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Drybo Plus Pet Dryer Review: Should You Get One or Not?

My cat near Drybo Plus Pet Dryer
Written by Clair Chesterman

A friend suggested this awesome pet dryer that works great with her fur babies. Hence, I recently got Homerunpet’s Drybo Plus Pet Dryer and tested it on my cat. I wanted to try and see it for myself, so I immediately purchased one.

I usually bring my cats to the grooming center. I only gave them a bath when they really needed to clean up.

My cats love getting into the nooks and crooks of our home. Sometimes they go home with so much dirt on their fur, not to mention the stink. So I have to give them a bath to remove all the dirt and odor. 

You may think that the battle ends after bathing them. But drying them after is another fight I have to face. They keep running away when I try to dry them with a towel! 

Pet drying process with Drybo Plus Pet Dryerwith my cat inside

This pet dryer is worth trying out to see if it provides practical solutions to the dilemmas of fur parents like me.

In this review, I will test Drybo Pet Dryer’s functionality, size, design, comfort, and security. I will also share how you can get your cat to use the dryer and its pros and cons! Read on to check our detailed review below.

Unboxing Drybo Plus Pet Dryer

My cat and Drybo Plus Pet Dryer in the box

I was so excited to unbox this product. While unboxing, I could already feel the quality of the product due to its sturdiness.

The dryer is compact, and the design is not too complex. You can easily see the buttons, and it is simple to power up. You only have to plug one end into the dryer and the other into the power outlet.

An instructive manual in different languages is also included in the box so you can easily make the machine work. A comfortable mattress is also included, which you can put inside the unit if your pet wants to lounge inside.

Drybo Plus Function Modes

Drybo Plus Pet Dryer panel

The dryer allows you to choose between a 60-minute “cozy dry mode” or a 45-minute “quick dry mode.”

You can also adjust the temperature between cool and warm modes.  I’d recommend starting with these two so your pet can adjust.

Drybo Plus Features

Naturally Quiet

I’ve noticed that loud noises can really scare my cats. That’s why I love Drybo – with this dryer, I don’t have to worry about those loud, scary sounds. The machine runs at just 40 to 60 decibels, which is actually quieter than an average hair dryer. So I can dry my pets’ fur without causing any unnecessary stress or anxiety. It’s such a relief to have a dryer that’s both effective and gentle on my furry friends!

Interactive Petting Door

Transparent door of Drybo Plus Pet Dryer

The dryer has a transparent door, so my cat can still see what is going on outside. You can also see them while drying, so they will be less anxious about spending some time inside the unit.

Omni-Directional Airflow

Drybo has strong airflows that come from the bottom to accommodate your feline’s position. 

These airflows allow even coverage of difficult-to-reach areas while reducing the drying time. In fact, my cat goes out of Drybo evenly dry in all areas.

Unobstructed Fresh Air

 Drybo Plus Pet Dryer view inside

Drybo features a patented motor combined with hundreds of venting holes.

This feature ensures adequate air ventilation and exchange, allowing hot air to be emitted directly and fresh air to be replaced immediately.

Thus, your cats will be cozy and comfortable inside the device.

Multiple Protection

Drybo features an integrated electromechanical design that ensures the safety of your furbabies. 

It is engineered to support fast heating and constant temperature control. It also supports 10-time auto-detection, which aids temperature sensors in regulating the heat.

Pet Bed Function

Using Drybo Plus Pet Dryer as a pet bed

As mentioned earlier, Drybo has a cool and heat mode. These functions are perfect for turning Drybo into a pet bed for your furbabies. 

You can place the included mattress inside the unit to improve your cat’s experience.

Negative Ions

This feature is what I love the most about Drybo. Because of the negative ions released during drying, my cat’s hair becomes shiny and fluffy.

After using Drybo, it looks like my cat just came home from the grooming center. 

Auto Hair Collection

Shedding is also one of the significant dilemmas of fur parents. Drying your cats with towels usually causes their hair to scatter all over your place.

Drybo’s automatic hair collection function solves hair-shedding worries as the machine collects it automatically. You only have to pick up the clumps of hair after drying your cat.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning the machine is simple as the parts are simple to detach. You can clean the interiors using a dry cloth. Remember to clean the anti-dust filter for better filtration regularly.

Drybo Plus Pet Dryer Functionality

My cat exploring Drybo Plus Pet Dryer panel

Functionality-wise, I can say that the Drybo Pet Dryer is effective and ideally serves its purpose. 

This device is designed to dry your pet comfortably by blowing differing amounts of air at a proper temperature.

A fan draws air into the back of the pet dryer, propelling it down to an area beneath the floorboard. Because there is a PTC heating element, the incoming air can be warmed to the temperature set by the control panel.

Drybo Plus Pet Dryer Size

My cat is trying to fit to Drybo Plus Pet Dryer

Drybo Pet Dryer is compact, with an interior size measuring 16.2 x 13.7 x 14.1 inches. The unit is lightweight and can fit anywhere in the house.

However, my huge Bengal cat seems a bit cramped while inside the dryer. She fits nicely inside but does not look too comfortable moving around.

Drybo Plus Pet Dryer Design

Sleek design of Drybo Plus Pet Dryer panel

Drybo is a simple-designed dryer. There are no complexities that make it easy to use. 

The dryer has a clear front door, so your feline can see outside. I love looking at my cat while she is drying inside the unit.

Drybo also has two ventilation ports along both sides that unlock and allow you to give scratches or treats to your pet.

Drybo Plus Pet Dryer Comfort and Security

Temperature setting on Drybo Plus Pet Dryer panel

Drybo has temperature and fan settings that can be customized to meet the needs and comfort of your furbabies.

Because the dryer’s controls are automatically locked, you can ensure your cat’s safety. This feature prevents a temperature setting from being accidentally raised while your kitty is inside.

To unlock the controls, drag your finger between the power button on the touchscreen and the lock symbol.

How to Get Your Cat Use Drybo Plus Dryer

My cat opened a door for Drybo Plus Pet Dryer

Dryers tend to be noisy, and cats hate loud noises. Letting your cats use Drybo at first can be a struggle, but they will eventually get the hang of it.

In my case, I let my cat survey the unit first. She looked around the interior and exteriors of the box. 

My cat exploring Drybo

I initially tested the mattress to let my cat test how it feels to stay inside the unit. I allow her to remain inside for a while so she can fill in her curiosity.

The next day, I tried testing the dryer functions without her inside. She got scared at first because of the noise, so she stayed away from it. Then I switched to a less noisy cool mode and she was fine. 

My cat inside Drybo on heat mode

My curious cat returned later in the day and tried lounging on the mattress again. I tried using cool mode this time, and she enjoyed it. She eventually got used to the dryer, and we could use it to dry her after a bath.

Things I Don’t Like With Drybo Plus

Like all other products, there are a few downsides to the Drybo Plus. 

Quite Small

My chunky cat is drying

While it is nice that Drybo is compact and lightweight, I find it a bit small for my chunky Bengal cat. She weighs 17 pounds, and while she fits inside the cabin, I can see she is a little uncomfortable moving.


My cat after getting dry by Drybo pet dryer

Drybo’s noise level is indeed quieter than a regular hair dryer, but for a cat, it can still be too loud for them.

The highest dryer level is a bit noisy, and my cat got scared at first, but she got over it eventually.

However, Drybo did the best work in terms of noise. I don’t think there is a better noise-control pet dryer available on the market…

Things I Like With Drybo Plus

My cat is used to this pet dryer

Of course, I also listed the things I love about Drybo.

Easy To Use

Testing Drybo sidewalls

The buttons and functions are easy to understand. It is also convenient to use since it is compact, and you can put it almost anywhere.

Drying Function

My cat is a little concerned about drying

Drybo really does its job well. My cat’s bath time is now more bearable with Drybo’s help. 

Aside from that, my cat’s fur also became shinier and fluffier.

Designed For Pets

Drybo is indeed a great invention that makes fur parents’ lives easier. This product provides solutions effectively. Every feature was well-thought and executed. Great job engineering team! 

What Other Customers Say About Drybo Plus

Drybo reviews on Amazon

Drybo has a lot of positive reviews online. Even my friends have nothing but great comments about this dryer. 

Most Amazon customers share the less stressful drying of their cats. Some say that the dryer is a bit costly but definitely worth every penny. Drybo also has an excellent after-sales support team who can help you with all your concerns.

Alternative Products

Since some people find Drybo a bit expensive, I also listed some alternative dryers for your cat.

MXICNC Pet Drying Box

This dryer is cheaper than Drybo, but it lacks the fantastic safety features that Drybo offers. It also has a review saying it stops working after two weeks of use.

EHY Automatic Pet Hair Dryer

Another dryer I found is EHY Automatic Pet Hair Dryer which costs more than Drybo Plus. This dryer is smaller and may not be suitable for large breeds.

DTXIOXG Foldable Cat Dryer Box

If you are looking for something space-efficient, you may find this foldable dryer suitable for your needs. However, it is not as efficient as Drybo Plus in terms of drying. 

The doors cannot be locked too, which is unsafe for your cats. It is also unsuitable for cats who cannot stand small enclosed spaces since the design only allows limited outside view.


My cat is fully dried with Drybo

Undoubtedly, Drybo Plus is an efficient cat gear that solves our worries as cat owners. I can say that it is worth the purchase as it eased my stress during my cats’ bath time.

Your furry friends will surely enjoy drying after bath time with Drybo Plus. This product suits you best if you have small-breed cats and dogs. Check the current price here.


  • Clair Chesterman

    Clair is a professional cat breeder having her own cageless CFA and CCA Registered cattery & fostering company FluffyMeowPaws in Eugene, Oregon. Clair knows everything about multiple cat breeds and how to use the latest technologies to make the cat's life better.

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Clair Chesterman

Clair is a professional cat breeder having her own cageless CFA and CCA Registered cattery & fostering company FluffyMeowPaws in Eugene, Oregon. Clair knows everything about multiple cat breeds and how to use the latest technologies to make the cat's life better.

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