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PawSwing Automatic Cat Groomer: Revolutionizing Cat Grooming

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Written by Jamey Ekins

Want to give your cat a grooming experience they’ll love? In a world where pet care innovation continuously evolves, PawSwing has introduced a groundbreaking solution that promises to transform the way we think about cat grooming. With the launch of their Automatic Cat Groomer, PawSwing is setting new standards in pet care, ensuring our furry friends receive the pampering they deserve while making pet ownership easier and more enjoyable. Keep reading to learn more!

A Grooming Experience Like No Other

Imagine a grooming session that your cat actually looks forward to. The PawSwing Automatic Cat Groomer offers just that, with its unique Cat Tongue-Simulating Combs that replicate the natural sensation of being groomed by another cat. These combs gently move back and forth, not only providing a comforting experience but also efficiently removing loose hair. The device cleverly collects the shed fur inside, keeping your home cleaner and your cat’s coat healthier.

PawSwing’s Automatic Cat Groomer Product Specifications

Crafted from a liquid-proof, scratch-resistant felt that’s plush and appealing to cats, becoming even more comfortable with use. The cat groom box is 31.8″ long by 16.3″ wide and 20.5″ tall.

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  • Cat Tongue-Simulating Combs: Designed to mimic the natural licking sensation cats love, enhancing comfort during grooming sessions.
  • Adjustable Entrance: Customizable entrance size to accommodate cats of all sizes, up to 40lbs.
  • Built-in Treat Dispenser: Encourages cats to groom by dispensing treats, facilitating adaptation and making grooming a rewarding experience. 5V Charging voltage with a lithium battery capacity of 3.7V/2000mAh and a 300ml. Allows for specific dispensing times and amounts, tailored to each cat’s dietary needs to prevent overeating.
  • Auto-Hair Storage: 6L capacity. Automatically collects removed hair in a box behind the entrance for easy disposal.
  • Durability: Constructed from durable felt material capable of withstanding 300 tons of pressure, offering exceptional shear resistance and scratch resistance.
  • Safe and Chemical-Free: The box is made from a special synthetic material, pressed under high pressure to create a sturdy, scratch-friendly surface that’s safe for cats.
  • Prevents Misuse as Litter Box: Designed with a treat dispenser to discourage cats from mistaking it for a litter box, promoting hygiene.
  • Accessibility Features: Inner and outer stairs facilitate easy access for senior or smaller kittens and cats, ensuring safety and convenience.
  • 1-Year Warranty: Backed by a warranty, affirming the quality and durability of the product.
PawSwing's Automatic Cat Groomer - box size and specifications
Source: PawSwing

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Designed with Cats and Their Humans in Mind

The PawSwing Automatic Cat Groomer isn’t just another pet accessory; it’s a thoughtfully designed haven that caters to the innate preferences and safety of our feline friends. Here’s a deeper dive into the elements that make this feature stand out:

Optimal Comfort and Security in Design:

  • Instinctual Love for Enclosed Spaces: Cats naturally seek out cozy, enclosed areas for rest and relaxation. The PawSwing groomer’s design leverages this instinct, offering cats a secure and private space that feels naturally appealing to them. This enclosed space provides a sense of safety and sanctuary, which is crucial for their well-being.
  • Durability and Material Integrity: The choice of material for the PawSwing groomer is no accident. Crafted from a robust synthetic felt, it is engineered to withstand an impressive 300 tons of pressure. This ensures the groomer’s exceptional durability, making it resistant to the wear and tear that can come from daily use. Its shear and scratch resistance mean that even the most enthusiastic scratchers can enjoy without causing damage.
  • Stretch and Scratch Without Concerns: Understanding that stretching and scratching are fundamental to a cat’s nature, the durable felt box is designed to accommodate these behaviors comfortably. Cats can stretch, scratch, and explore their grooming space without any risk of harming the groomer or themselves. This design consideration ensures that the groomer remains a long-lasting part of their daily routine.

Accessibility for All Ages:

  • Inner and Outer Stairs for Easy Access: The inclusion of inner AND outer stairs is a thoughtful touch, ensuring that cats of all ages and mobility levels can access the groomer safely and easily. For kittens or older cats who may find it challenging to jump or climb, these stairs serve as an essential aid, fostering independence and confidence in using the groomer.
  • Catering to Curiosity and Play: The PawSwing groomer is designed with a cat’s curiosity in mind. The built-in treat dispenser not only encourages grooming but also serves as an intriguing feature for cats, especially kittens. Their natural curiosity is rewarded with treats, making grooming time an exciting discovery process. This feature helps in positive reinforcement, teaching them that the groomer is a source of joy and comfort.
automatic treat dispenser
Source: PawSwing

A Safe Haven That Understands Cats

The PawSwing Automatic Cat Groomer stands out not just for its innovative grooming features but also for its deep understanding of cat behavior and needs. By providing a durable, comfortable, and accessible grooming solution, PawSwing ensures that cats of all ages can enjoy a grooming experience that feels natural and safe. It’s a testament to PawSwing’s commitment to enhancing the lives of cats and their owners, making everyday grooming a delightful experience for our beloved pets.

Here’s a comprehensive video review so you can see the PawSwing Automatic Cat Groomer in action.

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Meet PawSwing: The Story Behind the Innovation

PawSwing’s journey began in 2019 with a chance encounter with a stray kitten named Orange. This moment sparked a commitment to improving the lives of cats everywhere. Today, with seven furry office companions, PawSwing continues to innovate, driven by love and a deep understanding of what cats truly need.

While PawSwing chose to focus on grooming rather than combining it with a litter box, their commitment to refining and improving their products is clear. They listen, learn, and evolve based on real-world feedback and testing, promising a future where grooming and pet care are not just necessities but pleasures.

One Last Thing…

PawSwing’s dedication to creating a comprehensive and meaningful pet care experience extends beyond the innovative features of their Automatic Cat Groomer. They offer a truly unique and heartwarming service that transforms the routine task of grooming into an opportunity to create lasting memories. 

Instead of discarding the hair collected during grooming sessions, PawSwing invites you to send it to them for a special purpose. With their exceptional felting service, this hair is artfully crafted into a bespoke keepsake, allowing you to cherish a piece of your beloved pet in a unique and tangible form. This service not only promotes sustainability by repurposing the collected hair but also turns a simple byproduct of grooming into a treasured memento that celebrates the love and companionship shared with your furry family member.

Felted Cat
Source: PawSwing

PawSwing’s Automatic Cat Groomer is a testament to the love and care they have for pets. It represents a step forward in making pet care not just easier but truly enjoyable for both pets and their owners.


PawSwing’s Automatic Cat Groomer is now open for funding on Indiegogo, with the first shipments to the US beginning in March, followed by successive batches in April, May, and June. European customers can anticipate their first batch in April, with local deliveries in May and a second batch in June. Other regions are set to receive their shipments in April and May.

Secure your order through the Indiegogo campaign today and be among the first to revolutionize your cat’s grooming routine.


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