UBPet C20: Smart Cat Litter Box Transforming Pet Care

UBPet C20: Smart & Spacious Cat Litter Box
Written by Jamey Ekins

Embracing Innovation in Feline Comfort: The UBPet C20 Redefines the Modern Litter Box Experience

In an exciting development for cat owners, UBPet introduces the C20, a smart and spacious cat litter box that promises to redefine pet care. Designed for the modern pet owner, the UBPet C20 addresses common litter box challenges like cleaning, odors, and cat comfort, through innovative technology and design.

Empowering Owners and Cats

The UBPet C20 stands out with its automatic waste removal and odor control, providing relief from tedious cleaning and persistent odors. Its dual odor control system and automatic cleaning feature ensure a fresh, clean environment for cats and their owners. Additionally, the C20 is designed to recognize multiple cats, making it a versatile choice for multi-cat households.

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Safety and Comfort in Design

Prioritizing safety, the UBPet C20 cat litter box boasts a unique one-piece design that ensures cat safety under all conditions, including power failures and jams. The litterbox’s spacious entrance, measuring 12.6″ x 13.7″, and its low entry point make it accessible for cats of all sizes and ages, ensuring ease and comfort.

UBPet C20: Smart Cat Litter Box

Photo Credit: UBTECH Robotics

Innovative Features for a Hassle-Free Cat Litter Box Experience

UBPet has equipped the C20cat litter box with a range of smart features:

  • Aromatic Deodorizing Blocks: These blocks neutralize and absorb odors, recommended to be replaced every 20 days for consistent freshness.
  • Double-Layer Anti-Stick Pad: A blend of silicone and durable fabric material ensures a leak-free, scratch-resistant surface, keeping the cat litter box clean and mess-free.
  • Quiet Operation: At a mere 42dB, the C20 operates silently, respecting the sensitive hearing of cats and maintaining a peaceful home environment.
  • Smart Technology: The C20 supports app remote control, data viewing, and universal litter compatibility. Its one-tap litter replacement feature adds to its convenience.

UBTech Robotics: Innovators Behind the UBPet C20

UBPet, a division of UBTECH Robotics, is known for its innovation in AI and robotics. Since 2012, UBTECH has been a significant player in the robotics field, introducing groundbreaking products like Walker, China’s first humanoid robot. The Home Service Robot Business, established in 2020, extends UBTECH’s expertise to pet technology, aiming to enhance the lives of pets and their owners.

UBPet C20: Automatic Cat Litter Box

Photo Credit: UBTECH Robotics

Conclusion: UBPet C20 – A Milestone in Pet Care Technology

The UBPet C20 is more than a cat litter box; it is a comprehensive solution that combines convenience, safety, and smart technology. Its launch marks a new era in pet care, offering an unmatched combination of features that cater to the needs of modern cat owners. The C20 is a testament to UBTECH’s commitment to innovation and quality, setting new standards in the pet care market.

In celebration of the launch of the UBPet C20, a special promotional offer is currently available for early adopters. With an anticipated shipping date set for January 2024, this is an opportune moment for cat owners to secure their own UBPet C20. Act fast to take advantage of this exclusive deal and be among the first to experience the future of pet care with the UBPet C20. Availability is limited, so don’t miss your chance to revolutionize your cat’s comfort and your convenience!

For more information on the UBPet C20, including details on availability and pricing, interested customers can visit UBPet’s Indiegogo site.  

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