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Chillx Vs PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box

Necessity is the mother of invention that’s why for us and our cats, it is necessary to put their waste out of our house and give the best to our feline pets. It will be a big difference to our daily chores if all we have to do is just throw their dump away. Less cat poop smell and more enjoyable to play with our feline friends.  These two cat litter boxes, Chillx and PetSafe ScoopFree litter box, are some of the most talked-about cat tech products, since I already tried these, I just want to share the comparison between them, and let you decide which one will you get.

Factors We Considered When Comparing Chillx VS PetSafe ScoopFree

These two cat litter boxes are both automatic. ChillX has an auto-cycle for thorough cleaning of the waste while PetSafe ScoopFree has a sensor to auto-clean the litter box after your cat leaves the box. Cats are comfortable getting on these boxes. Chillx has a shade and PetSafe has an open space. Chillx is great for minimalist styling, and PetSafe might fit in your room decor. In terms of convenience, both cat litter boxes made me focus on other cat parenting chores.


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Ease of Cleaning

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Smart Features

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PetSafe ScoopFree does well in doing the main goal of pulling cat litter into the box. It cleans better, and there are no more additional cleanups unlike in ChillX, although ChillX’s auto-cycle is convenient, some cat clumps are still left there. Petsafe’s box is sturdier and has a larger tray. However, there are better self-cleaning litter boxes available out there.


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