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Best Robot Litter Boxes: Top Picks for Your Cat

Robot Litter Box Cat
Written by Laura Hall

In the ever-evolving world of pet care technology, cat owners are increasingly investing in innovative products that make life easier for them and better for their feline loved ones – and robot litter boxes are a best seller! These revolutionary automated devices offer a cleaner, more efficient, hands-free, and hassle-free approach to managing your cat’s litter. No more scooping! 

Not only is this great for those of us that love our cats but hate poop scooping, but it’s also healthier for you and your cat. Having a clean litter box is essential; it stops your home from getting dirty and smelly and prevents infection, respiratory issues, and the spread of disease. It’s also crucial for your cat’s well-being, to encourage good bathroom habits and prevent unhappiness and bad behavior. Not to mention, it eliminates costly litter waste for you!

If you’re interested in getting one for your cat, keep reading for a list of the best robot litter boxes on the market, whatever your needs, starting with our top three picks, Litter Robot 4, as well as PetSafe ScoopFree, and Leo’s Loo Too. Let’s take a closer look.

Our Picks

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Best Overall Self-Cleaning Litter Box: Litter Robot 4 

The Litter Robot 4 stands out as a highly anticipated upgrade to its predecessor, which is also on this list, promising an enhanced automated self-cleaning experience for cat owners. If you prioritize convenience and health monitoring, as well as a cleaner litter box for your cat, the Litter-Robot 4 could be a worthwhile investment for you.

Litter Robot 4
Photo courtesy of Litter Robot by Whisker

The sleek, compact design makes it an aesthetically pleasing addition to any living space, and the spacious waste drawer features a tight seal and a carbon-filtered cover for effective odor control. It also comes with various accessories, such as a step, fence, ramp, door, Pet ID Tag, Scratcher, Camera Mount, WhiskerCam, Bag Holder, Mega Fence, Litter Hopper, and Bonnet. 

Specifications: 22 x 27 x 29.5 inches

Key features:

  • Arrived fully assembled
  • Spacious design 
  • A clean bed of litter after each use
  • Accompanying Whisker app provides comprehensive health insights
  • OdorTrap feature & customizable options
  • SmartScale™ technology
  • MultiCat™ design accommodates up to four cats
  • SafeCat™ technology for ultra-safe usage
  • QuietSift™ technology ensures minimal noise 
  • Upgraded sifting screen reduces airborne and surface dust

What we like: The accompanying Whisker app offers comprehensive insights into your cat’s litter box usage, weight, and waste drawer status and its updated mobile app connectivity allows seamless usage. 

The SmartScale™ technology offers real-time weight monitoring of your cat, while advanced litter-sifting technology guarantees a consistently clean bed of litter after each use. The MultiCat™ design also accommodates up to four cats, making it suitable for households with more than one kitty cat. 

In addition, the SafeCat™ system enhances safety by recognizing cat movements and analyzing safety zones, ensuring a secure environment. QuietSift™ technology minimizes noise during the litter-sifting process, and an upgraded sifting screen reduces airborne and surface dust. The inclusion of the OdorTrap feature and its customizable options also cater to individual preferences, providing a personalized and comfortable environment for your cat. 

This is also a great robot litter box if you have more than one cat in the house. Read our article here: “Is the Litter Robot 4 Good for Multiple Cats?

What to consider: At $699, the price may not be compatible with everyone, but it does come with an extensive amount of features. The device’s size may also be a drawback for those with limited space.

Additionally, the real-time notifications from the app could be annoying for people who prefer minimal interruptions when they’re not at home, and a few customer reviews report reported a plastic part detaching after six months of use, although the brand’s customer support is quick and helpful. 

Shop now: If you are interested in this product, you can buy it on the official website.

Full review: Check out our full review of the product here.

Litter-Robot 4 | WiFi-Enabled, Automatic Litter Box

Stop scooping cat litter, neutralize litter box odors, and give kitty a clean bed of litter every time with Litter-Robot 4. Elegantly designed to maximize comfort for cats of all sizes, Litter-Robot 4 features advanced litter-sifting technology, reduced litter tracking, and real-time monitoring of waste and litter levels, plus tracks your cat’s weight with SmartScale® in the Whisker app. Join 1 million pet parents who’ve upgraded to a smarter litter box.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Best Affordable: Petsafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box

We have tried and tested a variety of self-cleaning litter boxes for cats, and the next on our list is the Petsafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box. Petsafe offers several options, each designed with unique features to meet different needs, making them an affordable choice for self-cleaning cat litter boxes.

The ScoopFree Crystal Pro is designed to eliminate scooping from your daily routine. Using crystal litter, it offers superior odor control by absorbing urine and dehydrating solid waste. This low-tracking litter keeps your floors clean as it is 99% dust-free and doesn’t stick to your cat’s paws. Disposable trays with leak-protective linings and easy-to-remove lids make maintenance simple. A health counter tracks your cat’s usage, providing a convenient way to detect early signs of health issues. The included privacy cover gives your cat a secluded bathroom space.

Specifications: 28.5 x 20.5 x 11.5 inches

Key features:

  • Eliminates scooping for weeks
  • Superior odor control with crystal litter
  • Safety sensors for secure operation
  • Disposable trays with leak protection
  • Health counter for monitoring usage
  • Privacy cover for a secluded space

What we like: The Petsafe ScoopFree Crystal Pro offers excellent odor control and minimal maintenance. The crystal litter absorbs and dehydrates waste efficiently, keeping your home fresh. The disposable trays are convenient and easy to replace, making cleanup a breeze. The health counter is a great feature for monitoring your cat’s habits and detecting potential health issues early.

The safety sensors ensure that the cleaning cycle only starts when your cat is out of the box, providing a secure environment. The privacy cover adds an extra layer of comfort for your cat, encouraging consistent use.

This self-cleaning litter box is an excellent option for single or multi-cat households looking for a reliable and affordable solution.

What to consider: At $184.95, the price is more accessible compared to higher-end models, but it may become costly over time with the need to regularly purchase disposable trays. Additionally, while the odor control is effective, the crystals may need to be replaced more frequently in multi-cat households. Some users have reported that smaller waste particles can accumulate on the rake, requiring occasional manual cleaning.

Shop now: If you are interested in this product, you can buy it on the official website.

Full review: Check out our full review of the PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box here.

Petsafe ScoopFree Crystal Pro Front-Entry Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Eliminate scooping with the ScoopFree® Complete Plus Covered Self-Cleaning Litter Box. Using crystal litter for superior odor control, it absorbs urine and dehydrates solid waste, performing up to five times better than traditional clumping litter. The 99% dust-free, low-tracking crystals keep floors clean, while safety sensors ensure scooping only occurs when your cat is out. Disposable trays with leak-protective linings and easy-to-remove lids make maintenance simple. A health counter monitors usage for early health issue detection, and the privacy cover offers a secluded space.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Best for Odor Control: Leo’s Loo Too

Leo’s Loo Too also stands out for its innovative features and functionality, but most notably, for its advanced odor control. So, if your cat has particularly stinky poops, this could be the one for you! The box features a quiet cleaning cycle and a programmable UV system for sterilization. It also comes with a mat, liners, and cat toys.

My cat inspecting Leo's Loo Too litter box

Specifications: 24 x 22 x 27.6 inches

Key features:

  • Remote control via the Casa Leo app
  • Cat activity monitoring & trend logs
  • Compatibility with Alexa or Google Voice Assistant
  • Triple-layer protection system for cat safety
  • Programmable UV light for disinfection
  • Whisper-quiet sifting technology (30 decibels)
  • Modern and diverse color options
  • Easy-to-disassemble parts for cleaning

What we like: The box is easy to put together and comes with clear instructions. The modern-looking design is available in multiple colors and blends into the home easily. Its compact size is super convenient and the large waste drawer is great for multiple cats. It’s also easy to clean and very sturdy, with high-quality materials and advanced safety features including a protective wall, weight sensors, and an anti-pinch sensor. 

The accompanying Casa Leo app is easy to set up the box can even be integrated with Alexa and Google Voice Assistant for an even more convenient experience. The box is also more reasonably priced than our top pick, at USD 599.99 (pre-order bundle). 

What to consider: While Leo’s Loo Too excels in various aspects, it lacks a step for easier access, which may not be an issue for most cats but could be if you have a senior cat or a cat with limited abilities. Maneuvering a litter box without handles can also be inconvenient, and some buyers note that the waste drawer can be difficult to pull out. 

Shop now: If you are interested in this product, you can buy it on the official website.

Full review: Check out our full review of the product here.

Superior Odor Control
Leo’s Loo Too – Covered Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Discover Leo's Loo Too, the advanced automatic cat litter box controlled via the Casa Leo app and compatible with Alexa or Google Voice Assistant. It features a three-layer safety system, a UV light for disinfection and odor control, and a larger capacity than its predecessor. Enjoy whisper-quiet operation at just 30 decibels and an innovative design with easily disassembled parts for quick cleaning.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Best Litter Free: CatGenie A.I. 

The CatGenie A.I. is a groundbreaking self-flushing litter box that acts as an all-in-one solution. It eliminates the need for traditional litter altogether by using washable granules instead. Not only does it use a comprehensive & energy-efficient cleaning, drying, and flushing process, but it also eliminates the cost of cat litter, saving you money, and reducing waste for the eco-conscious consumer. 

My cat is trying CatGenie A.I. self cleaaning litter box

Specifications: 21 x 19.25 x 24.5 inches

Key features:

  • Self-cleaning, drying & flushing 
  • Uses washable granules
  • Energy-efficient 
  • Smart monitoring & app for tracking usage, alerts, and customizable cleaning cycles
  • Three cleaning modes – Push Start, Cat Activation & Auto Start

What we like: The elimination of traditional litter in favor of washable granules is not only more environmentally friendly but also ensures a more hygienic experience for both you and your cat. The comprehensive cleaning process completely gets rid of any bad smells and the integration of smart technology makes it even more convenient. 

At $489, it’s a great budget-friendly option and the sizeable two-year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee also offer a risk-free trial, so there’s nothing to lose by trying it! 

What to consider: Although it’s a fantastic product, the CatGenie A.I. may not be suitable for everyone. It is noisier than the others on the list, which could disrupt the household and bother sensitive pets. It’s also quite large, which may not be suitable for some. The ongoing refills of SaniSolution (cleaner) should also be taken into consideration, whilst this is in place of having to buy cat litter, it is more expensive than most cat litter. 

Shop now: If you are interested in this product, you can buy it on Amazon.

Full review: Check out our full review of the product here.

CatGenie A.I. Self-Flushing Cat Box
Summary At A Glance

The CatGenie A.I. reimagines cat litter solutions with its self-cleaning and self-flushing capabilities. While it streamlines waste management, it may not capture all waste in every cycle and can be noisy during operation. Its odor control is effective post-cleaning, although some scents may linger during the process. Ideal for homes with up to two cats, the CatGenie works best with solid waste and requires ample space. With a 90-day money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty, it's a noteworthy choice for those seeking an automated, hassle-free litter box solution, although some may find alternatives like the Litter-Robot 4 more to their preference.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Best for Multiple Cats: Litter Robot 3

Litter Robot 3 has a sleek open design and a competitive price tag of $549. This brand never fails in efficiency and reliability, and the Litter Robot 3 comes widely hailed as the top product of its kind by many, but it’s especially good for owners of multiple cats.

Big cat is trying to fit into Litter Robot

Specifications: 30 x 25 x 27 inches

Key features:

  • Fully automatic cleaning cycle
  • Excellent customer support 
  • 90-day return policy
  • Connects to a mobile app for remote monitoring and control
  • Safety features 
  • Backup battery for power outages 
  • Durable construction 
  • High-quality materials

What we like: The Litter Robot 3 has seamless automation and odor control for multi-cat households. The accompanying Connect app allows for easy monitoring and adjustment of the settings and provides valuable insights about your cats’ health. The 90-day return policy is perfect for first-time try-ers who aren’t sure if a robot litter box is for them, and the backup battery feature is a thoughtful addition, too. 

What to consider: Whilst it’s a great product overall, it does have some drawbacks which make its high price point a little questionable. As you may have noticed in the specification section, this product is pretty big, so it takes up a lot of space. That said, the inner litter bed is comparatively small, so it may not be suitable for bigger cats. 

The sensor feature, while generally effective, is also not always consistent in detecting lighter cats, according to some customer reviews. The disassembly and reassembly needed for deep cleaning can also be a bit annoying, but it’s only required every three months. 

Shop now: If you are interested in this product, you can buy it on the official website.

Full review: Check out our full review of the product here.

Litter-Robot 3 | Automatic, Self-Cleaning Litter Box for Cats

Upgrade your litter box® and stop scooping cat litter forever while giving your kitty a clean bed of litter for each use: a better litter box for everyone! Litter-Robot comes with a 90-day in-home trial, comprehensive coverage with our WhiskerCare™ 1-Year Warranty, and free shipping (excl. AK, HI, PR). Since 2000, 1 million happy pet parents have upgraded to the Litter-Robot!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Most Stylish: PetSnowy

PetSnowy’s robot litter box is a more aesthetically pleasing option for the stylish cat parents out there! Born out of a crowdfunding campaign, it’s new but seems to have mostly favorable feedback. The product claims to streamline your cat’s care routine with its automated features and looks good in the process with a pretty pink and white enclosed design. 

Robot Litter Box - PetSnowy
Photo courtesy of PetSnowy

Specifications: 29.5 x 20 x 25.6 inches

Key features:

  • Effortless set-up & clean-up
  • Lift-top cover 
  • Automatic scooping, waste collection & sealing
  • Tool-free magnetic assembly 
  • 6-stage safety features
  • Health trackings 
  • Customer support

What we like: The Petsnowy robot litter box is compact, easy to assemble, and quiet. It offers a “Zero Smell Experience” with a 3-stage deodorization technology and although the brand is still relatively new and less established, customer reviews confirm this! The unique Auto-Sealing Draw Waster is also a standout feature, and the app is good for basic health monitoring. 

What to consider: If you want something that offers comprehensive health monitoring, this isn’t it, but it covers the basics and gets the job done. Although pretty, the enclosed design isn’t preferable to some cats. It’s also worth noting that this litter box isn’t suitable for cats under 3.3 lbs, and the draw needs specific bags which can be a pain to get hold of. 

The limited warranty and short return policy raise concerns about the long-term reliability and customer support that comes with the product, especially in comparison to more established brands, but whilst reviews are limited due to the newness of the company, the product does have predominantly good feedback from buyers. 

Shop now: If you are interested in this product, you can buy it here.

Full review: Check out our full review of the product here.

Buying Guide 

If you’re not sure which robot litter box is right for you, consider its size, type, and accessibility. Your cat’s litter box should be at least 1.5 times the length of their body, with at least 6 cm of depth for digging. Most cats prefer open litter boxes, but you may want to try a closed one for the sake of your home. However, accessibility is important for seniors and cats with disabilities. 

Litter compatibility is also important if your cat has preferences, as well as the effectiveness of the safety features and cleaning mechanisms. You should consider the noise level if your pet is sensitive, too, and any preferences you have about power sources. 

You may also want to consider the price point if you’re on a budget and how well it comes recommended by other customers, plus any other things that are important to you, like style, ease of assembly, eco-friendly materials, and extra features such as smartphone connectivity and weight management. 


Are robot litter boxes safe for cats?

Robot litter boxes are perfectly safe. They have built-in sensors that detect when your cat is inside of it and only clean itself when it is empty. Another thing to consider, however, is that checking for abnormalities in your cat’s poop can be a good indicator of health problems, so don’t let the convenience of a robot litter box stop you from checking for strange scents, colors, or consistencies with your cat’s poop on a regular basis. 

How many litter boxes does my cat need?

Each cat in your home should have at least two litter boxes. They should be placed somewhere quiet and private in the home. Most cats also prefer open litter boxes, but some prefer closed ones. 

How big should my cat’s litter box be?

Your cat’s litter box should be at least one and a half the length of their body with a depth of at least 6 cm for digging. Older or less agile cats may also need a litter box with low entry points or built-in ramps for easy access.

How often should I clean my cat’s robot litter box?

Although robot litter boxes are self-cleaning when it comes to poop scooping, you should still give it a deep clean with soap and water once a month, unless the product specifies that it can go longer without cleaning. 

What type of cat litter is best?

There is no one best kind of cat litter and each cat has different preferences. Some like scented littler, sandy litter, or clay-based litter, while others like wood pellets or crystals. However, generally speaking, most cats prefer an unscented clumping litter with a fine texture. Unscented litters also allow you to check for abnormal smells in your cat’s poop. Another great option is Cat Health Monitoring Litters so that you can keep track on the health and wellness of your cat.

Final Thoughts

These innovative devices are truly designed to make life as a cat owner easier, whilst still keeping the health and well-being of your cat the priority. We cannot recommend our top pick the Litter Robot 4 highly enough, but all of the products mentioned on our list are among the best on the market. It all depends on your needs! So, whether you need advanced odor control or something for multiple cats, we invite you to use our guide to find the best robot litter box for you.

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