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Casa Leo’s Loo Too Review: Simplify Your Life

Leo's Loo Too Automatic Cat Litter Box
Written by Nicole Etolen

If you’re looking for an in-depth Leo’s Loo Too review, you’re in the right place! I spent the last 8 months testing out Casa Leo’s popular automatic litter box in my three-cat household. Keep reading to discover everything I loved about it…and the few things that I didn’t. We’ll also go over the top features of Leo’s Loo Too and finish off with a few common questions. Ok, we have a lot to discuss, so let’s get started!

Real quick, just to make sure we’re all on the same page (literally), here’s the Leo’s Loo Too that we’re talking about today:

Quiet Operation & Superior Odor Control
Leo’s Loo Too – Covered Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Discover Leo's Loo Too, the advanced automatic cat litter box controlled via the Casa Leo app and compatible with Alexa or Google Voice Assistant. It features a three-layer safety system, a UV light for disinfection and odor control, and a larger capacity than its predecessor. Enjoy whisper-quiet operation at just 30 decibels and an innovative design with easily disassembled parts for quick cleaning.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
  • Effortless Cleaning
  • Superior Odor Control
  • Spacious Waste Compartment
  • It’s Quiet
  • Durability and Ease of Cleaning
  • Cost
  • Occasional Waste Pan Issues
  • Glitchy App
  • Occasional Cleaning Cycle Issues

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FYI, this post includes affiliate links. We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no extra cost to you. Now, on with the review.

Leo’s Loo Too Review: Everything You Need to Know About This Smart Litter Box

Just a quick note in case you missed it, Smarty Pear changed their name to Casa Leo a few months ago. So, if you see someone talking about the Smarty Pear Leo’s Loo Too, it’s the same exact product as the one we’re discussing here. Now on with the “Leo’s Loo Too Review” show! Side note, I’m starting to feel like I’m reading Dr. Seuss with all of this rhyming. 😀

Leo's Loo Too Automatic Litter Box

Leo’s Loo Too General Specs and Features

As I mentioned above, we’re a three-cat household. Zoe is almost 9, Alexander the Fuzz aka Alex is 8, and Leia isn’t quite 1 yet.  Finding a litter box solution that caters to their individual needs while keeping our home clean and odor-free AND being easy on my bad back was definitely a priority. The Leo’s Loo Too checked all of the boxes…and then some!

Here are its key features:

  • Fully Automated Cleaning: The Leo’s Loo Too automatically cleans itself every time your cats use the litter box, so you literally never have to scoop again. 
  • Odor Control System: It includes an integrated system that traps odors, ensuring your home stays fresh.
  • Large Waste Compartment: Can hold several days’ worth of waste, minimizing the frequency of bag changes.
  • Adjustable Cycle Timing: Set the cleaning cycle to your preference, allowing for immediate cleaning after use or at scheduled intervals.
  • Relatively Quiet Operation: Designed to be as quiet as possible to not startle cats or disturb household members.
  • Triple Layer Safety Protection: Leo’s Loo Too uses a radar system, anti-pinch sensors, and weight sensors to ensure that the cleaning cycle stops when your kitty is detected. 
  • Smart Home App: Control the litter box with Alexa or Google voice assistants
  • Available in Four Colors: Leo’s Loo Too comes in four soft colors, including Gray, Baby Blue, Avocado Green, and Pretty Pink. I have the pink one, and it really is pretty!
  • Dimensions: Measures 24” L by 22”  W and stands at about 28.5 inches tall. The opening measures just over 9”. 
Leo's Loo how to add litter

What We Love

There’s a lot to love about Leo’s Loo Too! Here’s a quick rundown of my favorite features. We’ll get into more detail about the biggest ones in a minute. 

  • Effortless Cleaning
  • Superior Odor Control
  • Spacious Waste Compartment
  • It’s Quiet
  • Durability and Ease of Cleaning

The standout feature of Leo’s Loo Too for me is definitely the effortless cleaning. With three cats, scooping  the litter box can quickly become a full-time job. However, the automated cleaning cycle of Leo’s Loo Too has dramatically reduced the time we spend managing it. 

I like that you can set it to go off at specific times. The Leo’s Loo gives you more control over the exact timing compared to Litter Robot 4 and other popular self-cleaning litter boxes. I have mine set to go off after 10 minutes. Given that I have a kitten with absolutely zero respect for boundaries, I needed to set it to give Alex and Zoe enough time to get out, then Leia enough time to dash in and see what they did (I mean, it’s a litter box, what the heck does she think they’re doing in there???) before it goes off. 

The superior odor control is another significant benefit for the whole household, but especially for me. Our Leo’s Loo Too is in my work area, so I sit less than 5 feet away from it all day long. Even with three cats using it, it has never once been stinky. 

It’s also surprisingly quiet. It’s not completely silent; I can hear it when it goes into a cleaning cycle. But it’s about as close to silent as you can get with a robot litter box with its gentle “hum.”

Last, but not least, Leo’s Loo Too is one of the easiest automatic litter boxes to clean, both inside and out. The construction consists of a base, the drum, and a lid. The lid comes on and off easily, especially compared to its competitors.  If you need to access the drum for any reason, you just lift off the lid and voila. There it is. That said, while it’s easy to come off when you actually want it to, it won’t accidentally fall off when you don’t want it too. Does that make sense? Bottom line, it’s very durable and well-designed!

Leia loves watching Leo’s Loo Too in action!

What We Don’t Love

Even the best self-cleaning litter boxes have their flaws, and Casa Leo’s Loo Too isn’t the exception. 

  • Cost
  • Occasional waste pan issues
  • Glitchy app
  • Occasional cleaning cycle issues

Let’s get the elephant out of the room first, shall we? The Leo’s Loo Too is pricey for those who have only ever used traditional litter boxes before. However, it’s actually fairly reasonable for an enclosed automatic litter box (there are a few self-cleaning pan-style boxes that are cheaper, but they’re in a completely different category in my opinion). So, while cost is a con, it’s not a con that’s unique to Leo’s Loo Too. 

  • List Image
    The biggest drawback is the “occasional waste pan issues” issue. Sometimes, the clumps fall behind the tray. When that happens, we have to pull the whole tray out and reach in (with gloved hands) to get them out. It doesn’t happen often…but it’s annoying when it does. Still, it wouldn’t stop me from recommending Leo’s Loo Too.

The app glitches are more in the realm of “irksome, but eh, no biggie” drawbacks. First, let me say, I’ve never had an issue initiating a manual cleaning cycle, changing the amount of time it waits to start cleaning, or anything else related to the actual function of Leo’s Loo Too. 

Leo's Loo App Screenshots

However, I do have issues with the “Kitty used the Loo and weighs X lbs.” feature. For some reason, the text and numbers run together, and the weight is never quite right (I used the Petivity Smart Litter Box Monitor AND a regular old postage/kitchen scale to double-check). Honestly, though, this particular drawback isn’t really a big deal unless you need to monitor your cat’s weight for a medical condition. In that case, though, you’re better off going with an actual scale. 

As for the occasional cleaning cycle issues, those happen so rarely that they’re barely worth mentioning. Every so often, my Leo’s Loo Too goes bonkers and starts cleaning itself repeatedly. When it does, I just turn it off and back on again.  It usually happens after Leia interrupts its cycle for the 50th time. She is obsessed with watching the cleaning process and she often jumps in and out just to see it start and stop. It was cute on day one. Now, well, it’s still kind of cute, but just let the poor Loo finish already, Leia! 

Cat looking in Leo's Loo Too

April 2024 Update: Leo’s Loo Too reached out to me and helped me with the weight issue, so I want to pass that along to you. Check out the video below to see how:

If you’re more of an “I need to read it to understand it” person like me here are the steps:

  1. Remove the drawer.  
  2. Short press the green button located on the upper left-hand side of the drawer compartment. The power button indicator light will flash blue. 
  3. Press the green button a second time until you hear a single beep. The beep is confirmation that you are now in weight calibration mode. 
  4. Gently place a weight into the bottom of the drawer compartment, into the actual loo, and wait 10 seconds *the “weight” should be 1 kilogram (approx. 2.2 lbs) or just use two full ½ liter water bottles (this is what I did bc I don’t have weights/dumbbells at home)  
  5. After 10 seconds and with weight still inside the loo, press the green button for a third and final time. You will hear two beeps and the power button indicator light will turn off. This indicates that weight calibration is complete. 

FAQs About Leo’s Loo Too

Now that we have a good overview of the top benefits and biggest drawbacks, let’s finish things off with some FAQs that will help us dig a bit deeper. 

Is Leo’s Loo Too Good for Multiple-Cat Households

Yes, it can easily support up to 4 cats. I use the Leo’s Loo Too downstairs and the Litter Robot 4 upstairs. Although experts recommend one box per cat plus one extra, I’ve had zero issues with just using two automatic litter boxes for three cats. 

You will need to empty the tray slightly more often when you have multiple cats using it. That’s just common sense, though. It’s still a whole lot easier to lift a waste bag out of the tray every other day than it is to scoop several traditional litter boxes every single day. 

Leo’s Loo Too Vs Litter Robot 4: Which is Better?

We actually have an entire post comparing Leo’s Loo too vs Litter Robot 4, so I won’t rehash all of that here. Both have their share of pros and cons, so it really comes down to your style preference. 

After using both for 8 months, I honestly can’t say “This one is definitely better than that one.” On days when Leo’s Loo is acting up, I prefer my Litter Robot 4. On days when my Litter Robot 4 disconnects itself from the app (which, FYI, Leo’s has NEVER done, even when they changed names), I prefer Leo’s. On days where I need to get inside the litter box to reposition the drum (a rarity), I prefer Leo’s. On days when…you get the point. I go back and forth, and my #1 pick really just depends on my mood. Most days, though, I like them both equally. 

What Litter To Use for Leo’s Loo Too?

Leo’s Loo Too uses any type of traditional clumping litter (I usually just use Scoop-Away). It doesn’t work with non-clumping formulas or with pellet-style litters. That’s true of just about any self-cleaning litter box, though. 

How do I Clean My Leo’s Loo Too?

As an automatic litter box, there’s really not much you need to clean it. When the light on the front indicates that the liner is full, you just slide open the drawer and remove it. If the outside gets dirty, just wipe it down with a damp cloth. If, for some reason, you need to disinfect the drum (the actual litter box part), pop the lid off, pop the drum out, empty it, and disinfect it the same way you would a traditional litter box. 

What Do You Get With the Leo’s Loo Too Bundle? Is it Worth It?

Casa Leo sent me the Starter Bundle with some nifty accessories, and I definitely think it’s worth the extra $50. In addition to the litter box itself and replacement filters, it came with three adorable little cat toys, a box of 25 liner bags, and a really nice litter mat. The litter mat alone retails for $29.99. The Leo’s Loo Too bags also work in the Litter Robot 4, by the way. 

Leo's Loo Too Starter Bundle

Does Casa Leo Sell Leo’s Loo Too Accessories Separately?

Yes, they sell everything that comes in the Starter Bundle…and then some…on their website. There, you can find their extremely durable litter mat, more liner bags, replacement filters, toys, new cords and more. 

What is the Return Policy for Leo’s Loo Too?

Casa Leo gives you 90 days to decide if you love Leo’s Loo too. If you don’t just package it up in the original box and send it back for a refund. You will either have to pay for return shipping, though. 

Is Leo’s Loo Too Worth Buying?

The most important FAQ of all, is it worth the money? Yes, in my opinion, it really is. Its benefits, particularly for households with multiple cats, are undeniable. The convenience of automatic cleaning and effective odor control make it a valuable addition to our home. Despite some drawbacks, the overall positive impact on our daily routine and the well-being of Zoe, Alex, and Leia makes Leo’s Loo Too a product I’d gladly recommend.

If you’re interested in hearing another perspective on the Leo’s Loo Too from a single-cat owner, check out Claire’s original Leo’s Loo Too Review here.


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