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Kitty Poo Club vs. Skoon Cat Litter

Kitty Poo VS. Skoon Cat Litter
Written by Clair Chesterman

The best monthly cat litter boxes are great for cat parents who want to save more money and time. Cat litter boxes with subscription like Kitty Poo Club and Skoon will make cleaning easy. Just dump the litter on the box and after a month, clumps solidify and still less smell. All they have to do is throw away the box and wait for the next cat litter item to be delivered to their house.

Here is the summary table of the 2 well-liked hypoallergenic cat litter boxes in the market:

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Differences Between Kitty Poo Club and Skoon

Litter Type

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Odor Control

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Unique Features

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Skoon has Diatomite and fine grains while Kitty Poo Club has 5 options depending on your needs: Diatomite, Silica, Fine-Grain Silica, Clay, or Organic Soy.

Website Experience

Kitty Poo Club explains clearly on their homepage how their product works by having illustrations and brief descriptions while Skoon’s official website does the same and explains the benefits of their kitty litter to cats. Both share cute cat pictures like for Kitty Poo Club, they have a small auto-slide show of the gorgeous cats while on Skoon. there are some pictures and they share their Instagram page. Both are easy to navigate and order.

Cost and Subscription Price

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They both have recyclable boxes and are convenient but I lean into Kitty Poo Club because I can choose more on their selection of cat litter materials unlike in Skoon where you can only choose three scents although they have a fine grain bag and a cat probiotics supplements. For a recyclable box and cat litter convenience, Kitty Poo Club is more affordable than Skoon.


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