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Best Cat Fitbits And Fitness Trackers To Monitor Cat’s Activity

Best cat fitness trackers
Written by Clair Chesterman

Cat owners cherish their feline companions, treating them like cherished members of the family. But there’s another modern, tech-savvy way to express your love for these four-legged friends – with a cat Fitbit! Nowadays, pet fitness trackers are gaining popularity, offering a comprehensive look into your kitty’s well-being. These innovative devices, often in the form of cat collars, employ the latest research and technology to provide valuable insights into your pet’s daily activities. They’re not just trendy; they’re incredibly practical, shaping the future of feline health and fitness. As you embark on this exciting journey into cat fitness tracking, you might wonder about the value of these devices and how they’ll enhance your bond with your furry pals. Let’s explore some of the top cat fitness trackers and activity monitors available in the market today.

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Top 5 Cat Fitness Trackers

Tractive LTE Cat Monitor & Fitness Tracker

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The Tractive GPS Cat Monitor & Fitness Tracker activity tracker specifically designed for cats and small dogs. This is how it looks on my medium-sized cat:

My cat with Tractive cat tracker

My cat with Tractive cat tracker

Many people have shared photos showcasing how they use Tractive with their cats. No matter how confident you are in your cat’s safety, there’s always a chance they might wander away, whether on a walk or while exploring the neighborhood. And there’s nothing more distressing than not knowing where your beloved feline friend is, especially when they’re not at home where they’re safest. That’s where Tractive fitness trackers comes in as a viable solution.

This fantastic global LTE GPS tracker operates just like the ones mentioned earlier. It provides real-time location updates for your pet and also functions as an activity monitor for cats. The app includes a virtual fence feature, allowing you to define a safe area and receive alerts if your cat ventures beyond its boundaries. With Tractive by your side, you can bid farewell to your worries, knowing exactly where your cat is during its adventures. It’s like you never left your cat’s side.

Loc8tor Cat Fitness Tracker

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The Loc8tor Pet Tracker is a tracking pet collar and pet tracking system in one! This all-in-one tracker utilizes advanced GPS and cell technology from America’s largest network to pinpoint your kitty cat’s location anywhere in the United States. Purr-fectly perfect indeed! In addition to tracking your kitty cat’s location, it will also monitor its activity, just like the kind of smartwatch you might wear. You can set activity goals for your fur pal, promoting a healthy lifestyle. The even better news is that this tracker does not require a monthly subscription fee, making it a fantastic and cost-effective product. The makers of the Loc8tor cat fitness tracker brand may sound familiar; that’s because Altranet has gained a reputation for producing top-notch GPS and innovative pet products. It’s a testament to their ability to provide an exceptional variety of highly functional items for everyday pet use, making it more enjoyable to take a walk with your kitty cat or simply play around with ease.

Whistle Go Explore With Cat Activity Monitor

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Technology has advanced so much that monitoring your pet’s location or tracking their activity is no longer as challenging as it was a few years ago. Today, with Whistle Go Explore, you can ensure that your kitty cat is within your reach, preventing them from straying too far through proactive pet alerts. It covers multiple safe zones for your cats, giving you peace of mind when your cat is out of sight. Considering that your kitty friend enjoys strolling around for a long time, the extended battery life is a plus, eliminating the worry of searching for your pet like a ticking time bomb. Also, the night light feature in the upgraded product is a sure hit when your cats want to exercise after sunset. Do you want Garfield to set a target weight after indulging in lasagna? Whistle Go Explore can do that! The product allows you to set fitness goals based on your cat’s age, breed, and weight (you can also use these cat scales). Its continuous updates will be sent directly to your email, text, or app, along with real-time location tracking that is certainly on point!

It also gives you unlimited access to on-demand veterinary assistance through your mobile phones, directly from the Whistle application, offering after-service care once you identify your cat’s health condition through this product. The VETINSIGHT group of licensed veterinary experts provides counseling and guidance, always available for virtual clinical consultations regarding your pet. The only downside is the need for a subscription, which is highly dependent on Wi-Fi. Nevertheless, Whistle membership includes proactive alerts, warnings, customized health reports, a nutrition calculator, and more.

PETFON Cat Activity Tracker

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Primarily designed for dogs, the PETFON Fitbit can also be used for cats. You don’t need any monthly subscription to make this work, as it can be easily operated with its long-standby battery that lasts up to 8-16 hours, ideal for out-of-town trips. How far can your cat roam without getting lost from your sight? It could be around 3.5 miles! By then, your cat would have already shed some pounds! The good thing about this product is that even in dense conditions, your cat can still exercise, and you can track your cat for half a mile while monitoring your cat’s physical activity, such as exercise duration and the number of steps your cat has taken, keeping a record of your cat’s fitness diary. Similar to the previous product, this also has an activated night light so your cat can walk at night.

This also becomes cost-effective as no greater investment is required apart from buying this item. Additionally, its small, durable, and rainproof design allows it to work in any weather. It also enables you to track your cat’s movement and pinpoint its location in real-time. Petfon GPS tracker combines GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and long-distance wireless technologies for precise real-time tracking. The unique Radar searching feature can help you find the direction of your lost kitty cat. With Petfon GPS tracker, you can define a safe zone around your cat’s location and get notified immediately if your pet leaves that area. You can also activate the GPS tracker’s bright lights to locate your cat more easily in low light or at night. Voice commands can be recorded and stored on the tracker to communicate with your cats remotely.

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker

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This new Whistle model pinpoints your cat’s location with this top-notch SMART GPS activity tracker for your pet, anywhere AT&T 3G cell service is available. Get proactive alerts via text, apps, or even email notifications when your pet ventures out from home. Its long battery life lasts up to 7 days! It is also built to endure swimming with your cat, waterproof for up to 3 feet for 30 minutes. Recommended for pets weighing 8 lbs. or more and attaches to any Fitbit cat collar. Just as the name suggests, this tracker ensures there’s more to it. So get the cat fitness tracker now and discover it for yourself, providing everlasting security for you and your cat!

Best Cat Fitbits And Fitness Trackers Conclusion

These cat fitbits and fitness trackers open up a world of possibilities for pet owners. They not only offer the convenience of knowing your cat’s whereabouts but also provide insights into their activity levels and health. The Tractive GPS Cat Monitor & Fitness Tracker, The Loc8tor Cat Fitness Tracker, Whistle Go Explore with Cat Activity Monitor, PETFON Cat Activity Tracker, and Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker all bring their unique features to the table, ensuring that your furry friend stays safe and healthy.

These cat fitbits are just one of the best things that you can easily purchase for your pup or kitty cat before you run out of options to make their lives easier that would provide verifiable “convenience” to you and your four-legged best friends. So, don’t wait any longer—explore these fantastic options and enhance your pet parenting experience like never before!

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