How Safe Are Cat Backpacks, Really?

Girl walking with cat backpack
Written by Clair Chesterman

You want to go out and see the rest of the world but you are afraid to leave your kitty friend home alone. On the other hand, you might want to get a cat carrier instead but have you ever dreamt of freeing your hands to do more things like shopping or buying something into a grocery store without worrying on carrying your kitty with you also? How about you being adventurous and wants to exercise to go for a trail or park at the bike? You cannot do these things with a cat carrier. With cat backpacks out in the market, these scenarios could become a practical reality but how safe cat backpacks really are? You might want to continue to read on and scroll down for some more to check how safe cat backpacks really are!

Do cats get claustrophobic in the backpack?

Fat ginger car is inside the Lollimeow Cat Backpack with Bubble Window

The fact that they are created specifically for your kitty friend means that these backpacks are totally safe for them and scientifically backed up knowing your top priority as a cat owner when they were invented as a way to travel your cats with you. You keep on worrying that from these cat bubble backpacks, your cats could be restrained in movements and they would get claustrophobic for the whole duration they are inside it but the truth is, cats actually love cramped spaces and for sure backpacks are a haven to them! You might simply observe these furry pals and you usually find them inside boxes or corners of small rooms and that is where they exactly want to relax, just like in these cat backpacks!

They would actually feel more comfortable inside these backpacks as there are no restrictions coming from your hands that might even harm them! By bringing them with you outside of your house through these convenient cat carriers, not only you could spend more time with them, you also get to free both of your arms to do other stuff outside too! This is why this is much different from a standard cat carrier since with the latter, your hands are still constrained to carry the carrier with even both your hands! This definitely defeat the purpose of doing more stuff not just for yourself but could also lessen the quality time with your cat when both of you are supposed to have more fun in the park!

Being naturally observant, these feline animals would want something adventure from the outside world too. Bringing them outside through feline backpacks would give them a glimpse of what is the world out there without you being bothered of restricting them into your arms all the time. Your cats usually stare and play with flying animals outside your window, or would simply observe things outside your backyard. With these cat cute travel boxes with holes, your cat could do the same thing while you could also do what you have to do outside without leaving your best friend at home.

How to get your cat used to it?

Of course, just like putting you into somewhere you are not familiar with, your cat might freak out at the start of putting him or her inside the backpack. That is why they would usually start meowing and scratching the material just to get out of it and it would really take time like weeks to months before they could get accommodated inside the backpack. having said this, one of the best tips to use this fashionable cat bag is to leave it to be played by your cat as a toy inside the house and for your cat to be familiarized with the bag as an extension of your house. Making the cat backpack as part of your home, your cat would no longer be uncomfortable even if you go in a lot of places while you put your furry pal inside it since he is already at his comfort zone. There would be a less chance for him to be worried, while you care for the mental and psychological well-being of your cat as well as they tend to be uneasy if they go out in a place that is entirely new for them. Lure them also to get inside of it by bringing in your cat’s toys and treats and making him familiarize with the bag as a mode of transportation for him. Cut your first few trips short then try to make the trips longer in a gradual manner until your kitty would be able to get comfortable travelling while inside it.

For your part, just like carrying a baby with a baby carrier, make sure that you carry your cat bag with care. Your cats don’t want bumping itself inside the backpack because of your recklessness. The best thing also is that you reduce the possibility of losing your cat if you are instead going to travel and just let your cat walk on its own! Just imagine the possibility of spending too much time finding you cat in a place he or she is totally unfamiliar with simply because you let him or her go outside with you without carrying him or her in a backpack. Also, allow them to stretch, just like how you stretch your legs after a long flight via an economy class flight.

At the end of the day, you still need to choose the cat backpack that is of quality and effective for your best pal. Look for cat backpacks that are made out of sturdy materials while keeping its comfort use and breathability for your furry bestie. Make sure also that your cat backpacks have inside leash as safety nets whenever your cats have decided to suddenly jump out of the backpacks to go and see the rest of the outside world. Do not forget your comfort too! Get a cat backpack with adjustable cushion straps for your shoulders and chest to avoid back pain and any other back injury in the long run.

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