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Feeder-Robot Review: Is it Worth Your $299?

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Written by Clair Chesterman

Automated feeder for cats is popular among fur parents nowadays. This kind of smart machine indeed provides a solution to fur parents’ dilemma.

When Whisker (the creators of the Litter-Robot) released their smart feeder, I was very ecstatic to try it out! After giving it a try, I was really impressed to find that it is totally the best feeder. It works really well compared to other automated cat feeders I have tried.

In this review, I will be sharing my experience with Feeder-Robot and the factors I considered why I find it great such as: technology, battery life, and smart features.

Feeder robot cat cat food dispenser
Maximum Capacity
32 cups
15H x 12.5D x 13W inches
9 pounds
Food Type
Life Stage
Breed Size
Medium to large
More Information
Feeder robot cat cat food dispenser
Maximum Capacity
32 cups
15H x 12.5D x 13W inches
9 pounds
Food Type
Life Stage
Breed Size
Medium to large
More Information

What is Feeder-Robot?

My cat is sitting on Feeder Robot

The Feeder-Robot is the latest smart pet feeder from the makers of the Litter Robot. You can manage the feeder from your phone because of its WiFi connectivity. Yet, it also features manual controls on the front side of the device.

Scheduling automatic feedings for our cats is never been easier with this Feeder-Robot. This kind of technology allows us to:

  • Feed our cat while we are away from home.
  • Schedule feedings particularly if your cat wakes you up early for his meal.
  • Set portion controlled meals for our fur babies to keep them healthy.
  • Keep track how much our cats are eating.

How Does it Work?

Cat is eating a scheduled meal from Feeder Robot

The Feeder-Robot is just like any other automated pet feeder that allows us to plan meals for our cats and dogs. Their meals will be dispensed automatically without requiring much effort from us.

We can arrange up to eight meals per day using the app. If programming manually, we can schedule up to four meals per day.

The machine includes a safe locking hopper to contain your cat’s food, and it works with dry or semi-moist kibble with a diameter of less than 5/8-inch.


Stats in Feeder Robot app

What’s nice about the Feeder-Robot is that you do not have to worry about the machine not dispensing properly like other automated feeders. This is because Feeder-Robot has an anti-jam technology that keeps the kibble from becoming trapped.

The app-control function is also smooth and so far I have not encountered errors when using it. I easily set it up with the iOS app, and it immediately paired with the unit and connected to my WiFi network without any issues. It is simple to use and I’m really amazed on how the scheduled meal system works.

Battery Life

My cat Fiona is lying on Feeder Robot product box

When it comes to battery life, Feeder-Robot can be used for up to 24-hours in power-saving mode. But the highlight of this machine in terms of battery is the built-in back-up battery.

There is no need to panic if there is a power loss because the gadget includes a built-in battery that will be used immediately in the event of a power outage.

When power is restored, the feeder will automatically return to household power and recharge the internal battery.

Smart Features

My cat in the Feeder Robot box with written features of the feeder

Aside from the smooth technology, Feeder-Robot also has amazing smart features! It has a food indicator that sends a notification on your app when the food level on the machine is low, so you’ll know when you need to refill it.

Main screen of Feeder Robot app by Whisker

The feeder also distributes meals by servings ranging from ¼ to 1-cup. You can customize how much portion of food you want to serve and also set the time on when you want the meal to be dispensed. 

I love this meal scheduling feature since I get to feed my cat while I am away at work. I am still a little anxious on testing it while on a few days vacation but hopefully, I’ll get to try it soon.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Like any other product, there are advantages and disadvantages in buying the Feeder-Robot.


Start guide on using Feeder Robot

It is easy to set up and use.

I really have to highlight how simple and easy it is to use this feeder. No complicated instructions, no technical issues and whatsoever. The set up process is just so smooth compared to other feeder brands.

After setting it up using the iOS app, I was able to pair the device with my wifi network right away. Then, I created a schedule that would dispense food ½ cup of food at exactly 8 a.m. for my cat and that’s it! Everything was set and running smoothly.

Creating schedule in Feeder Robot app

It is on-time and accurate.

In terms of schedule, the device never fails to dispense on the exact time you set it on. My cat gets his breakfast at 8 a.m. sharp everyday.  No misses. It sends a push notification to notify you that food has been delivered, and I like how quickly the notifications arrived.

When it comes to food portion, the measurement is also accurate. The feeder dispenses exactly the amount you set it up for. I even tried measuring it to check if the measurement is accurate, and yes it was! In my case, my cat eats ½ cup during meal times and ¼ cup for snacks. 

It is nicely designed and built with safety features.

Feeder robot on the table

The unit has a sleek, modern design that will fit nicely in any part of your home. The food chute is designed with a tamper-resistant lid to keep the food fresh and avoid your cat from sneaking to get extra food. 

The machine is also made with BPA-free plastics. It also has a chew-resistant power cord to prevent accidents particularly if your cat loves nibling on things.

It is easy to clean and maintain.

It is advisable to clean the feeder once in a month. You can hand-wash the removable parts. You can just also simply wipe it down or use the included cleaning brush on the rest of the parts.


It is a bit costly compared to other feeder brands.

The Feeder-Robot is also more expensive than similar alternatives but it is absolutely an excellent device. 

So far, it’s performed significantly superior than the previous automated feeders I’ve purchased. Cat owners are raving about Feeder-Robot and personally, It is definitely worth your bucks! 

Extra features of Feeder Robot

There is no signal to call your cat when it is meal time.

There are other feeders that play a tone or allow you to record a customized sound to call your pet to have their meal. However, the Feeder-Robot doesn’t have this feature. It’s not much of a big deal but this would have been a nice additional feature.

Bottom Line

Feeder-Robot outperforms many other models on the market today. During our testing, the technology performed smoothly. I also love the unit’s adaptability and durability.

It may be costly compared to other competing automated feeder brands but its price reflects superior technology and the brand’s high-end reputation. You can check the best price on the official website.

You can also check my video review to see Feeder-Robot in action:

Feeder Robot Review
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