Best Cat Electric Blankets & Self Heating Pads 2022

different electric blankets for cats
Written by Clair Chesterman

As cat parents, we will do everything to make our cats comfortable at home. For cat owners, it is a struggle to always keep the right temperature in our house. Felines would go to extreme lengths to get warm and cosy in every way they can. Hence, providing a heated cat blanket to create the ambience perfect for your cat would be a great gift.

In this article, we are going to write an in-depth review of cat electric blankets for a buyer’s guide. We examined all essential features to look for in a heated cat blanket, such as size, warmth, material, and design. There are countless variants available today. We compiled all the best options to make it easier for you to choose what’s perfect for your feline!

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Are Cat Electric Blankets Safe For Cats?

This question may have been bugging you as a cat owner. So before starting with the review, let’s clear everything out! Cat electric blankets are specifically designed to be safe for cats. It is because these products have been designed to heat up to your cat’s body temperature and never above. Some are temperature-controlled and has an auto-off feature. This way, your beloved kitty will feel warm and cosy, without the risk of overheating. For your cat’s safety, all products in this list hold all these safety features!

The Best Cat Electric Blankets and Self Heating Pads in 2022

Here you go. We have reviewed, tested and handpicked these 7 best cat electric blankets available on the market in 2020.

1. Iesotc Heating Pad for Cats

cat is enjoying lesotc heating pad

On our quest to find the best-heated cat blankets out there, the Iesotc cat heating pad is one of the variants that stood out. Earning 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon (as of January 1, 2020), this is clearly a warming pad that both felines and humans are a fan of. It’s no doubt that it’s a favourite because it’s cosy, durable, and well-designed!

With two thermostats inside, this cat warming blanket has an even heat distribution. I love how it gets perfectly warm and never gets hot, which makes it so comfortable! The warmth and softness of the pad make it a perfect bed for your cat to fall asleep on. The Iesotc heating pad can serve as a cat bed as there is some natural padding inside.

The dual chew resistant steel cord is very reassuring, my cat never succeeds in messing with the chord. That way, I don’t have to worry about leaving my cat alone with his heating pad. I also loved how I can easily remove the outer cover for easier cleaning! Compact and cosy, the Iesotc heating pad is perfect for keeping your single feline happy and warm! Check more information on Amazon.

2. Namsan Cat Heating Pad

cat sitting on namsan heating pad

The next product on our list is this self-heating cat pad from Namsan that is perfect for those who are on a budget. Unlike the first option, this cat heating pad has adjustable temperatures to be set according to your cat’s liking. At a low price, you can now get a high-quality product!

The Namsan temperature-controlled heating pad will maintain the set temperature when working. It was very reassuring to see that I wouldn’t have to worry about overheating. The cat warming pad has a perfect fit for cats of all sizes! My cat can control how much warm he can get by how much of his body is on the pad.

Another notable feature of the Namsan electric blanket is the anti-biting cord that is approximately 6 feet long, which comes in handy! The long cable is helpful for routing and placing the heating pad in an accessible location. The numbers on the LED are also large and easy to see.

For extra safety, the Namsan cat heating pad has a waterproof surface and a thermostat with a pre-set veterinarian recommended settings. I loved how the cloth is designed to be removable and washable, making my experience easier! This product is recommended for those who are looking for a cat heating pad with sensible thermostat and cable length. Check more information on Amazon.

3. Nuoyo Self Heating Cat Pad

cat is sitting nuoyo cat heating pad

Cats love being warm, stroked, and cuddled more often than you think! It is what the Nuoyo Pet Heating Pad aims to provide, to keep your little one in good company when you are not around. This durable cat warming pad is backed with a one-year warranty, so there’s no need for quality concerns!

Not only that this cat warming pad is made of high-quality materials but is also waterproof. Rest assured that there will be no harm when your feline accidentally spills water all over his mat! Since the Nuoyo soft removable cover is dust-proof, it is incredibly easy to clean by hand. This self-heating cat pad comes with a back-up cover too!

In terms of safety, this cat heating pad is designed in low voltage and has an overheating protector to prevent the high-temperature burn. It is designed to heat slowly on balance for more secure usage. The cord is wrapped to shield the wire from your cat’s chewing and preventing electric shock. Overall, this is a great product from Nuoyo at a reasonable price! Check more information on Amazon.

4. Wangstar X-Large Cat Heating Blanket

wangstart Cat Heating Blanket

Some felines cannot sleep on beds with tall sides, and would rather prefer mat-style beds. If you want a cat warming pad that acts like a cat bed too, the Wangstar X-Large Cat Heating Blanket is our top choice!

This self-heating cat pad comes with two pieces of warm woolen cat blankets! What’s great is that they’re designed with a cute pattern of pawprints. Measuring 28 by 23.6 inches, the heated cat blanket is big enough for felines who like a bit of room to stretch. You might even find it large enough to fit two kitties!

The self-warming cat blanket features a steel and chew-resistant cord with a silicone casing to prevent it from incurring any damages. It is also made of durable fabric and waterproof materials. However, it is not advised to use it when wet.

You are able to adjust the temperature levels according to your cat’s liking, but it is recommended to start with the high setting first and adjust accordingly. The good news is that the blanker is backed up with a three-month refund policy, making it a safe choice. Nevertheless, I’m sure that you would keep yours! Check more information on Amazon.

5. RIOGOO Heating Pad For Cats

cat is sitting on RIOGOO Heating Pad

Available in medium, large, and x-large sizes, the RIOGOO Electric Heating Pad offers a wide range of choices for all sizes of felines. While the medium-sized is the standard size for single cats, you might consider buying the two bigger sizes for your kitties who like to share!

Cozy and comfortable, this cat electric blanket is suitable for both newborn babies and senior pets! The pad also provides extra support for cats recovering from illness or injury. The largest size of the mat measures 32 by 20 inches, which is much larger than most of you can buy. It is also priced fairly!

The warming mat is covered with a seven-layer protection structure with a UL approved heating wire for added protection. The temperature sensor inside the pad is so reassuring! It has an auto power-off function to avoid overheating when you forgot to turn off the switch.

Not only is the cover easy to remove and clean, but it is also made of safe and soft polyester. The RIOGOO Cat Heating Pad doesn’t come cheap, but it is certainly worth it considering the size, quality, and durability. Check more information on Amazon.

6. Marunda Electric Blanket For Cats

marunda heating pad with cat on the box

The Marunda cat electric blanket comes in two sizes, ideal for two kitties sharing a bed indoors. Unlike a traditional battery operated heated blanket for cats, this cat warming pad features a built-in dual thermostat. It is designed to be safely left on with your cat that will keep him warm, without causing it to overheat.

The temperature it produces is from 95 to 108°F, which is the most comfortable range. It can still keep your furball warm and cozy during the harsh winters! The temperature that the blanker produces has been tested for data, so it works by reflecting your cat’s body temperature back at him.

You wouldn’t have any problems with the Marunda cat electric blanket as it is water-proof and has a dual chew resistant cord. Cats will always mess up with wires and cords so Marunda is designed to withstand 27kgs of pull force! The blanket is also scratch-proof! When you consider all these features, you will understand why the Marunda cat electric blanket is such a good option. Check more information on Amazon.

7. K&H Electric Heated Bed For Cats

K&H ThermoKitty Bed

If your beloved furball spends a lot of time outdoors, then you might probably consider buying the K&H Thermokitty Heated Bed. K&H has been warming cat for more than 30 years so this is surely a cat warming bed you can trust.

This cat heat bed is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. It is designed for use in garages, barns, patios, and other sheltered outdoor areas. Even though the heating bed is designed to be rugged and sturdy, it’s exterior is made of super soft material to provide extra comfort.

What makes this product unique is that it utilizes an energy-efficient, thermostatically controlled heater designed to adjust to your cat’s temperature. Not only does this cat heating bed emits your kitty’s normal body temperature but it is also lightly-padded to keep him cozy and warm all the time.

One of the best features of this bed is that it comes with three different sizes, accommodating all different kinds of kittens! The K&H electro cat bed may be the last in our list, but it’s definitely not the least as it can compete with others in the market! Check more information on Amazon.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for the perfect cat warming pad for your beloved fur baby, it is vital for you to consider our options! The variants contain all the essential features of what to look for in a heated cat blanket. Among these options, I’m sure that you will find one for your cat.

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