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Can I Use AirTag for Cats? Review and Alternatives

Cat and Airtag
Written by Clair Chesterman

Though the Apple AirTag is not designed to be a cat monitoring device, it can surely be used as one. While AirTags are getting popular with cat parents nowadays, I want to note that Apple does not recommend using their AirTag for cats.

Because it’s a popular solution among cat owners, I tried using an AirTag on my cat to see what all the fuss was about.

And I have to be honest, I found the device unsuitable for cat use after testing it.  Personally, I don’t like it (and neither does my cat) and would not suggest it to fellow cat parents. Let me tell you more about my experience with it in my review below.

Size and Dimensions

Since Apple AirTags are designed for tracking non-moving items, putting them on a moving object like cats can be a bit challenging.

When I tried using the AirTag on my big cat, I did not like how it fit on her. She felt uncomfortable and had a hard time moving. She tried to take it off several times. It could be even worse for smaller cats.

AirTag Real-Time Location Accuracy 

I tested the AirTag both indoors and outdoors on my cat. It was quite inaccurate outdoors but good enough when used inside our house.

My biggest concern though is safety. One time, the AirTag came off and I was able to locate it in my backyard but my cat was not there. Luckily, when this happened I found my cat roaming around inside the house. This incident can be nerve-wracking if it happened and my cat was still outside somewhere.

It is still best to use a GPS cat tracking device like Tractive since it is specifically designed to monitor your cat’s location. 

You Need a Proper Cat Collar Attachment for AirTag

Since Apple does not recommend using AirTags as a cat tracker, you will need a third-party solution to properly place the device on your cat.

You can attach it to your cat by using an AirTag holder which you can buy on Amazon or any other online store. The holders are nice but they are quite unreliable.

AirTag for Cats Alternatives

Fiona with Tractive GPS cat tracker vs Apple AirTag for Cats

Fiona with Tractive GPS cat tracker

There are plenty of cat tracking devices that can be alternatives for AirTags. You may check them in our best GPS trackers for cats article.

Nonetheless, Tractive is my #1 recommendation when it comes to cat trackers. It is specifically designed for tracking cats so you are sure that it is safe for your cats to use. 


Is AirTag too heavy for cats?

AirTag is lightweight and compact in size however it still depends on your cat’s size. If your cat is too small, he or she may find the AirTag uncomfortable to wear.

The device also falls off easily. Your cats can also simply get it off themselves especially if they are uneasy with it and don’t like it on their bodies.

Can you put an AirTag on a cat’s collar?

Yes, you can put an AirTag on a cat’s collar but you will need a special holder which is not designed by Apple. You can easily find online stores offering AirTag holders and collars for cats.

Are AirTags good for cats?

It depends. If you’re searching for a tool to allow you to keep track of your cat in your home or yard, then I think this will work just fine.

However, the AirTag is not a good option to help you find your cat if they chance to slip out of their leash while you’re outdoors. Personally, I would not recommend putting AirTags on your cats based on my experience.

Is it preferable to use Apple AirTag than no tracker at all? Most likely, yes. But, I would recommend a more dependable pet monitoring system, like the Tractive GPS pet tracker.

You can also check our latest YouTube video about it:


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  • This is a bit inaccurate. You can purchase an AirTag holder specifically for collars, or a collar with a built-in holder. Either way, it will fit snuggly on the collar, not hanging as you have pictured here.
    Note that a GPS tracker will have the same chance of falling off. They also have terrible battery life.
    I do agree that the AirTag does not give frequent enough updates, but it does have unlimited distance coverage. So after extensive research I went with a combination solution of AirTag for distance and to see location in-app, and an RF tag for extreme accuracy but not a long distance range.

  • My cat would be dead if I didnt have the cat tracker Th tracker showed me which address he was at and he had fallen off a roof of a house 300 metres away and was wedged in a small space that he couldnt get out of 4 firemen and 3 1/2 hours later Tom was rescued Thank you Airtag

  • This review sounds like it was done by Tractive. Air rag is much smaller than Tractive.

    • We write all our reviews honestly and based on actual testing and use of each of the products mentioned. None of our posts are sponsored either. Upon reading the article you will see that while smaller the Airtag has some drawbacks and even the manufacturer does not recommend for use with dogs or cats.

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