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200+ Unique Cat Names: Original Names for Your New Cat

Written by Jamey Ekins

We love to celebrate what makes every cat unique. Whether it’s their unusual markings, quirky habits, or that special purr, every cat has something that sets them apart. And we believe that your feline friend deserves a name that highlights their individuality.

Choosing a unique name for your cat isn’t just about finding something different—it’s about capturing their essence and the special bond you share. A unique name can be a fantastic conversation starter (“How’d you come up with that?”) and a delightful way to showcase your personal interests and affection for your pet. But where to start? Don’t fret—we know a thing or two about pet names, and we’re here to help.

In this list of over 200 unique cat names, we’ve also included the meaning of each name to provide you with deeper insight and inspiration. Understanding the significance behind a name can really help you find a name that resonates not only with your cat’s personality or story but also with your own personal preferences and values.

Why Choose a Unique Cat Name?

Reflects Your Cat’s Personality: Just like people, cats have distinct personalities. A unique name can perfectly capture your cat’s quirks and charm. Whether your cat is playful, mysterious, or regal, there’s a name that fits their personality to a tee.

Stand Out at the Vet: Let’s face it, “Fluffy” and “Whiskers” are pretty common. Having a unique name ensures your cat stands out at the vet’s office, making it easier for the staff to remember them and for you to feel that special connection every time their name is called.

Showcases Your Interests: Are you a mythology buff, a sci-fi enthusiast, or a lover of classic literature? Your cat’s name is an opportunity to share a piece of your personality with the world. Names like “Apollo,” “Nyx,” or “Gryffin” can reflect your interests and add an extra layer of meaning.

Conversation Starter: A unique cat name often piques curiosity. People will want to know the story behind it, leading to fun conversations and connections. It’s a great way to share your cat’s story and your creativity.

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Tips for Choosing a Unique Cat Name

  • Consider Your Cat’s Traits: Observe your cat’s behavior, appearance, and personality. A name that reflects their traits can be incredibly fitting and endearing.
  • Think Outside the Box: Don’t be afraid to get creative. Think of names from different cultures, languages, or even fictional universes.
  • Keep It Easy to Call: While unique, the name should still be easy to pronounce and call out. You’ll be using it a lot, so make sure it rolls off the tongue.
  • Test It Out: Try calling the name a few times and see if it feels right. Your cat might even respond positively to a name that suits them well.

unique cat names

A Treasure Trove of Unique Cat Names

To help you get started, here’s our comprehensive list of unique cat names. From the ethereal “Zephyr” to the mystical “Nyx,” each name on our list is handpicked to inspire you. Let’s get started:

….. A …..

Alaric: Ruler of all; from Old German origin.

Alden: Old, wise friend; from Old English.

Aisling: Dream or vision; from Irish origin.

Amara: Eternal, unfading; from various origins including Latin, Igbo, and Sanskrit.

Apollo: God of prophecy, music, and healing; from Greek mythology.

Arwen: Noble maiden; from Welsh origin.

Ashen: Of the ash tree; from English origin.

Astrid: Divine strength; from Old Norse origin.

Atlas: Bearer of the heavens; from Greek mythology.

Azura: Sky blue; from Spanish origin.

….. B …..

Balthazar: God protects the king; from Hebrew origin.

Bastet: Goddess of home, fertility, and protector of the pharaoh; from Egyptian mythology.

Bellatrix: Female warrior; from Latin origin.

Bijou: Jewel; from French origin.

Blaze: Flame, fire; from English origin.

Blitz: Lightning; from German origin.

Brax: Derived from Braxton, meaning Brock’s town; from English origin.

Briar: A thorny plant; from English origin.

Bramble: Thorny shrub; from English origin.

….. C …..

Calypso: Concealer; from Greek mythology.

Cassian: Hollow; from Latin origin.

Cassiopeia: Queen of Ethiopia in Greek mythology; constellation name.

Cerulean: Deep blue; from Latin origin.

Charon: Ferryman of Hades; from Greek mythology.

Cinder: Ash; from English origin.

Circe: Enchantress; from Greek mythology.

Cosmo: Order, beauty; from Greek origin.

Cressida: Golden; from Greek origin, also a character in Shakespeare’s “Troilus and Cressida.”

….. D …..

Dante: Enduring; from Latin origin.

Darya: Sea; from Persian origin.

Dashiell: Page boy; from French origin.

Delphine: Of Delphi or dolphin; from Greek origin.

Dorian: Of the Dorian tribe; from Greek origin.

Draco: Dragon; from Latin origin.

Draven: Hunter; from English origin.

Dune: Hill of sand; from English origin.

….. E …..

Echo: Reverberating sound; from Greek mythology.

Elara: One of Zeus’s lovers; from Greek mythology.

Electra: Shining, bright; from Greek mythology.

Eira: Snow; from Welsh origin.

Elowen: Elm tree; from Cornish origin.

Elysia: Blissful; from Greek mythology, Elysian Fields.

Ember: Spark, burning low; from English origin.

Esme: Beloved, esteemed; from French origin.

….. F …..

Fable: Story with a moral; from English origin.

Faelan: Little wolf; from Irish origin.

Faustus: Fortunate; from Latin origin.

Felix: Happy, fortunate; from Latin origin.

Fenris: A giant wolf; from Norse mythology.

Fiero: Proud; from Italian origin.

Finnegan: Fair, white; from Irish origin.

Frost: Ice crystals; from English origin.

….. G …..

Galadriel: Maiden crowned with a radiant garland; from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth.

Galen: Calm, healer; from Greek origin.

Gaia: Earth goddess; from Greek mythology.

Gatsby: Derived from Gatz, meaning “God’s strength”; popularized by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s character.

Glimmer: Shining faintly; from English origin.

Gossamer: Light, delicate; from English origin.

Gryffin: Fierce, strong in faith; from Welsh origin, related to Griffin.

Gwyn: Fair, blessed; from Welsh origin.

Gwydion: Born of trees; from Welsh mythology.

….. H …..

Hades: God of the underworld; from Greek mythology.

Halcyon: Calm, peaceful; from Greek mythology.

Halo: Circle of light; from Greek origin.

Harlow: Army hill; from English origin.

Hecate: Goddess of magic and witchcraft; from Greek mythology.

Hesper: Evening star; from Greek mythology.

Hera: Queen of the gods; from Greek mythology.

Hestia: Goddess of hearth and home; from Greek mythology.

Hex: Spell; from English origin.

Hyacinth: Flower; from Greek mythology.

….. I …..

Icarus: Mythological figure who flew too close to the sun; from Greek mythology.

Idril: Sparkle brilliance; from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth.

Idris: Fiery leader; from Welsh origin.

Imogen: Maiden; from Celtic origin.

Indigo: Deep blue-purple color; from Greek origin.

Ione: Violet flower; from Greek origin.

Iridian: Relating to the iris of the eye or rainbow; from Greek origin.

Isolde: Ice ruler; from Welsh origin.

….. J …..

Jagger: Carter; from English origin.

Jareth: Created name; likely from Jared or Gareth.

Jasper: Treasurer; from Persian origin.

Jax: God has been gracious; from English origin, short for Jackson.

Jetta: Jet black gemstone; from English origin.

Jinx: Spell, charm; from English origin.

Joplin: Short for Affectionate; from Old English origin.

Juno: Queen of the heavens; from Roman mythology.

….. K …..

Kael: Mighty warrior; from Gaelic origin.

Kairo: Victorious; from Arabic origin.

Kaida: Little dragon; from Japanese origin.

Kaleidoscope: Instrument for seeing beautiful forms; from Greek origin.

Kestrel: A type of falcon; from English origin.

Kismet: Fate, destiny; from Turkish origin.

Koda: Friend; from Native American origin.

Kovu: Derived from Swahili, meaning “scar.”

….. L …..

Lark: Songbird; from English origin.

Lazarus: God has helped; from Hebrew origin.

Liora: Light; from Hebrew origin.

Lorelei: Alluring enchantress; from German folklore.

Loki: Trickster god; from Norse mythology.

Luna: Moon; from Latin origin.

Lux: Light; from Latin origin.

Lyra: Lyre, a musical instrument; from Greek mythology.

Lyric: Song-like; from Greek origin.

Lysander: Liberator; from Greek origin.

unique cat names

….. M …..

Magnus: Great; from Latin origin.

Mael: Chief or prince; from Celtic origin.

Melisandre: Created name; character from George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

Merlin: Sea fortress; from Welsh origin, also a legendary wizard.

Midnight: Middle of the night; from English origin.

Mistral: Cold, dry northwesterly wind; from French origin.

Morrigan: Phantom queen; from Irish mythology.

Mystique: Mystery; from French origin.

….. N …..

Nala: Successful; from African origin.

Nebula: Cloud of gas and dust in space; from Latin origin.

Neve: Snow; from Italian origin.

Niamh: Bright, radiant; from Irish mythology.

Nimbus: Halo, cloud; from Latin origin.

Nox: Night; from Latin origin.

Nova: New; from Latin origin, also a star that suddenly increases in brightness.

Nymeria: Created name; character from George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

Nyx: Goddess of the night; from Greek mythology.

….. O …..

Oberon: King of the fairies; from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

Oberyn: Created name; character from George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

Obsidian: Volcanic glass; from English origin.

Onyx: Black gemstone; from Greek origin.

Ophira: Gold; from Hebrew origin.

Opal: Precious gemstone; from Sanskrit origin.

Orion: Hunter; from Greek mythology, also a constellation.

Osiris: God of the afterlife; from Egyptian mythology.

….. P …..

Pandora: All-gifted; from Greek mythology.

Pax: Peace; from Latin origin.

Phaedra: Bright; from Greek mythology.

Phaedrus: Bright; from Greek origin.

Peridot: Green gemstone; from Arabic origin.

Persephone: Bringer of destruction; from Greek mythology.

Phoenix: Mythical bird that rises from its ashes; from Greek mythology.

Pippin: Short for Peregrine; from German origin.

Pixel: Smallest element of an image; from English origin.

Pyrrhus: Flame-colored; from Greek origin.

unique cat names for kittens

….. Q …..

Quasar: Extremely luminous active galactic nucleus; from English origin.

Quen: From the queen; variant of Quinn.

Quill: Writing instrument made from a feather; from English origin.

Quinby: Queen’s settlement; from Old Norse origin.

Quinlan: Fit, strong; from Irish origin.

Quinn: Wise; from Irish origin.

Quorra: Created name; character from “Tron: Legacy.”

….. R …..

Raiden: Thunder and lightning; from Japanese origin.

Raine: Queen; from French origin.

Rhys: Enthusiasm; from Welsh origin.

Rhiannon: Great queen or goddess; from Welsh mythology.

Riven: Torn apart; from English origin.

Rook: A type of bird, or a chess piece; from English origin.

Rowan: Little red one; from Irish and Scottish origin, also a type of tree.

Rune: Secret, mystery; from Old Norse origin.

….. S …..

Sable: Black; from Old French origin, also a type of animal.

Selene: Moon goddess; from Greek mythology.

Selkie: Seal folk; from Scottish and Irish mythology.

Seraphim: Highest order of angels; from Hebrew origin.

Seraphina: Fiery, ardent; from Hebrew origin.

Solaris: Of the sun; from Latin origin.

Soren: Stern; from Danish origin.

Sylph: Air spirit; from English origin.

….. T …..

Talia: Dew from heaven; from Hebrew origin.

Talon: Claw; from English origin.

Tamsin: Twin; from English origin, short for Thomasina.

Tempest: Storm; from English origin.

Thalassa: Sea; from Greek origin.

Thane: Nobleman; from Scottish origin.

Thalia: To blossom; from Greek origin.

Thorne: Thorn bush; from English origin.

Titan: Powerful being; from Greek mythology.

….. U …..

Ula: Sea jewel; from Celtic origin.

Ulani: Cheerful; from Hawaiian origin.

Ulrich: Wealthy ruler; from German origin.

Ulf: Wolf; from Old Norse origin.

Ulysses: Wrathful; from Latin origin, variant of Odysseus.

Uma: Nation; from Hebrew origin, also means “flax” in Sanskrit.

Ursa: Bear; from Latin origin.

Uriel: God is my light; from Hebrew origin.

….. V …..

Valor: Bravery; from Latin origin.

Valerian: Strength, health; from Latin origin.

Valkyrie: Chooser of the slain; from Norse mythology.

Vanya: Gracious gift of God; from Russian origin, short for Ivan.

Vega: Falling star; from Arabic origin, also a star in the Lyra constellation.

Vesper: Evening star; from Latin origin.

Vespera: Evening; from Latin origin.

Vesperine: Evening; from Latin origin.

….. W …..

Whimsy: Playful or fanciful behavior; from English origin.

Whisper: Soft, gentle sound; from English origin.

Willow: Graceful tree; from English origin.

Winter: The coldest season; from English origin.

Wisp: Small bundle of straw or hay; from English origin.

Wraith: Ghost or spirit; from Scottish origin.

Wren: Small songbird; from English origin.

….. X …..

Xander: Defender of the people; from Greek origin, short for Alexander.

Xanthe: Golden, yellow; from Greek origin.

Xara: Princess; from Arabic origin.

Xylo: Wood; from Greek origin.

Xylia: From the forest; from Greek origin.

….. Y …..

Yara: Water lady; from Arabic and Brazilian origin.

Yasmine: Jasmine flower; from Persian origin.

Ysabel: Pledged to God; from Spanish origin, variant of Isabel.

Yuki: Snow or happiness; from Japanese origin.

….. Z …..

Zephyr: West wind; from Greek mythology.

Zephyrine: West wind; from Greek origin.

Zenith: Highest point; from Arabic origin.

Zenobia: Life of Zeus; from Greek origin.

Zinnia: Flower; from German origin.

Zorro: Fox; from Spanish origin.


And the list goes on! Each name is unique and carries a special meaning, ensuring your cat’s name is as distinctive as they are. Once you’ve chosen the perfect unique name for your new kitty cat, make sure you’re fully prepared to welcome them home by checking out our “New Kitten Checklist: Everything You Need for a Happy, Healthy Cat.” This guide will help you ensure your kitten has all they need to thrive.

Happy naming, and may you find the perfect match for your special feline friend!


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