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Top 10 Gadgets For Cats & Cat Owners in 2024

best cat gadgets for cats
Written by Clair Chesterman

Caring for a cat can prove to be quite a task, demanding your constant care and attention. However, in today’s world, life as a cat owner has been significantly simplified, thanks to a wide array of innovative cat gadgets readily available in the market. These ingenious devices and gizmos are designed to enhance your feline friend’s well-being while also making your life as a cat parent more convenient and enjoyable.

Step into the world of feline innovation and watch your cat’s world transform. From the purrfectly convenient self-cleaning litter boxes to futuristic GPS trackers and interactive cat cameras, we’re diving headfirst into the coolest cat gadgets of 2024. Whether your whiskered friend loves playtime, relaxation, or staying clean, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to explore the latest trends in the world of cat technology, where ‘pawsome’ meets ‘purrfection.

We have listed the top ten cat gadgets that will make cat parenting a bit easier for you.

1. Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Best self cleaning litter boxes in 2023

When it comes to cat gadgets, the self cleaning litter box stands out as a true game-changer. It’s the ultimate solution to the most common headache for cat owners – scooping cat litter.

Gone are the days of spending precious time scraping and scooping your cat’s litter box. Thanks to advancements in technology, traditional cat litter has undergone a transformation. Now, it can autonomously sift out waste, leaving you with a cleaner, hassle-free experience.

Finish of the cleaning cycle of Litter Robot 4

The market offers a range of automated self-cleaning litter boxes, catering to different budgets, design preferences, and functionalities. Choosing the right one for your feline companions can be a daunting task, but our list of the top self-cleaning cat litter boxes is here to help you navigate your options.

My personal favorite? It has to be the Litter-Robot 4, the latest model from Whisker. This state-of-the-art self-cleaning litter box boasts advanced features designed with your cat’s safety in mind. What sets it apart? Its impressive connectivity and smart capabilities, making it a cut above the rest in the world of automated cat litter boxes.

2. GPS Tracker

different cat gps trackers in 2023

It’s heart-wrenching when you lose sight of your furry friend, but fear not – GPS trackers are the solution you’ve been looking for! These nifty devices utilize GPS technology, which you might already be familiar with from navigational software used in package tracking.

Once your cat sports a GPS tracking collar, you’ll never have to wonder about their whereabouts again. These collars are essentially equipped with a tracking device that snugly fits around your cat’s neck. This device continuously pinpoints your cat’s location, and you can conveniently track it on a map through an online platform or smartphone app.

But here’s the clever part: you can establish a designated “safe zone” for your cat, often your home or a specific neighborhood block. If the collar detects signals beyond this zone, it promptly notifies you via text or email – ensuring your kitty stays close to home, safe and sound.

I placed Tractive cat GPS tracker on my cat

Latest Tractive cat GPS Tractive model

When it comes to tracking devices for cats, the options are practically limitless, with a plethora of choices available online.

For my top recommendation, look no further than the Tractive GPS tracker. Designed with both cats and dogs in mind, it offers a safety guarantee for your beloved pets. I’ve put this tracker through its paces, and it consistently delivers the most precise location data among the collars I’ve tested. Plus, it’s lightweight and built to last, ensuring your cat’s comfort and the collar’s durability, even in the face of everyday wear and tear. Say goodbye to worries about your furry friend’s safety!

3. Cat Cameras

Interactive elements on cat camera via app

Being separated from your cats can be a source of constant concern, not just for you, but for your furry companions too. Fortunately, technology has stepped in to provide a solution.

Cat cameras have become a must-have gadget, allowing you to keep a watchful eye on your feline friends even when you’re not at home. With ease, you can set up these kitty cameras to monitor your cats’ activities from afar. Some models even offer the delightful feature of two-way communication, enabling you to have a chat with your beloved kitties, keeping them reassured and connected, no matter the distance!

Screenshot from live via app on Petcube pet cam

Cat cameras step up your home security game. While they may come with a higher price tag compared to regular home security cameras, they’re packed with feline-friendly features like laser pointers and treat dispensers. Plus, they offer a broader field of view than standard home cameras, even though they can’t do the full 360-degree spin.

For my top recommendation, I’d go with Petcube. It’s not only clever but incredibly useful for keeping an eye on your cat. If you’re looking for an alternative, Furbo, though designed for dogs, can still serve your cat-monitoring needs. While it might not tap into its full dog-recognition potential for cats, it’s a solid choice for your feline friends.

4. Cat Heating Pads

different electric blankets for cats

Winter can be harsh on your cat’s health, making it vital to ensure they stay warm. This is where a cat heating pad comes to the rescue.

Heated cat beds or pads are especially beneficial for elderly cats, those with joint problems, outdoor kitties, or those battling arthritis. If you live in a chilly area or simply have a cold home, they’re a lifesaver.

Remember to watch over your cat when they’re using these beds or pads and ensure they have an escape route to avoid overheating, as cats can get burned if they can’t cool off.

5. Exercise Wheels

Some of the best cat exercise wheels

It’s vital to keep your cat both physically and mentally fit. Being away from them can lead to anxiety, so maintaining mental stimulation is essential.

As indoor cats are the norm, it falls on owners to find creative ways to ensure their furry friends get the exercise they need. One straightforward solution is investing in a cat exercise wheel.

These wheels aren’t just about physical well-being; they also combat boredom. There’s a wide variety of workout wheels available on the market, so you can choose the one that suits your preferences. If you’re having trouble deciding, take a look at our selection of the top cat exercise wheels for guidance.

6. Automatic Feeders

Some of the best cat feeders on the list

Buying a smart feeder is now seen as an essential cat gadget, especially for those who are forced to leave their animal companions alone at home. For busy fur parents, picky animals, and cats on a specific diet, automatic cat feeders are a godsend.

Automatic cat feeders are time-saving, inventive, and convenient ways to make sure your feline gets fed on schedule even when you’re not home.

You can ensure that your cat gets portioned, calculated amounts of food at regular intervals with the help of these dependable devices.

As a result, cats may establish a reliable habit. Eventually, they will be able to anticipate when the next delectable serving of food will be served to them.

Cat is eating a scheduled meal from Feeder Robot

The Feeder Robot is my cat feeder choice. It has a seamless design, and my cats adore using it. Even though some people might think it is expensive, I can assure you that it is worthwhile, especially if you are a busy cat parent.

7. Electronic Cat Repellents

Plants and cats may not be an ideal combination. If you are a cat parent and have plants at home, your felines may occasionally (or frequently) eat or make a mess with your plants.

Electronic cat repellents are a great solution if your cats are tempted by plants or anything else you don’t want them getting in to. The electronic repellent system employs motion detection that triggers an ultrasonic emitter. The noise is only audible to cats, dogs, and other animals. The frequency falls outside the range of human hearing detection.

Some repellents utilize water spray to deter cats. Once detected by the motion detector, the water automatically sprays which will send your cat running away from the area.

8. Motion-Activated Cat Toys

Patgoal Rat motion activated Toy for Cat

Photo Amazon

To keep your cat active and to combat boredom, try a motion-activated cat toy. Because cats are such highly social animals, it’s crucial to create a stimulating environment to curb undesirable behaviors.

Motion-activated toys will keep your cat mentally stimulated, and they are also ideal for solo play. You can let your cat engage with the toy independently, and they may become captivated by it for hours.

Finding the ideal toy for your cat may require some effort. However, having a variety of toys is a terrific method to prevent your cat from growing tired of a particular activity or game. Plus, it ensures that you cat always have something exciting to play with when you’re not around.

9. Water Fountains

Many pet owners are unaware of cats’ chronic dehydration, which can lead to numerous health problems like renal disease and urinary tract infections. To combat this issue, cat water fountains continuously provide fresh water, promoting better hydration and nutrient absorption. The perfect cat gadget for this purpose is a cat water fountain

These fountains come in various styles, including stainless steel, ceramic, automated, and non-automatic models. Some fountains employ filters and cycle the water, while others function like an office water cooler with a jug that’s regularly refilled.

Selecting the best option for your cat will depend on their preferences and needs, ensuring they have a convenient and appealing source of hydration.

Check the best cat fountains here.

10. Air Purifier for Cat Litter and Smell

Air purifiers for cat owners

Owning a cat can sometimes lead to unpleasant odors in your home, often originating from cat litter or pet dander dispersed around your house. Fortunately, you can improve air quality and reduce these odors by using an air purifier designed for cats

A cat-specific air purifier effectively eliminates the faint smell caused by shed fur and dander, making it a must-have gadget for any cat owner. It not only removes odors but also enhances the overall air quality within your home.

To ensure its effectiveness, opt for an air purifier that is HEPA certified and appropriately sized for the room it will be used in. HEPA certification indicates that it meets the efficiency standards for capturing particles, and most air purifiers include a square footage range to help you choose the right one for your space.

Top Cat Gadgets Conclusion

As cat parents, we have access to an incredible array of gadgets that not only make our lives easier but also enhance the well-being of our feline companions. From the self cleaning litter box that spares us from the daily chore of scooping to cat GPS trackers that provide peace of mind when our cats venture outdoors, these top cat gadgets in 2024 are game-changers.

Cat cameras let us keep an eye on our pets even when we’re miles away, while cat heating pads ensure they stay warm and comfortable during chilly winters. Exercise wheels keep our cats physically and mentally active, reducing anxiety and preventing boredom.

Additionally, motion-activated cat toys provide entertainment and stimulation for our furry friends, while cat water fountains promote hydration and better health. Air purifiers for Cats combat unpleasant odors and improve air quality, benefitting both us and our cats.

With this range of innovative gadgets, we can provide our cats with the care, comfort, and entertainment they deserve, all while simplifying our own lives. Embracing these top cat gadgets in 2024 means fostering a deeper connection with our feline companions and ensuring they lead happy, healthy lives. So, whether you’re a seasoned cat owner or new to the world of feline companionship, consider these top gadgets for cats as valuable additions to your cat-care arsenal. Your cats will thank you with their purrs, cuddles, and boundless affection.


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