Petkit Ventilated Cat Backpack Carrier Review

Review of Petkit backpack for cats
Written by Clair Chesterman

We all know the struggles of traveling with our cats. Whether traveling long distances with a cat on an airplane or just a short trip to the vet, we worry about their safety and comfortability during the trip. With all the innovative cat gears in the market nowadays, we now have ample options of cat carriers to make our (and our cats’) lives easier. 

One of the popular choices among fellow cat owners is the Petkit Pet Backpack Carrier. This review I made considered the size of the carrier, comfortability and safety— not only for cats but also for owners since we will be carrying them, special features, and of course, price.

Check out my detailed review below.


Petkit backpack size

The entire backpack itself measures 13.39 inches (length) by 12.2 inches (width) by 18.5 inches (height) and weighs 3 lbs. It can carry up to 17lbs sized cat. It is generally approved by most airlines but it is still best to contact them prior to your trip for assistance.

Comfort and Safety

Petkit breathable backpack

Owner comfort is guaranteed with this product as it is made with lightweight but durable materials. As mentioned previously, the carrier itself weighs 3 lbs only. It has a pressure reduction design for its backpack so you do not have to worry about any uncomfortable and heavy feeling on your back. The straps and the back portion of the carrier are padded so no tension on your back or shoulders.

Your furbaby will also love it inside as it has a detachable pad wherein he or she can curl up or sit comfortably inside. The window is large enough for your cat to enjoy the view while you are on the move. The ventilation is perfect, not to mention that it also has a built-in fan which we will further discuss in this review.

The bottom of the backpack is sturdy and it holds your cat’s weight. It also has a sturdy frame and holds its shape pretty well. No need to worry about your cat scratching his or her way out, in case he or she doesn’t like it inside, since the net portion of the backpack is made with a rubber-like material. It also has premium zippers which are sturdy and cannot be opened from the inside so, your cats are secured inside.

Special Features

Petkit cat backpack ventilation system

Aside from the multiple air holes and mesh panels, the Coanda Effect ventilation system also helps in giving your furbaby 360 degrees of air circulation. The backpack also has a built-in smart fan that automatically adjusts depending on the airflow. Once the temperature is warm, it gives more air than usual and it also slows down if the temperature is a little low. 

The window is tinted which is very helpful when it is too sunny. The built-in LED night light is also fascinating! With a simple double-tap on the control,  it gently lights up the interior of the backpack so your cat can still see the view outside and you can also peek at what is happening inside. 

It also has side pockets where you can insert your power bank for power usage of the fan and light. Please note though that the power bank is not included when you purchase the backpack. 


Aside from all the great features, price is also an important factor to decide whether to make the purchase or not. With a regular selling price of $69.99, the Petkit Pet Backpack Carrier costs a little more compared to other pet carriers. But with all its cool features and innovations, I would say it is worth your money especially if you love taking your cat outdoors.


I definitely love this product and included it in the list of the best cat backpacks! It is worth every penny I spent and most importantly, my cat loves it too. She loves how comfortable it is inside and how she can peek outside through the window. I have tried using it on a flight and the backpack fits perfectly under my seat — which is a window seat by the way, but I doubt it will fit under a middle row seat. As mentioned earlier, please contact your airline first for their rules and policies for bringing animals on board.

I also had to walk for around one and half hours during our travel and I had no problem carrying the backpack. I didn’t experience any strains or aches on my back.

The only downside I find is that the backpack does not have a lock function. Though the backpack has premium zippers and your cat is secured inside, it would be nice if it has a lock feature to ensure safety and lessen our worries.

Overall, I love the Petkit Pet Backpack Carrier! I highly recommend it and it is definitely a must-have for cat owners like me who needs to travel for work and feels guilty leaving my furbaby alone at home. If you have the same lifestyle as me, I guarantee that this product is worth your money. Check the current price on Amazon.

About the author

Clair Chesterman

Clair is a professional cat breeder having her own cageless CFA and CCA Registered cattery & fostering company FluffyMeowPaws in Eugene, Oregon. Clair knows everything about multiple cat breeds and how to use the latest technologies to make the cat's life better.

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  • I’m considering this for my 14 lb guy. From most of the reviews the fan is less than stellar. I do wonder if PetKit did a temperature test on the inside of the pack when closed and outside in normal weather 70 degrees. Is the bottom solid giving the cat a stable area to sit or lay down? I was considering a stroller but I think it is safer to have my guy further away from the ground & dogs. I do have to laugh because I am doing all this research and he probably won’t have anything to do with it.

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