Can I Use Furbo Camera For Cats?

Interactive elements on cat camera via app
Written by Clair Chesterman

Yes, you can use the Furbo camera for your cats. Despite the fact that it was created with dogs and dog owners in mind, many cat parents have also utilized it to make sure they can always monitor their feline companions at all times. We even included Furbo in the list of the best cat cameras despite it being designed for dogs.

More advantages than merely keeping an eye on your cat while you’re away are provided by the Furbo webcam. Since they are accustomed to hearing your voice, you can also use it to speak to them, whether it is for general communication or to provide instructions, chastise, or praise.

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How Does Furbo Work for Cats?

Furbo camera for cats

Although Furbo was primarily created for dogs, some pet owners (like me lol) also use the camera for cats. It can be filled with cat treats and thrown at your pet when it displays good behavior.

You can use Furbo similar to how you would use it with a dog. Furbo allows you to play games, solve riddles, and give rewards to your pet virtually. Cat parents may have a sense of security by letting them watch their furry friend from the Furbo app thanks to its 1080P Full HD camera, 360-degree panning camera, and two-way audio. I talked to my cat through the camera:

My cat is looking at the camera

Additionally, the Furbo camera has a sound detection feature that enables you to play entertaining sounds when your cat approaches. Its two-way audio capabilities allow you to communicate with your feline pals.

Furbo can also control and monitor smart home appliances like lights, thermostats, TVs, and many others to ensure your pet is comfortable. It can also inform pet owners if any disturbances occur.

Furbo Dog Nanny

Your Furbo comes with a membership service called Furbo Dog Nanny. The Furbo Dog Nanny’s primary advantage is its ability to transmit alerts and notify you in the event of a house emergency, such as a fire. Additional benefits included are:

  • 5-second recordings that are triggered by events and saved in the cloud.
  • The 60-second highlight reel of the day’s events is called The Doggie Diary.
  • It detects howling and crying, but not meows from cats.

The Furbo Dog Nanny subscription would be most beneficial if you have a dog in your fur family rather than just cats. Since Furbo’s AI is designed to detect a dog’s mobility and activity, it can only distinguish between a dog and a human and cannot detect a cat’s meow. However, it can still identify cats’ motions and record them!

Cloud recording of moves of my cat on Furbo camera app

Bottom Line

Similar characteristics found in many pet camera devices, like HD cameras and two-way audio, are also found in more cameras that have treat-dispensing capabilities. In the end, you should pick the device that best suits your cat’s necessities.

Furbo was created for dogs and while you can use it for cats, you can’t maximize all of its features with your felines. Yes, you can use it to watch over your cat when you’re away from home, but other smart features are not suitable for them. You can try out different pet cameras to see how your cat behaves around them and find out which one suits them best. Check the current price here.

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