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TOP 6 Cat Cameras With Interactive Features In 2024. We Tested Over 20 Cameras!

Various cat cameras
Written by Clair Chesterman

Cats behave differently when their owners are not around and you can have the ability to watch your cats and even interact with them with the use of cat cameras. There are a lot to choose from especially in terms of their extra features as some cameras for cats may feature laser pointers, others can double as kibble dispensers, and some can serve as an interactive cat camera. We have chosen below the best we could find to help make it easier for you to decide which one could win your hearts.

Whether you’re looking to monitor your cat’s activities, engage in play, or simply keep an eye on their well-being, these pet cameras and cat cams offer a range of functionalities to suit your needs.

My cat is looking at the camera

Our team tested over 20 pet cameras and most of them are god camera’s designed for fellow canines. However, these dog cams are handpicked and we selected the ones that perfectly work for cats too!

Here’s a quick look at these cat cameras:

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Factors To Choose When Buying A Cat Camera

  • Interactive Elements (e.g. laser, treat dispenser, or voice communication)

Interactive elements on cat camera via app

Some cat cameras are simply made as a regular camera that can help monitor your cats while you are away from home. However, other cat cameras are designed to do more than just observing and monitoring your cats for you. Some pet companies are smart enough to think about the other aspects your cats may need when nobody’s home.

These companies have integrated voice communication so that you can talk to your cats while you are at work or on a vacation; They have features like treat dispenser to feed them at regular intervals so as not to interrupt their feeding schedule while you are away and not able to tend to them; a laser pointer for your cat’s game time while running after that red dot. 

  • Camera Quality

Screenshot from live via app on Petcube pet cam

Cats are renowned for their agility and sneakiness, darting around and concealing themselves in unexpected places, be it small boxes, dark nooks, or elusive corners.

That’s why having a cat camera with impeccable image quality is paramount to capturing and tracking their swift movements. Look for one that delivers crystal-clear, crisp video in stunning 1080p HDR resolution.

  • Smartphone App Integration

What’s the point of a cat camera without smartphone app integration? A camera that merely records videos when you’re not home might not meet your needs. Opt for a camera that allows you to remotely view and monitor your cats, interact with them, and even engage in conversations when you’re away. Rest assured, all the cat cameras on our list come with user-friendly apps.

  • Night Vision Quality

Night vision on Furbo camera with my cat on it

Cats are often active at night, and capturing their antics can be a real delight, as seen in this screenshot from the Furbo camera, which boasts exceptional night vision quality.

1. Furbo 360° Dog Camera (I use for watching my cat)

Furbo camera for cats

Furbo 360° Dog Camera is popular among dog parents. It is listed as one of the top dog cameras and treats dispensers.

While the Furbo 360° Dog Camera is primarily intended for dogs, I find it to be an excellent choice for monitoring my cat. Its standout feature is the auto-detection capability, providing a 360° view of the room that follows your feline friend’s every move. Plus, it allows you to capture high-quality videos and images in 1080p full HD resolution while you’re away.

Furbo camera screenshot with my cat

Real-time two-way audio is incorporated into the Furbo 360° Dog Camera so you and your cat can chat. It includes a top-notch microphone and speaker integrated into it. This fantastic feature enables you to interact with your cat to soothe or amuse him if they are upset. Additionally, Furbo 360° Dog Camera offers an in-app volume control for your fur baby’s ears.

Cloud recording of moves of my cat on Furbo camera app

The standout feature of this device is the ability to dispense treats to your cat with a simple tap on the free Furbo mobile phone app.

Rather than just placing treats in a bowl, this pet camera tosses them into the air for your cat to catch or chase. The latest Furbo version even allows you to adjust the mechanism for a quieter throw and select between small and large treats to cater to your pet’s nutritional requirements.


  • 360 degrees rotating view
  • Auto movement detection
  • Night vision in color
  • Colored images in low light settings
  • 1080p Full HD
  • 4x Digital Zoom
  • Treat size may be modified to meet your cat’s needs
  • Spill-proof design
  • Compatible and can be integrated with Alexa


  • Certain features are only accessible through a subscription

Furbo is popular among pet owners including cat owners who are looking for a reliable cat camera. There are 30,000+ reviews on Amazon that you can read for your reference but we highly recommend getting it from the official website for the best product support.

2. Petcube Play 2 & Bites Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Laser Toy & Alexa Built-In

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Petcube Bites camera on my TV stand

The Petcube Play 2 Wi-Fi Smart Pet Camera is an interactive cat camera equipped with a laser toy and built-in Alexa. This cat camera with laser allows you to monitor and interact with your cats using your smartphone and the integrated laser toy, even when you’re not at home. The Petcube Bites 2 model comes with a treat-dispenser instead of the laser that I personally prefer and we’re guessing your cat might as well.

Screenshot from live via app on Petcube pet cam

The laser toy feature is a great thing to have as you can still interact with your pets while you are away but moreover, it can still help maintain their physical health by playing with them for some exercises. 

The Petcube Play 2 cat camera not only allows you to take photos and videos of your lovely cats but also lets you talk and listen to them. This pet camera with laser even features a built in vet chat which is a very convenient option to have in case of emergencies or urgent matters or queries about your cat’s health.

Petcube play 2 cat camera showing its main features



  • 160 degrees full room view
  • Two-way audio that allows you communicate with your cats
  • 1080p HDR for crisp and clearer video
  • Night vision for better viewing in low light environment
  • Laser toy to play and interact with your cats
  • Sound and motion alerts
  • Supports 4G and 4G wifi network connections
  • Compatible with android 7.1.2 and up and iOS 11 and up


  • No treat dispensing feature
  • Expensive
  • Some features only available upon subscription
  • Laser toy does not function well for some customers
  • Faulty night vision according to some customer reviews

Read over 300 reviews and check the price on Amazon

3. Catit Smart Mouse Camera

Next on our list is the adorable mouse-shaped Catit PIXI Smart Mouse Camera. When you’re away from home, effortlessly keep an eye on your cat and even engage in two-way communication.

This camera boasts full HD 1080p resolution, allowing you to watch and record live videos of your cat. It also captures audio and video automatically, either by timer or through motion detection.

Compatible with other PIXI smart devices, this camera stands strong on its own, providing you with the ability to monitor your cats’ activities, from eating to play.

With automatic night vision, it’s perfect for keeping an eye on your cat in the dark. The built-in two-way mic and speaker enhance communication.

For easy installation, you can use the included mountable magnetic disc. Your cat’s safety and entertainment are at your fingertips with the Catit PIXI Smart Mouse Camera.


  • 1080p HD resolution
  • Night vision
  • Two-way audio


  • Only supports 2.4 Ghz
  • No built-in memory and needs microSD card

4. SKYMEE Owl Robot: Mobile Full HD Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

The SKYMEE Owl Robot stands out as an exceptional, smart, and interactive cat camera featuring a treat dispenser and full HD camera. What sets this cat camera treat dispenser apart is its mobility, allowing it to move throughout your home, piquing your cat’s curiosity and providing physical and mental stimulation.

You can control all of the SKYMEE Owl Robot’s movements through the smartphone app or set it to move autonomously. It’s designed for kibble sizes ranging from 4 mm to 16 mm, with a maximum storage capacity of 50 grams. Additionally, this cat camera dispenses treats as it moves, encouraging your cats to engage in both curiosity and exercise, with rewarding treats at the end.

The full 1080p HD camera enables you to capture high-quality photos and videos of your cats, making it easy to share precious moments with family and friends.

Skymee owl robot cat camera dispensing cat treats

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  • Includes a cat treat dispenser for your cat’s snack time
  • Night vision to see them even when it’s dark
  • Two-way audio that lets you talk to them and vice versa
  • Interactive mobile robot cat camera which moves so your cat can get curious and want to play
  • TF recording and PIR detection mean that this robot will react by being touched
  • 8 hours battery life (continuous use)


  • Only supports 2.4G wifi connection
  • Expensive
  • TF card not included
  • Low battery alert does not turn off unless you turn off your phone based on customer review
  • Not as durable
  • Faulty route functions and difficult to set up

Read over 300 reviews and check the price on Amazon

5. VSTARCAM Cat Camera with Laser

The VSTARCAM Cat Camera with Laser, a wireless cat camera, stands out as another high-quality option featuring an interactive laser. This feature allows you to engage with your cats even when you’re away from home, promoting their physical activity and well-being as they chase the laser dot. You have the flexibility to control the laser remotely via their app or set it to move automatically which makes it a great interactive pet monitor.

This cat camera also offers a two-way intercom, enabling you to communicate with your cats and listen to their responses in real-time. Moreover, it provides comprehensive coverage for your home, boasting a 107-degree view and horizontal and vertical rotation ranges of 355 and 120 degrees, respectively.

a woman communicating with her cat using the VSTARCAM cat camera

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  • Affordable option
  • Comic laser pointer to play with your cat (can be controlled via app or computer)
  • 1080p plus night vision for better viewing
  • Two-way voice intercom to talk with your cats
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Supports video recording up to 24 hours
  • Maximum of 128G TF (not included) plus cloud storage


  • Only supports 2.4G wifi connection
  • Difficult to set up
  • App user interface isn’t exactly user-friendly
  • Controls for camera and laser are not separate
  • Faulty camera functions per customer review

Read over 400 reviews and check the price on Amazon

6. VISON Indoor Cat Camera with Night Vision and Two-way Audio

The VISON Indoor Cat Camera with Night Vision and Two-way Audio is not only a perfect cameras for your cats but also for your home as it can cover a full 360-degree panoramic view of your surroundings. It has a built-in motion detector which can be triggered by any movements and will then record short clips and send it to your phone to alert you if there’s anything to worry about at home such as an intruder or theft.

Cat and dog having their picture taken using Vison Indoor Camera for Cats

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  • Very affordable
  • High quality two-way audio for clearer and better communication with your cats
  • 1080p plus night vision lets you view even at night time or dark environment
  • 3D nav pan/tilt so you can see all angles anytime
  • Supports Android and iOS devices


  • Only supports 2.4G wifi connection
  • Short power cord
  • Motion control can be a bit tricky
  • Goes offline for some customers occasionally 
  • Instructions are not as clear as they could be

Read over 400 reviews and check the price on Amazon

There are also cat collar cameras, but they are created for different purposes. These tiny cameras can help cat parents better understand their cats’ behaviors, interactions, and even potential dangers they may encounter outdoors. Whether it’s monitoring their outdoor escapades or observing their indoor activities, cat collar cameras provide a fascinating window into the world as seen through the eyes of our curious and often elusive feline companions.

TOP 6 Cat Cameras With Interactive Features Conclusion

As devoted pet parents, we understand the importance of staying connected with our beloved feline companions, even when we’re miles away. The world of cat cameras has evolved. From the best pet cameras that allow you to watch over your kitty with precision, to cat cams that double as engaging playmates and pet cameras with treats to reward their good behavior, the choices are many.  I hope this guide has made your decision-making process smoother, helping you find the perfect kitty camera to win both your heart and your cat’s. Stay connected, engaged, and ensure the well-being of your feline friend with these exceptional cat cameras.

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