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Cat Exercise Wheels: 6 Best Options On the Market in 2022

Some of the best cat exercise wheels
Written by Clair Chesterman

A cat exercise wheel is an innovative device for cats. Cats may seem like the laziest animals in the world (next to the pandas) and you may think that the cat exercise wheel is not the best solution for your cat. However, they also require physical exercise to be physically healthy. Plus, you’ll be surprised at how many benefits that exercise can give to your feline! It will not only make your cat physically healthy, but it will also provide emotional benefits and prolong your cat’s life!  However, introducing your cat to exercise may be a bit tricky especially if you are training an older feline. Worry no more as there are products in the market made to provide easier and happier training! Help your cat to abandon his sedentary lifestyle by giving him a cat exercise wheel. These six cat exercise wheels are the best options to consider this 2022.

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The Best Cat Exercise Wheels in 2022

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

I have been using One Fast cat wheel for a while and this is why it’s #1 on the list. If you are looking for a sturdy and reliable option of a cat exercise wheel for 2022, then you have to consider buying the One Fast Cat Exercise Running Wheel. Unlike many others cat wheels I tried, this treadmill is well-constructed, not wobbly, and spins well. 

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel is made of selected material and ABS plastic that makes it sturdy and safe. Constructed by durable materials, the wheel is light yet strong. On the other hand, the baseboard is strengthened with battens, made to be heavier to allow galloping speed of active cats. Quick summary:

  • this exercise wheel is designed for all cats of all sizes
  • many positive reviews
  • amazing exercise for your cat
  • perfect for indoor cats
  • 30-day refund policy (in case you and your cat did not like it)
  • made of 100% recycled plastics
  • extremely fair price (check on the official website only, there are many resellers who marks up the price)


Some Cat Exercise Wheels are not built to handle the most active cats. Fortunately, the One Fast Cat Exercise Running Wheel is different because it is constructed to accommodate all cats of all sizes. The rollers in the base make the wheel balanced so it will not comes off when bumped or when at a galloping speed. I have three Bengals, about 12 lbs each and it perfectly works for them. 

This cat wheel is highly recommended for indoor cats to overcome their sedentary lifestyle. The One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel recognizes the importance of physical and mental training in developing a happy and healthy lifestyle for indoor cats. To keep your indoor feline active, it is a must to buy this cat treadmill.

climbing cat exercise wheel

Unlike the playful and fun designs of One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel (the one I review below), the One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel comes with neutral tones. If you want a treadmill that will be easily integrated into your home, this cat exercise wheel makes it achievable for you. Simple but classy, the wheel will not be too colorful nor too plain to be in your home.

Also, the price is extremely fair. Most of the cat wheels on the markets cost more than $500 that blows my mind… Check the current price on the official website and order from the official website only to avoid scams and be protected under proper return policy and warranty.


The only downside of this product is the assembly part. Just like other cat exercise wheels, I find it difficult to assemble. Thankfully, the instructions were clear enough to teach step-by-step directions. 

As for the training part, my cats did not find it too difficult to use the One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel. Well, this is an advantage to my part only because this is the second time I introduced my cats to a cat exercise wheel. 

Overall, One Fast Cast is definitely the best cat wheel available on the market.

Penn-Plax Wheeled 35-in Sisal Cat Tree

Penn-Plax Wheeled 35-in Sisal Cat Tree

Penn-Plax Spin Cat Tree is a two-in-one product that combines a cat tree and an exercise wheel. This is the ideal cat gear if you don’t have a lot of space at home.

This cat exercise wheel is designed for cats who do not weigh more than 15 pounds. The wheel is 20 inches by 6.5 inches in diameter, and the overall unit measures 20 inches by 35.75 inches by 35 inches.

The Penn-Plax Spin Cat Tree also features the following:

  • The two-tiered cat tree comes with 3 removable soft resting pads
  • A seven-inch hole gives your cat a fun place to hang out.
  • The wheel is coated on both sides with a sisal carpet and has three inbuilt sisal scratching posts.


For cat owners with minimal space at home, this exercise wheel with a cat tree included is worth buying. Among the other exercise wheels in the market, this one is more fun for cats since the wheel is connected to the cat tree which makes it more entertaining for cats.


I would say that this cat exercise wheel is not for large breeds as they may find the wheel a bit narrow. My Bengal cat loved it though. She was able to use it and was able to get used to it in no time.

Overall, Penn-Plax Wheeled 35-in Sisal Cat Tree is a good investment but it’s good for small cats. If you have a medium or large One Fast cat wheel way better.

Balemaue Cat Exercise Wheel 

Balemaue Cat Exercise Wheel 

The Balemaue Cat Running Wheel is another cat exercise wheel I tried. It is composed of wood and has robust rotating wheels for long-term use. Baemaue Cat Excercise Wheels measure 31.5 inches by 17 inches by 15.5 inches and weigh 29.7 pounds when fully assembled, which is a suitable size for cats of medium size. Some of the additional qualities of this cat running wheel are as follows:

  • It is made of wood and is quite solid.
  • The large and sturdy rotating wheel provides plenty of room for running.
  • In the bottom shaft, there is a silent pulley design, and this exercise wheel has an effective silent design.


I love that this one is made of wood instead of plastic, unlike the other cat exercise wheel that I have tried. It is aesthetically pleasing and actually adds beauty to your home. Aside from its actual purpose, this exercise wheel can be a conversation piece if you put it in your living room.

Assembling Balemaue Cat Excercise Wheel is also easy compared to the other ones I have tried. The unit came with complete parts and screws. 


What I dislike about this cat training wheel is that the area where the track meets the rollers on the exterior of the wheel is not completely smooth, causing each slat to bounce as the wheel is turned.

Overall, this is a nice cat exercise wheel, but in my opinion, it’s too overpriced. 

Hoiru Cat Wheel

Hoiru cat wheel

NOTE: Unfortunately, Hoiru cat wheel is discontinued at this moment

The Hoiru Cat Wheel is, no doubt, is a great choice but extremely expensive (usually costs over $1500). It is a top-end cat exercise machine that can easily make any of your cat’s playpen look luxurious. I was checking out some stuff for my cat and I caught a glimpse of this particular cat wheel at a shop one day and I instantly fell in love with it. I have never seen this certain type of cat anywhere; the aesthetics are very different from regular cat wheels, and I’ve never even seen or heard of them in infomercials and other types of ads. I asked around the shop and found out that the owners of that shop were Japanese and they imported this brand directly from Japan. Unfortunately, this cat wheel is discontinued at this moment and you can buy it from private owners only in a used condition. 

It is surely suitable for any breeds and personalities of cats, and it’s quite easy to assemble compared to others that are enumerated on this list.  

Petring Cat Wheel

NOTE: Due to supply problems during COVID-19, this cat wheel is not available for sale. You might see some private listings for cat wheels on Amazon or Ebay, that are extremely overpriced by resellers. Be careful!

Siamese cat is using Petring cat wheel.


If you want your cat to stay active and at the time scratch the nails than Petring cat exercise wheel should be your choice!

Main Features

  • 1200mm wheel and with the 300mm wheel width, 2 cats can run and jump around
  • Made of ABS material for safety, noise reduction and easy cleaning
  • Easy to wash carpet material
  • The C2 model has an All-in-One module feature


  • Lovely stylish design making rooms still look good
  • My cat can freely move because of the spacious wheel design


  • Must buy the C2 model if cat becomes bored easily
  • Must check with the seller if the model is 110 or 220 volts
  • Cannot dry this with a dryer/blower


  • Fit for cats up to 15 kg.
  • Noise: Average of 45 dB

Why You Should Consider This Cat Exercise Wheel

It is easy to remove the fur on the carpet/cat scratcher. There was a time my cat peed on it and good thing that I managed to remove the smell with laundry. About drying it, no big deal since it will dry in less than a day. The cat stays active and burns many calories! I check it with these activity monitors.

The color and the carpet of this indoor cat exercise wheel made me want to place it on my living room like a furniture. The wheel’s large for my small cat which is good since it will help on his weight loss, but I am not sure if large cat breeds can run/play on it well.


Neko-Cat Tree Small Cat Exercise Wheel

Ferris cat wheel for kittens.

This small cat exercise wheel is good for bored cats since they can scratch their claws on the non-irritating exercise surface a.k.a. the cat-tree. This is an ideal leisure toy for sensitive cats.

Main Features

  • Environmentally safe natural sisal rope making your cat stay away from furniture
  • Non-irritating and smooth plush surface
  • Durable and stable square base that can hold more than one cat


  • No lint
  • A cardboard cat exercise wheel made of high-quality materials: Durable particleboard, large cardboard tube and sisal rope


  • Might be less stable if placed near the dining room, kitchen or bathroom since the materials are not made of strong grade plastic
  • Not for the average-sized cat


  • Fit for cats under 15 kg.
  • Product size: 61 x 29 x 58cm, 73 x 36 x 70cm

Why You Should Get This Cat Exercise Wheel

I just planned to place it on my bedroom since the sisal rope is not that noisy. About cleaning, I just dust it off and don’t need for me to wash it. Just to be sure, I will just only let my cat use it since I am still afraid that it will fall if a second larger cat will join in.


Conclusion On These Cat Exercise Wheels

Cat Exercise Wheels are not new in the market, but they are not known to many cat owners until now. Still, it is a great addition to your cat’s training or the best way to start your cat’s physical exercise. Due to the various cat wheels available in the market, it may be quite confusing to buy the best one. Always keep in mind to prioritize your cat’s safety and the product’s durability! My personal favourite on this list is One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel (check the current price here). I bought it two years ago and it works perfectly with no problems at all.

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