Pawtrack GPS Cat Tracking Collar Review

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Written by Clair Chesterman

Cats love roaming around here and there, wherever there might be interesting stuff to see for them or maybe just a place to rest and take a peaceful nap. And many cat owners out there allow their cats to roam freely out and about their neighborhood, however, there are times when your cats do not go home within the day and they instead take their time off someplace else, which surely make you worry if they will ever come back or not, especially, when it drags in days that they are gone. A great solution to that is a GPS cat tracking collar, specifically, from the Pawtrack brand. Let’s see below if this would suit your needs. 

Pawtrack GPS Cat Tracking Collar General Information

How It’s Designed For Cats

Pawtrack GPS cat collar itself

Photo from Official Pawtrack website

The Pawtrack GPS Cat Tracking Collar is a GPS collar specifically designed to track our precious little cats. Instead of you worrying if your cat will come back for the day or if they are safe wherever they are, this tracking collar will put your mind at ease and will do its job of finding their whereabouts for you. 

Pros And Cons Of Pawtrack GPS Cat Tracking Collar

Pros Cons
  • Affordable
  • Multi-tracking capable
  • Uses four levels of tracking
  • Activity monitoring feature
  • Durable
  • Highly accurate
  • Uses four levels of location tracking – GNSS, GPS, Wi-FI, and Galileo
  • Program a geofence as a safezone for your cats
  • Some consumer complains that the collar is not accurate
  • Battery only lasts up to two days
  • Requires subscription

How It Works

Pawtrack GPS collar and phone app

Photo from Official Pawtrack website

It works just like any GPS tracking collars in a sense that, like some of the highly technological GPS trackers out there, it uses an advanced tracking system – GPS, Galileo, GNSS, and Wi-Fi. This simply means that with these four levels of tracking, the Pawtrack GPS tracking collar will be able to accurately locate your cat whether inside or outside your house. 

When You Need This Collar 

You need this collar if you are a worrisome person that couldn’t settle down whenever your cat runs away or strolls around the neighborhood. You also need this collar just in case your cat gets lost or does not come home for more than your expected days for them to not come home as this can accurately pinpoint their whereabouts wherever your feline friends may be around the globe. 

Tech Specifications

Heatmap on Pawtrack GPS collar app

Photo from Official Pawtrack website

Design And Durability

The Pawtrack GPS cat collar can fit small-,medium-, and large-sized cats, and don’t you worry because they can be easily adjustable in case you have a chonky cat. It is made from a strong plastic material with durable webbing that is designed to make it long-lasting. It is also designed to be water-resistant and adventure-proof. 

Battery Life

The battery life of Pawtrack GPS tracking collar will last you up to two days on one full single charge. 


The Pawtrack App lets you watch out for your feline friend’s daily activities and routine with its activity monitoring feature. The app also allows you to program a geofence perimeter which is a safe area you can assign for your fur friends either the space surrounding your home, or maybe a part of a safe space in your street. It then sends you a notification whenever your kitty steps over the borderline which then lets you know if they are being naughty and trying to get out of their designated safe zone. 

General Features

Four-Leveled Tracking System

As what we have mentioned in the pros and cons table, the Pawtrack GPS Cat Tracking Collar features this four-leveled tracking system which includes Wi-Fi, GNSS, Galileo, and of course, GPS. This makes you at ease because you can monitor your kitty’s location anywhere in a highly accurate and precise manner. 


The Geo-Fencing features lets you program a safe perimeter for your cat to hang out whenever they want, either around your home or just about anywhere around your neighborhood. The best accompanying feature of the geofence is that it sends you alerts once your cat steps its paw beyond the border that you set up. 

Multi-Cat Location Tracking

Not a problem if you are taking care of several cats as the Pawtrack GPS Cat Tracking Collar is one of the few GPS cat trackers that lets you track multiple kitties under one account. Convenience is what the Pawtrack brand offers you. 

Global Coverage

Pawtrack will be able to track your fur friends in 171 countries around the globe and can connect to available cellular networks everywhere. 

Is It Worth To Pay For Pawtrack GPS Cat Tracking Collar?

Absolutely! It is very affordable and only costs $49.99. Its subscription fee is also very affordable and starts at $7.99 per collar per month. With all the features and peace of mind the Pawtrack Cat Tracker will provide you, I’m pretty sure it is very affordable when thinking about the safety of your feline friends. 


I love everything about the Pawtrack GPS Cat Tracking Collar, especially that it allows me to track multiple cats in one account. This is significantly helpful for me because I care for three cats in my household and this makes me feel at ease about my cats’ whereabouts all the time. The only thing I don’t like about this tracking collar is that the battery can only last for two days, however, other more features compensate for this disadvantage, such as the geofencing and the four levels of tracking. 



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Pawtrack GPS Cat Tracking Collar Review


  • I ordered two Pawtrack collars in June of 2021. It took several days just to get the app to stop crashing and several more for the collars to sync with the technology. Once they finally did, they did not track well in real time and were not helpful in tracking my cats. The battery life was very short (less than half a day) and one of the two batteries never charged properly at all. And, because of the time difference (I am in the USA and they are in the UK), tech support was a nightmare. They would only communicate via e-mail, even though I asked for a phone number, and there was always a 6+ hour delay in reply. Once I finally decided to return the collars, I sent them back to the indicated address and got a tracking number. Despite providing the company with the tracking number, which provided proof the package was delivered successfully, they never reimbursed me for the cost of the collars or the subscription fee. I have been trying to resolve this issue for over a year and have never received a reply to any of my messages. It was a horrible, frustrating experience and I would not recommend this company. Try Whistle instead; their collars work great.

    • Hi Julie, I have exactly same story. I don’t understand where is a client support nowadays? UK.. And nobody can do something. We have got both collars to UAE, and it never worked, and they never reply. Firstly we have got two faked invoices for £ 4,99, now I see they charged a year sunscription EUR 120 from my account. I can’t even log in into my account. As I assume there two faked companies that never respond. I can’t even unsubscribe because I don’t get even a password resent..
      I am really frustrated.
      Do someone know where can complain this company in UK?

  • This company is the worst. The product doesn’t work and they do not respond. I asked for a refund and it was ignored. They provided fake tracking info to prove it worked for the cat who was inside all day long and their tracking info showed her outside all day. Worst customer service I have ever dealt with. a year later they even billed me for another year of service. shockingly they actually refunded that when i complained and they said they would refund me for the product and fist year and I have not heard from them again. If someone is reading this DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT you will be just throwing your money away.

  • Would not bother with this company currently trying to return mine but they have no contact number and rarely respond to emails, when they do they answer half a query at best.

    Purchased it 17th November, had so many issues getting in touch about issues with delivery tracking and the monthly subscription appearing to run from before the collar arrives.

    Finally received it 5 days ago, it feels pretty cheap not sure about durability and doesn’t fit my 4(ish)kg cat and still trying to get them to send me the return slip they say you must have to return it.

    Absolutely terrible experience so far lol.

  • I bought the Pawtrack collar in August of 2022. I did not receive my collar until November 2022. I followed the directions to get the collar up and running but it would not sink with my home wi-fi. I contacted customer service and they walked me through the set up process again but still it would not connect to wi-fi. This meant I was going through a battery every 10 hours. This does not work for our household. Since it was still in the 14 day window for returns, I contacted them again and sent the collar back. I have the tracking and record of who received the collar over a month ago. I do not have a refund from Pawtrack. Nor will customer service respond to my emails. The collar portion also broke on the last day my cat was wearing it. I was working with Kira at Pawtrack but she has since stopped responding to my emails. I also left 2 emails at Help@Pawtrack but they also do not respond. I would avoid this company at all costs. The customer service is terrible to non-existant if you have a problem or want your refund.

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