Neogen® Partners with Cat Fanciers’ Association to Advance Feline DNA Testing

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Written by Jamey Ekins

Strategic Collaboration for Feline DNA Testing

Neogen Corporation, a global leader in animal well-being and food safety, has announced a strategic partnership with the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), a key player in feline advocacy. This collaboration is centered around enhancing the utility of Neogen’s My CatScan™ DNA testing services for the CFA members, focusing on the promotion, education, and technological advancements of Neogen’s offerings. This partnership is poised to set new standards in Feline DNA Testing, offering unprecedented insights into cat genetics for breeders and enthusiasts alike.

A Shared Vision for Feline Health

Dr. Robert Westra, Associate Medical Director at Neogen, expressed excitement about the collaboration, noting its potential to advance feline DNA testing and strengthen the connection between Neogen and the feline community.

Desiree Bobby of the CFA stated:

Preservation breeding is about careful selection based on ancestry and, most importantly, health and genetic traits. Neogen’s My CatScan product screens for over 120 feline health risks and genetic traits and provides data that our breeders need to meticulously shape new generations of pedigreed cats.

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The Cat Fanciers’ Association: Pioneers in Cat Advocacy

The Cat Fancier’s Association, established in 1906, is renowned for being the most influential pedigreed cat registry globally. As a not-for-profit organization, it is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of pedigreed cat breeds, as well as enhancing the well-being of all cats. The CFA’s mission encompasses education on responsible cat ownership and providing care to millions of cat owners worldwide.

The CFA organizes and sanctions cat shows globally, providing a platform for breeders and owners to showcase their cats. These shows are not just about beauty; they assess cats against breed standards, which include physical conformation, health, and temperament. These events are crucial for maintaining and improving breed standards and also serve as social and educational gatherings for cat enthusiasts.

cat fancier's associate - feline DNA testing

About Neogen Corporation

Neogen Corporation, listed on NASDAQ as NEOG, is committed to advancing human and animal health and ensuring global food security. With a robust presence in over 140 countries, Neogen focuses on developing solutions across Food Safety, Livestock, and Pet Health & Wellness markets. This partnership with CFA marks a significant step in Neogen’s commitment to leveraging science and technology in enhancing animal welfare.

Impact of the Collaboration

This partnership between Neogen and CFA is set to drive innovation in the field of feline genetics, benefiting cat breeders and owners worldwide. The collaboration aligns with both organizations’ goals of improving pet health and showcases Neogen’s dedication to advancing pet care technologies. The integration of Feline DNA Testing in this partnership is expected to provide cutting-edge genetic insights, revolutionizing cat breeding and care practices.

The joint effort by Neogen and the Cat Fanciers’ Association is a promising development in the field of feline genetics, poised to bring transformative changes in the way pedigreed cats are bred and cared for, ensuring their health and well-being for generations to come. This alliance will significantly enhance the capabilities of Feline DNA Testing, paving the way for more informed breeding and healthcare decisions for cats.

Learn more about Neogen here and the Cat Fancier’s Association here.

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