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Cat DNA Test Kits Available in 2023

3 best Cat DNA kit available.
Written by Clair Chesterman

Has it ever came across your mind what is your cat’s rich heritage while staring at its cute face? Or maybe you are wondering if your cat is really a pure breed or not? Then maybe, it is time for you to do a cat DNA test on your feline companion! There are three main option for cat genetic test kits this year:

  • Basepaws
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Basepaws Cat DNA Test Kit | Breed + Health Report | Wild Cat Index | 21 Cat Breeds & 4 Breed Groups | 38 Genetic Markers | As Seen On Shark Tank and Ellen’s List | 3 Pack
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Health and Wellness Information?
Whole Genome Sequencing
Breed Groups Similarity
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Editor's Pick
Basepaws Cat DNA Test Kit | Breed + Health Report | Wild Cat Index | 21 Cat Breeds & 4 Breed Groups | 38 Genetic Markers | As Seen On Shark Tank and Ellen’s List | 3 Pack
Amazon Score
Number of Reviews
210 Reviews
Health and Wellness Information?
Whole Genome Sequencing
Breed Groups Similarity
Chromosome Map
Wildcat Index
More information

What is Cat DNA Test and What Can It Tell You?

A cat DNA test is a test done to know more about the genetic identity of your cats. It is done by getting your cat’s DNA samples. There are plenty of ways in which you can collect your cat’s DNA sample. These include swabbing the inside of their cheeks and blood samples that are taken by a licensed veterinarian.

But how does this test works? The whole process often starts when you buy a cat DNA test kit on the market. Then, you can either follow the instructions included in the test kit or you can go to the website of the test’s brand or manufacturer and read more information about the test kit there. Next is you need to get a DNA sample of your cat. After that, you will send this sample to the address indicated in the kit and wait for them to message or notify you when the results are available. Most often, you can check the results of the DNA test by signing in on their website.

There are many benefits in doing a DNA test on your cats, especially if you have just adopted them from the shelter or if they were former a stray cat. Doing this test can also make you understand your cat more and take care of it properly. Wondering what this test can tell you about your cat? Here are some:

  • Breed of the Cat
  • Traits of the Cat
  • Health and Health Risks of the Cat
  • Ancestry and/or Parentage of the Cat
  • Wild Cat Connection

Breed of the Cat

Breed report by Basepaws cat DNA kit.

Photo Basepaws

A cat DNA kit can provide you the genetic makeup of your feline companion. This can come in percentage and is a great way to know if you have doubts that your cat is a pure breed. This is also beneficial for cat parents that have adopted their feline babies from shelters and rescue organizations or have rescued a stray cat. Most often, cats from the shelters and the streets are mixed breed and are identified with just their physical appearance. With the test, you can now identify if your feline baby is really a purebred Ragdoll or if it really a crossbreed of Persian and Siamese.

Traits of the Cat

DNA test for your cat can also help you to know its traits. It can show and explain the colors and patterns of your cat’s fur and sometimes, even the color pigmentation. Inherited traits can also be identified with the test. It can also show what will be the color pattern of the cat’s future offsprings if you will breed it with a specific group of cats like longhairs. This new knowledge can be fun and exciting as you tend to learn more about the identity of your cat.

Health and Health Risks of the Cat

This is one of the big factors or benefits that any cat owner can have from doing a DNA test kit on them. Most often, the test kits offer these results which help you to know and understand the health status of your cat. The test can also show the health risks associated with your cat’s DNA and breed. It can also be determined if your feline baby is positive for any of the genetic diseases test that was done using their DNA sample. This can help you to take care better of your cat in the future and take proactive measures for the possible diseases that it can have. This will also help you in which cats are prone to specific diseases and if your cat has some diseased that came from in-breeding.

Ancestry and/or Parentage of the Cat

This can be shown depending on which cat genetic kit that you will choose. The ancestry result can help you to know which are the breeds that have the potential to match with your cat. This is also a big help for breeders. The parentage, on the other hand, can tell you if your cat’s parents are direct tom or queen or a kitten of the two. It can also determine if your cat can be a parent with strong genes.

Wild Cat Connection

Yes, it is possible to know if your feline baby has a long link connection to a wild cat. We all know that cats are not domesticated animals before and are also wandering in the wild like wildcats. A DNA test done on your cat can show if it has an inherited DNA from wildcats such as the leopard, jaguar, lion, and lynx. The result is often shown in percentage value for each wildcat which states the ranking in the similarity of your cat to its wild relative. Who knows? Maybe your cute cat is a descendant of a mighty lion.

How Much Will Cat DNA Kit Cost?

Now that you know about the benefits of doing a DNA test on your cat, you might be probably wondering – “How much does a cat DNA test kit cost?”. The answer is, it depends. Test kits can range from $45 up to $599. The reason behind this is the number of tests like the cat’s health risk, genetic traits, etc that are included in each test kits. Other additional tests that can help you know more about your cat’s identity are also offered.

Are you ready to choose the test kit for your cat? We got you covered! Below are the cat DNA test kits that are available on the market this 2021.

Best Cat DNA Kits Available in 2021

Basepaws Cat DNA Test Kit

Basepaws cat DNA kit package

The Basepaws cat DNA Test kit is offered from $99 to $499 and offering three main DNA kits:

  • Breed Groups DNA Test ($99)
  • Breed + Health DNA Test ($149)
  • Whole Genome DNA Test ($599)

The options included in this test kit are breed + health tests, breed group tests, breed + 2 health tests, and breed + 3 health tests. The tests done in each test kits are a comparison of 4 major breed groups, a wild cat index, and a chromosome map. Without a doubt, it’s the best cat DNA kit available on the market. Сheck more information and options on the official website (we highly recommend getting it from their website).

The wild cat index is a test that is done to identify the percentage of the wild cat ancestry of your cat. In the chromosome map, a visualization of your cat’s genetic codes in relation to popular cat breeds is shown. The result of the tests is in 35 or more pages and includes 39 gene mutations which are corresponding to 17 feline diseases and conditions including Polycystic kidney disease, retinal degeneration, and Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. The results will also show if your cat has tested positive or negative for certain diseases and if they are cleat or at high risk with diseases. Knowing this can help you to manage properly your cat’s health condition and to do preventive measures regarding the diseases in which they are at risk to have.

Basepaws cat DNA results

To collect the DNA sample of your cat, you need to swab your cat’s inner cheek for 5 to 10 seconds. Then you need to send the samples to Basepaws. Results are available within 4 to 6 weeks. The cat owners must have an account on the website of Basepaws so that they can access the results. Some tests such as the wild cat index one can show your cat’s ranking to other Basepaws cats in terms of a connection with a wildcat. I personally liked this cat genetic test kit because it has a lot to offer.

The customers are impressed with how fast the service and the posting of test results are, that getting the DNA sample is easy, and that the results are spot on. They have also added that they are satisfied with the results and that the health risk analysis is a big help for them to understand and take care of their cat better. Other reasons that the like this product is because of the free shipping when sending the samples to Basepaws, the results are detailed and specific, and the accuracy of the test results. Check more information on the official website. logo

This test by is very affordable as it only costs $45. The evaluation tests included are identity markers and sex determinate markers, parentage, health, and traits. It can also use blood samples instead of a DNA sample or buccal swabs of your cat. A minimum of 1ml of blood sample is required in order for the test to be processed.

The buccal swabs need to be air-dried before sending them to the designated address. A filled-out form containing you and your cat’s information is needed to be included in the package that will be sent back to them. The test results include the possible health risks of the cat such as heart disease, lysosomal storage disorders, late-onset blindness, and PK deficiency. Traits of your cat such as the distribution of the pigment on the fur, colors of the coat, and hair length, can also be seen in the results. They also offer add-on tests that are in $5 and $15. The $5 add-on test includes testing for

  • polycystic kidney disease
  • blood type
  • hypertrophic cardiomyopathy for Maine Coon breeds
  • color points for Burmese and Siamese breeds and albinism.

Spinal muscular atrophy for Maine Coons is offered at $15. A DNA certificate and the test results will be sent to the customer’s email within 30 days after they submitted the sample. They also stated that the results will be confidential and will be only shared with the cat’s owner.


 ORIVET Cat DNA Test Kit


Next on the line is the cat DNA testing kit by Orivet which is sold at about $75 (check the current price here). This test kit has a personalized plan aiming for the wellness of your cat and you can share this with your cat’s veterinarian so that you can work hand-in-hand. This life plan will also help you to understand your cat more and will help you to give them the proper care they need. Identified in this test kit are your cat’s health risk, traits, and blood group.

The DNA sample will be screened for more than 200 genetic diseases and traits. The test result includes an analysis of:

  • the cat’s health risk
  • traits
  • the blood group.

The health risk analysis will identify the most relevant health risks on your cat which is based on your cat’s breed, age, genetics, location, lifestyle, and gender. Diseases that are specific for each breed will also be highlighted and included in the report.

Included in the kit are 3 sterile swabs, instructions on how to collect the cat’s DNA sample, and an informational brochure. The customer must sign up for an online account on their website since the results of the test will be presented here. The users liked the product because the collection and sending of the DNA sample are easy, the kit is easy to use, and durable. They are also impressed that the results are accurate, thorough, and covered important cat diseases. They also added that the information that the kit has given about their cats helped them to have an idea of how to take care of their cat properly and what are its needs in order for it to have a healthy and long life. Check more information and get this kit from Amazon.


Now that we have reviewed the DNA test for cats that are available in the market, I hope it gave you the idea of which test kit is the best to take. Always remember that your cat’s safety and well-being are the topmost priority. Plus, it is just right to treat your cat as a member of your own family, which means it is just normal to know more about them and know their health risks. Having this test done can help you to properly manage your cat’s health, do some precautionary measures on their health risks, and know what they truly need. These cat DNA tests can even make you look at a new perspective or way on how to deal and take care of your cat. Get one from BasePaws (check the current price here)

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