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Drybo Plus Pet Dryer Review: Should You Get One or Not?

My cat near Drybo Plus Pet Dryer
Written by Clair Chesterman

A close friend of mine recommended the Homerunpet’s Drybo Plus Pet Dryer, and since she raved about how it worked wonders for her furry companions, I decided to give it a try for my cat. Normally, I’d take my cats to the grooming center, only resorting to giving them a bath when it was absolutely necessary.

My cats have an uncanny talent for finding every nook and cranny in our home, which often leads to them coming back covered in dirt and, frankly, a less-than-pleasant aroma. So, baths become inevitable to get rid of all the grime and odor.

Now, you might think that once the bath is over, the battle ends there. However, the real challenge begins when it’s time to dry them off. My cats seem to transform into lightning-quick escape artists whenever I try to use a towel on them.

Pet drying process with Drybo Plus Pet Dryerwith my cat inside

This pet dryer is certainly worth trying out, as it may offer practical solutions to the challenges faced by pet owners like myself.

In this comprehensive review, I will thoroughly assess the functionality, size, design, comfort, and security features of the Drybo Pet Dryer. Additionally, I will provide insights into how you can acclimate your cat to using the dryer effectively. To ensure a well-rounded evaluation, I’ll also discuss the pros and cons of this innovative pet grooming tool. Keep reading to dive into our in-depth analysis.

Unboxing Drybo Plus Pet Dryer

My cat and Drybo Plus Pet Dryer in the box

I couldn’t contain my excitement as I eagerly unboxed this product. Right from the start, during the unboxing process, I could feel the exceptional quality of the Drybo Pet Dryer due to its impressive sturdiness.

The dryer’s design is compact and user-friendly, boasting a simplicity that stands out. The buttons are easily accessible, and powering it up is a breeze – just plug one end into the dryer and the other into a power outlet.

To make setup even more straightforward, the package includes an instructive manual in multiple languages. This ensures that you can effortlessly get the machine up and running without any hiccups. Additionally, there’s a comfortable mattress provided, allowing your pet to relax inside the unit if they prefer to do so.

Drybo Plus Function Modes

Drybo Plus Pet Dryer panel

The dryer allows you to choose between a 60-minute “cozy dry mode” or a 45-minute “quick dry mode.”

You can also adjust the temperature between cool and warm modes.  I’d recommend starting with these two so your pet can adjust.

Drybo Plus Features

Naturally Quiet

One thing I’ve learned as a pet owner is that loud noises can really frighten my cats. That’s why I adore the Drybo Plus Pet Dryer – it operates at a mere 40 to 60 decibels, quieter than your average hair dryer. This means I can dry my pets’ fur without causing unnecessary stress or anxiety. It’s a true relief to have a dryer that’s not only effective but also gentle on my furry friends!

Interactive Petting Door

Transparent door of Drybo Plus Pet Dryer

The Drybo Plus features a transparent door, allowing my cat to see what’s happening outside. Likewise, I can keep an eye on them during the drying process, which tends to ease their anxiety about being inside the unit.

Omni-Directional Airflow

Drybo boasts powerful airflow that emanates from the bottom, perfectly accommodating your feline’s position. This even coverage ensures those hard-to-reach areas are efficiently dried, significantly reducing drying time. In fact, my cat emerges from Drybo uniformly dry all over.

Unobstructed Fresh Air

 Drybo Plus Pet Dryer view inside

This dryer incorporates a patented motor and hundreds of venting holes, ensuring optimal air ventilation and exchange. It allows hot air to be emitted directly and fresh air to replace it immediately. As a result, your cats will remain cozy and comfortable inside the device.

Multiple Protection

Drybo is engineered with an integrated electromechanical design that prioritizes your furbabies’ safety. It supports fast heating and constant temperature control while also featuring a 10-time auto-detection function that assists temperature sensors in maintaining the ideal heat.

Pet Bed Function

Using Drybo Plus Pet Dryer as a pet bed

As mentioned earlier, Drybo offers both cool and heat modes, making it ideal for converting into a pet bed for your beloved furbabies. Simply place the included mattress inside the unit to improve your cat’s experience.

Negative Ions

This feature is my personal favorite about Drybo. During the drying process, it releases negative ions that leave my cat’s hair looking shiny and fluffy. It’s as if my cat just returned from a professional grooming session after using Drybo.

Auto Hair Collection

Dealing with shedding is a common challenge for pet parents. Drying your cats with towels often results in their hair scattering all over your home. However, Drybo’s automatic hair collection function effortlessly handles this issue by collecting the hair automatically. You only need to pick up the clumps of hair after drying your cat.

Easy Cleaning

Maintaining the cleanliness of the machine is a breeze since the parts are easy to detach. You can clean the interiors with a dry cloth, and don’t forget to regularly clean the anti-dust filter for improved filtration.

Drybo Plus Pet Dryer Functionality

My cat exploring Drybo Plus Pet Dryer panel

As far as functionality goes, I can confidently attest that the Drybo Pet Dryer excels in effectively fulfilling its purpose.

The device is meticulously designed to ensure a comfortable drying experience for your pet by delivering precisely calibrated airflow at the ideal temperature.

A strategically placed fan adeptly draws air into the rear of the pet dryer, directing it downward to a designated area beneath the floorboard. This ingenious setup incorporates a PTC heating element, allowing the incoming air to be gently warmed to the temperature you’ve selected using the user-friendly control panel. This thoughtful approach ensures that your pet’s comfort is never compromised during the drying process.

Drybo Plus Pet Dryer Size and Space Considerations

My cat is trying to fit to Drybo Plus Pet Dryer

The Drybo Pet Dryer boasts a compact design, featuring interior dimensions of 16.2 x 13.7 x 14.1 inches. This ensures that the unit is not only space-efficient but also lightweight, making it incredibly versatile and easy to place anywhere in your home.

However, it’s worth noting that for larger feline friends like my Bengal cat, there might be some space constraints. While she fits into the dryer nicely, she doesn’t seem entirely at ease when it comes to freely moving around within the unit.

Drybo Plus Pet Dryer User-Friendly Design

Sleek design of Drybo Plus Pet Dryer panel

Drybo Pet Dryer stands out with its user-friendly and straightforward design. It eliminates unnecessary complexities, ensuring ease of use for pet owners like myself.

One of its thoughtful design elements is the clear front door, which provides visibility for your feline friend. I enjoy watching my cat as she undergoes the drying process inside the unit, offering peace of mind.

Additionally, Drybo features two ventilation ports located on both sides. These ports conveniently unlock, allowing you to interact with your pet, offer comforting scratches, or even share some well-deserved treats during the drying session. This adds an extra layer of comfort and bonding between you and your furry companion.

Drybo Plus Pet Dryer Comfort and Security

Temperature setting on Drybo Plus Pet Dryer panel

Drybo offers customizable temperature and fan settings, allowing you to tailor the drying experience to your furbaby’s needs and comfort.

One standout feature for pet safety is the automatic control lock. This lock prevents accidental adjustments to the temperature setting while your kitty is inside, ensuring a consistent and safe drying process.

Unlocking the controls is a breeze; simply swipe your finger between the power button on the touchscreen and the lock symbol to make adjustments as needed. This intuitive design makes it easy to maintain a comfortable and secure environment for your beloved pet.

How to Get Your Cat Use Drybo Plus Dryer

My cat opened a door for Drybo Plus Pet Dryer

Introducing your cat to Drybo may require a bit of patience, as dryers can be noisy, and most cats are not fans of loud sounds. Here’s how I eased my cat into using Drybo:

First, I allowed my cat to explore the unit. She took her time inspecting both the interior and exterior of the box, getting familiar with it.

My cat exploring Drybo

To help her acclimate to the unit, I tested the included mattress. I let her spend some time inside to satisfy her curiosity and make her feel more at ease.

The next day, I tested the dryer functions without her inside. Initially, she was a bit startled by the noise, so she kept her distance. However, switching to the quieter cool mode helped her feel more comfortable.

My cat inside Drybo on heat mode

Over time, my curious cat returned and even tried lounging on the mattress again. This time, I used the cool mode, which she seemed to enjoy. With gradual exposure, she became accustomed to the dryer, and we could use it effectively to dry her after baths.

Drawbacks of Drybo Plus

Despite its many advantages, Drybo Plus does have a few downsides worth mentioning:

Compact Size

My chunky cat is drying

While the compact and lightweight design of Drybo is convenient, it may feel a bit small for larger cats like my 17-pound Bengal. Although she fits inside, it’s clear she’s not as comfortable moving around in it as I’d like her to be.

Noise Level

My cat after getting dry by Drybo pet dryer

Drybo’s noise level is indeed quieter than a standard hair dryer, but for cats, it can still be somewhat loud. The highest dryer setting, in particular, can be a bit noisy. While my cat was initially scared, she did become more accustomed to it over time.

That said, Drybo still stands out in terms of noise control, and I haven’t come across a pet dryer with better noise management on the market.

Things I Like With Drybo Plus

My cat is used to this pet dryer

There are several aspects of Drybo Plus that I absolutely love.

Easy To Use

Testing Drybo sidewalls

One of the standout features of Drybo Plus is its user-friendly design. The buttons and functions are straightforward and easy to understand. Its compact size also makes it incredibly convenient to place anywhere in your home.

Drying Function

My cat is a little concerned about drying

Drybo excels in its primary function – drying. Bath time for my cat has become a breeze with Drybo’s assistance. Not only does it dry her effectively, but it also leaves her fur looking shinier and fluffier than ever before. It’s a win-win situation for both of us.

Designed For Pets

Drybo is indeed a great invention that makes fur parents’ lives easier. This product provides solutions effectively. Every feature was well-thought and executed. Great job engineering team! 

What Other Customers Say About Drybo Plus

Drybo reviews on Amazon

I wasn’t the only one impressed by Drybo Plus; there’s a chorus of satisfied customers out there echoing similar sentiments. Online reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and my friends who’ve tried it have only great things to say.

Many Amazon customers have highlighted the stress-free drying experience Drybo provides for their cats. While some did mention that the dryer comes with a relatively higher price tag, they unanimously agree that it’s worth every penny spent. Additionally, Drybo boasts an exceptional after-sales support team, ready to address any concerns you may have.

Alternative Products

While Drybo Plus offers exceptional performance, some might find it a bit pricey. If you’re looking for more budget-friendly options, here are a few alternatives:

MXICNC Pet Drying Box

This dryer comes at a lower price point than Drybo, but it lacks some of the advanced safety features. There have also been reports of it malfunctioning after a short period of use.

EHY Automatic Pet Hair Dryer

The EHY Automatic Pet Hair Dryer is another option, albeit at a higher cost than Drybo Plus. However, it’s smaller in size and may not be suitable for larger cat breeds.

DTXIOXG Foldable Cat Dryer Box

For those seeking space efficiency, the foldable DTXIOXG dryer might be a good fit. However, it’s less efficient at drying compared to Drybo Plus, and the doors cannot be locked, which could be a safety concern for your cats. It’s also not suitable for cats uncomfortable in small enclosed spaces due to its limited outside view.

Final Verdict

My cat is fully dried with Drybo

In conclusion, Drybo Plus stands out as a highly efficient solution for cat owners, addressing our common concerns. It has certainly eased the stress of bath time for my feline companions, and I believe it’s a worthwhile investment.

If you have small-breed cats or dogs, Drybo Plus is sure to make post-bath drying an enjoyable experience. You can check the current price and availability here.

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