even cleans and dries the granules after your cat uses it. It’s not just a self-scooping box; it’s also a self-cleaning one.

How Does CatGenie A.I. Works?

Parts of Cat Genie A.I. litter box

The CatGenie A.I. links to your home’s water supply and functions similarly to a washing machine and a toilet. The CatGenie will perform a cleaning cycle whenever your cat uses the litter box or whenever you start one in manual mode. It’s different compared to other self-cleaning litter boxes, e.g. Litter-Robot 4.

The CatGenie automatically sweeps out solid waste throughout this cycle. After the particles are removed, the bowl fills with SaniSolution and the washing cycle begins. When the washing cycle is complete, all of the liquid is flushed down the toilet or drain.

My cat watching how I install Cat Genie A.I. litter box

Your unit will also come with an improved dryer system that uses up to 50% less energy than prior models and aids in odor elimination.

The CatGenie A.I. monitors your cat’s potty habits to provide information about your cat’s health and welfare. It also has mobile app connectivity to help you get the most out of the CatGenie.

Setting Up CatGenie A.I.

Starting installation of CatGenie A.I.

First, ensure you have a location for this unit— it’s quite a big machine with some particular requirements.

The CatGenie will only operate in a laundry room or bathroom because it connects to your water and waste lines. You’ll also want to make sure the CatGenie is close to a GFCI power outlet because it uses electricity.

Cat Genie A.I. litter box drains

CatGenie A.I. machines are not compact, measuring roughly 21″ high, 19.25″ wide, and 24.5″ long. Thus, it may not easily fit in a small bathroom, which is why the laundry room is an alternative.

This cat box is relatively simple to set up because it comes with a very clear instruction manual to walk you through the procedure.

I was able to set up this litter box easily and it is nice that it requires no screws. The litter box, sanitizing cartridge, bowl, genie hand, and hopper cover are all simple to assemble. 

Setting up Cat Genie A.I. litter box in my bathroom

I decided to put it in my bathroom since I have enough space there. I connected the CatGenie to the water supply by putting on the T-adapter to the bathroom cold water line and attaching the CatGenie water hose. Then, I placed the drain pipe over the toilet rim.

Connecting Cat Genie A.I. litter box to my toilet

The CatGenie comes with two T-adapters, one for bathroom installation and the other for laundry connections.  It also includes a drainage hose to make installation simple and straightforward.

If you are setting up in your laundry room, you should attach the bigger T-adapter to the cold water outlet, and screw on the water hose. Then, place the drain hose into the laundry waste drain.

The machine also includes a power cord for connecting to a wall socket.

Inserting the SaniSolution Cartridge and Filling it with Washable Granules

Cleaning cartridge for CarGenie AI self-cleaning litter box

A bag of CatGenie’s standard cleaning solution is contained in the SaniSolution cartridge, which is a recyclable, biodegradable plastic box. According to the manufacturer, this cleaning solution is the same kind that vets use to sterilize surfaces in their clinics.

Before you may run a cycle, the SaniSolution cartridge must be inserted on top of the main processor. To fill the litter bowl, use CatGenie Washable Granules, which also come in recyclable, biodegradable packaging.

These granules are recyclable, pet-safe, and environmentally beneficial, according to CatGenie. They are constructed from a mixture of naturally occurring and manufactured biodegradable materials that are dust-free, pet-safe, and non-toxic.

It has a unique ingredient that enables the bacterial breakdown of the plastic. The Washable Granules will decompose in a septic tank, sewer system, or landfill after being flushed or dumped.

After the installation, I was able to fill the litter box with washable granules. I placed the SaniSolution cartridge into the slot at the top of the unit and chose my preferred settings.

Filling Cat Genie A.I. litter box with washable granules

In my hands, the granules felt remarkably like clay litter. I was confident that my cats would be at ease using them.

The granules’ texture and consistency are comparable to clay litter, but they differ noticeably in other respects. They are dust-free, so you won’t have to worry about the granules coating your home’s surfaces or irritating your throat.

Additionally, they are simple to clean up if they are tracked outside of the litter box because they don’t compress down as clay litter does.

Running Cycle with CatGenie A.I.

Running cycle of Cat Genie A.I. litter box

This self-cleaning cat litter box is also programmable and comes with a control panel at the top. A few buttons on the control panel allow you to select your preferred cleaning mode. You must select one of the three modes provided;

  • Push start mode allows you to manually start a clean cycle.
  • Cat activation mode, in which the cleaning cycle starts after your cat uses the litter box.
  • Auto start mode, in which you can configure it to run at predetermined intervals. You can program the unit to clean every 6, 8, 12, or 24 hours in this mode.

CatGenie advises that you operate the device in manual mode at first. This strategy can help your cat gradually grow used to the box in addition to allowing you to test it out on your own terms.

I did this suggestion and so far, my cats are already used to this litter box after a week of usage. 

Phases of Cleaning Cycle

There are three distinct phases to the full CatGenie cycle, which lasts between 30 and 40 minutes.

Phase 1: Scooping Phase

Cat Genie A.I. litter box scooping phase

The scooping cycle is the first one to run when the CatGenie cleaning cycle starts. As the Genie Hand moves down into the garbage, the bowl rotates as it collects any solid waste and deposits it into the hopper, where an impeller removes the waste.

Phase 2: Washing Phase

Cat Genie A.I. litter box washing phase

The bowl is filled with water and SaniSolution once the Genie Hand has transferred the waste into the hopper. The washable granules are stirred while the bowl is still rotating and the Genie Hand is dipping in and out of the water.

SaniSolution and macerated feces are flushed into your toilet bowl or drained by the CatGenie after they’ve had enough time to whirl around in the litter bowl.

Phase 3: Drying Phase

It’s time to get everything dry when the CatGenie has finished washing the litter granules. The grains are dried out by hot air that is blown from the bowl’s side. The granules are bone-dry, heated, and prepared for next usage after this 17-minute treatment.

CatGenie App

Using Catgenie app

The CatGenie app is the ideal approach to easily maintain your cat’s well-being and happiness. This clever program determines how frequently your cat uses the CatGenie each day, how frequently the SaniSolution cartridge needs to be changed, and when maintenance should be performed.

It has a built-in timer that you can program for automatic cleaning cycles that you may modify as necessary. The CatGenie app sends you an alarm message when it’s time for a full cleaning.


My cat is using Cat Genie A.I. litter box

While the CatGenie A.I. is an innovative litter box and a great option for cat parents, there are a few disadvantages I found while using it.


The noise level of this gadget is one of its biggest drawbacks. I discovered that the washing procedure was really noisy in between sloshing, draining, and flushing. From across the house, I could hear it operating, and my cats were also interested in it. I made the same complaint about Litter Robot 4, but it’s nothing compared to CatGenie A.I.

Odor Reduction

Between cycles, the CatGenie does nothing to lessen the smell of excrement or pee. As a result, if you use the CatGenie manually or on a regular schedule, you should be prepared for some smell.

During each cleaning cycle, I also detected some odor. Some of the solid waste was left behind for the drying process because the CatGenie couldn’t remove all of it. The restroom smelled bad because of the hot air and lingering feces.

Even while this device isn’t ideal at eliminating odors, its automatic cleaning feature may make them less of an issue than with other methods. But you need to prepare to deal with some stink.

Additional Purchases and Recurring Costs

CatGenie A.I. Washable granules

The CatGenie litter box comes in a sizable box that is thoughtfully packaged with all the installation-related accessories you’ll need.

Prior to needing a replacement, the SaniSolution that comes with the CatGenie can last for a few months and is about $23. Additionally, the included litter pellets will last for a few months before needing to be refilled. I find it acceptable but keep it in mind if you decide on purchasing CatGenie A.I.

The CatGenie should have a $100 annual maintenance cost, discounting electricity costs, which will probably be your biggest unit-related expenditure, especially if you have multiple cats.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the CatGenie self-flushing litter box is covered by a 2-year limited warranty from the manufacturer… But if you use your own cat litter, your warranty will be voided. Make sure to reuse washable granules by CatGenie only.

My Verdict

My cat did not like Cat Genie A.I. litter box

I discovered that the CatGenie did not totally collect all of my cats’ excrement during the scooping process. The Genie Hand finished the scooping phase with particles of poop attached to its tines rather than thoroughly extracting every bit of waste and dumping it into the hopper.

If any waste doesn’t make it to the hopper, it will remain on the rake or in the bowl of litter, where it will be cleaned and dried together with the granules. This could be avoided by delaying the cleaning cycle to give waste time solidifying.

The odor can be also a bit of an issue for this litter box. However, there was no odor at all following the cleaning cycle. The sanitized litter smelled like SaniSolution, not at all like excrement or pee, even though there were still a few bits of stool in the bowl.

Cat Genie A.I. litter box without granules

The CatGenie may not be the ideal choice for kittens or cats with consistently soft stools. A second cleaning cycle should take care of any sporadic problems, but no automated litter box can manage persistent diarrhea or soft feces.

Compared to a traditional cat litter box, the CatGenie A.I. can save you time in cleaning up your cat’s waste. So far, it does its function although I think there are better automated cat litter boxes in the market. 

This litter box works well with a maximum of two cats. It also only functions with sturdy stools. This box is most likely not appropriate if your cat frequently has diarrhea.

Ensure you have adequate space for it if you decide to purchase this litter box because it will take up a lot of room in your bathroom or laundry room.

While the CatGenie A.I. isn’t ideal overall, it will be a fantastic end-to-end solution for the appropriate user.

You can give the CatGenie a try risk-free because it has a two-year warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee. It’s really one of a kind solution for cat owners because it self-flushes. The company is also renowned for its excellent customer assistance.

I would personally prefer Litter-Robot 4 for the reasons I described above, but it’s me 🙂 Hope the review was helpful!


  • Clair Chesterman

    Clair is a professional cat breeder having her own cageless CFA and CCA Registered cattery & fostering company FluffyMeowPaws in Eugene, Oregon. Clair knows everything about multiple cat breeds and how to use the latest technologies to make the cat's life better.

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Clair Chesterman

Clair is a professional cat breeder having her own cageless CFA and CCA Registered cattery & fostering company FluffyMeowPaws in Eugene, Oregon. Clair knows everything about multiple cat breeds and how to use the latest technologies to make the cat's life better.

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  • Cat Genie has the rudest, least helpful customer service that I have encountered in my 63 years on this planet. Machine lost in transit? CatGenie won’t refund you until they’ve been refunded by UPS. Need a spare part? CatGenie demands a photograph of your machine’s serial number and your sales receipt, and then will only ship one part. Love the machine, hate the company, and am switching to their competitor because their customer service is so asinine.

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