Pretty Litter Review: Does It Worth Its Price?

Pretty Litter package with my cat on it
Written by Clair Chesterman

One of the best litters with subscription in the industry is Pretty Litter, the next level of cat litter indeed and worth trying. It is made of silica gel crystals which are absorbent and help to trap the odor, eliminate moisture, and monitor your cat’s health. The litter also is 80% lighter than others, so you don’t have to haul a giant box of litter from the store. It was designed to take care of the cat´s health, this is why it is dust-free and change its color depending on the pH of the urine of your cat, and it costs $24, which is a good price for all the features it has but let’s see in more detail how it works.

So we, ourselves, ordered and tested the Pretty Litter to find out ourselves if it’s actually worth the price.

After testing Pretty Litter on my own cat, I found that the health-monitoring features were indeed legitimate, as the litter changed color to alert me to potential health issues in my cat’s urine, and I appreciated the lightweight, odor-absorbing, and long-lasting qualities of the litter as well.

Quick disclaimer: if you decide to purchase a Pretty Litter, I would highly appreciate if you use my referral link I use a few times in the review. This helps my website maintain high-quality content, test cat products and provide an honest expert opinion. Also, this is not a sponsored review.

Pretty Litter Quick Summary

Pretty Litter health monitoring litter
Pretty Litter
Litter Type
Silica gel crystals
One for $22 two or more $20 each
Health monitoring
The silica gel crystals change depending on the HP of the urine, helping to detect possible diseases.
Dust free
Odor control
Works for multiple cats
How long it lasts
1 month
More Information
Pretty Litter health monitoring litter
Pretty Litter
Litter Type
Silica gel crystals
One for $22 two or more $20 each
Health monitoring
The silica gel crystals change depending on the HP of the urine, helping to detect possible diseases.
Dust free
Odor control
Works for multiple cats
How long it lasts
1 month
More Information

Pretty Litter is one of the best silica gel cat litters out there available for you. Its main feature, in our opinion, is the urine health monitoring feature which can help you if you want to watch out for your cats regarding their health. One bag costs $24, however, if you purchase directly from their website, they give discounts depending on the number of cats you have. A 24-dollar bag can last you up to one month, and based on our experience, having two cats, it can last you for up to two weeks.

My Personal Experience With Pretty Litter

I ordered Pretty Litter on Aug 13th, 2021 and I received it in a few days!

It was so easy to open and it was the most dust-free cat litter I have ever seen! It’s also so lightweight.

Adding Pretty Litter to my cat's litter box

So first we tested the dust particles and the Pretty Litter has pretty much less dust particles than other silica gel products we’ve tried which is pretty impressive. However, of course, it would still produce dust particles when poured albeit being better than other similar products.

Card explains how the litter works and also doubles as rules for making sure you are getting the right amount of litter in your litter box.

It took seconds for my cat to research the new cat litter and she peed almost right away. My cat warmed up pretty quickly with the Pretty Litter, and she was thinking that it could be that the fine texture did not really bother my cat while using it. It is very fine-grained and sandy and actually feels comfortable with the hand which can also mean that it may also be comfortable with my cats paws.

I did not like the fact that Pretty Litter provides only one type of cat litter. Even though silica gel crystal is an acceptable choice, I personally do not like it because it sticks on the paws of cats and they bring it all over the house. In comparison, Kitty Poo Club gives you a choice of 5 cat litter types. I guess it is due to their controversial health-monitoring feature, which I cover below.

Time to check the Pretty Litter health monitoring feature.

As for me, though, I didn’t really notice any changes in the color of the litter so I just concluded that my cat does not have a problem healthwise.

As per instructions, I checked the color of the litter in the next 48 hours.

Luckily, the urine of my cat remained yellow which means there is nothing wrong with her health!

Pretty Litter after 48 hours

I also want to mention how amazing Pretty Litter traps the odor! I was concerned that my cat did not poo since there was no smell whatsoever but when I scooped I found a bunch of cigars! Just wow! Odor control is impeccable throughout our testing phase. As long as you clean it up and scoop out the waste regularly, you won’t have any problems with the smell unless it’s close to an end. I also didn’t have a problem with the maintenance as it is fairly easy to keep it clean.

How Does Pretty Litter Work?

Pretty Litter explanation on how it works

Pretty Litter on the back of the package

Pretty litter helps you monitor your cat changing the color depending on the pH of the urine, the silica gel crystals take different colors. If, for example, the urine is in a color blue indicating alkaline (high pH) may mean certain types of urinary tract infection, or if it gets yellow as in acidity (low pH) it may lead to calcium oxalate, it also gets red when there´s blood and indicates that there may be bladder inflammation, stones or and infection.

The litter lasts one month per cat and as it is made of silica gel crystals you don’t need to scoop a lot, but you need to clean it every day, you may want to mix it up once a day, maybe after you clean it, so the litter below can go up and look clean again, this is possible because the silica gel crystals are super absorbent, meaning that you also need less litter than usual. The litter is dust-free and it’s household-friendly, which means it is harmless in case someone eats it, but of course, don’t do it. 

Pretty Litter Pros And Cons

Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Pretty Litter.


  • 80% lighter than other litter-Reduces dust
  • Household friendly
  • Traps the odor
  • Eliminates moisture
  • Monitors your cat health (controversial feature though) 
  • 30-day guarantee 
  • Wide range of adjustable height


  • It’s more expensive than regular clumpy cat litter, but Pretty Litter totally worth its price
  • Does not come with disposable litter like Kitty Poo, so it’s inconvenient to dispose

Pretty Litter Health Monitoring Feature

Talking about monitoring, the litter change the color depending on the pH level of the urine, but if it gets blue one time it doesn’t mean you need to take your cat right to the vet, sometimes it just happens, this is why Pretty Litter can´t work as a proof to know if your cat has a disease, before taking your cat to the vet keep looking at the urine of your cat, if he lasts one whole day with alkaline, acid or blood urine then you should take him to the vet and check if there is a problem. The color indicates something abnormal even before the cat presents symptoms of any disease, but a one-time color doesn’t mean he needs attention at the moment, keep monitoring and take it to the vet if the urine persists.

My vet said it’s all a marketing thing though and you should not trust it much as well as it might not be able to indicate some diseases. However, some cat owners provided really good feedback and claimed it really helped to identify some health issues of their cats.

Pretty Litter Subscription

Updated Pretty Litter subscription plans

If you want to buy Pretty Litter the subscription costs depends on the cats you have, the litter is delivered to your door once a month, so you will only use one bag of litter per cat, the cost for one bag is $24, but if you have more than one cat then the bag costs $22 because Pretty Litter makes a little discount, but after that, the price is the same, if you have three cats it costs $66 for the 3 bags etc. Also, if for any reason you want to cancel your subscription, you just need to go to the website and cancel and say the reasons why you want to cancel but is not a big deal, it is very easy and you should not have problems, also if for some reason you are not satisfied with the product Pretty Litter has a 30 days guaranty and they will give you a full refund.

Consumer Reviews of Pretty Litter

Whoa, this litter is great! I noticed a little dust in the air after I poured the bag in but after that nothing. This stuff condenses into little dense…..nuggets when our cat pees in it rather than the huge clump from clay litters or the pile of wet dust from the pine litter. They’re really easy to scoop up/find and the let all the clean litter fall through the scoop.
The poop barely clings to the beads, there’s a little that gets stuck to it but it’s an incredibly small amount, I can already tell this litter is going to last a lot longer than any others I’ve used in the past.

Love this product, it lastup to a month.
There is no smell.clean up is easy.if there a medical issue with the cat urine
The litter changes color to indicate there is an issue.

I LOVE this cat litter. I used to hate cleaning the cat box …but now it is SO easy. There are no giant heavy “urine balls” to scoop out, the litter is super light and airy. All you do is scoop the solid waste once/per day, the urine evaporates and no smell. It lasts for a month. It does track onto the floor but really easy to sweep up. Side note, so much easier to carry, super light. I used to drag these heavy bags of litter up the stairs, ugg. Love it! BTW-My cat made the switch easily, no problems at all.

You can also check the reviews in the comments below this post.

Is Pretty Litter Worth It?

Pretty Litter on my hand

I find the cost more than fair because of the features it gives you, especially being able to know more about your cat’s health, the weight of the litter, and the odor control, therefore, getting the litter at $24 price is definitely worth it. Make sure to get it from the official website only, to avoid scams and get the best price.

While I appreciated the health-monitoring features and other benefits of Pretty Litter, I did find that the fine crystal particles had a tendency to stick to my cat’s paws, resulting in litter tracking and scattering. Additionally, because the litter is transparent, it was difficult to spot the scattered crystals on the floor, making cleanup a bit more challenging.

Is It Hard To Cancel a Subscription with Pretty Litter?

Canceling a subscription with Pretty Litter is extremely easy and can be done through the user’s profile. This level of transparency and user-friendliness is admirable and speaks to the confidence that the company has in their product. In my opinion, a straightforward and hassle-free cancelation process is a sign of a trustworthy company that values their customers’ satisfaction.

FAQ´s About Pretty Litter

  • How much is Pretty Litter?

It depends on the cats you have, but basically one bag costs $24 and if you want one or more extra bags after the second bag they cost $20.

  • Is Pretty Litter safe for cats?

Pretty litter is totally safe for cats, the product was made thinking about the cat’s health, so the litter is harmless for the cat.

  • Is Pretty Litter compostable?

No, as Pretty Litter is made of silica Gel it is not as biodegradable as other cat´s natural litter. Don’t use it for composting.

  • Is Pretty Litter dust-free?

When you set it in the box it may seem to produce some dust for the crystals but the product does not contain dust, it was created also considering cats with asthma or allergies to dust so it is natural and dust-free.

  • Can I flush Pretty Litter?

Yes, but you should not, it is recommended to use cat litter disposal systems.

  • Is Pretty Litter available in Canada?

Yes, but the free shipping service is just for customers within Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. The rest of the provinces will be priced a fee for shipping.

  • How often should I change Pretty Litter?

Pretty Litter was created to remain one month, it needs to be cleaned every day but the litter should be changed just once a month.

  • What do the colors mean on Pretty Litter?

Blue for alkaline (high pH) which could be a tract infection, yellow for acid (low pH) which may be kidney disease or calcium oxalate, and red for the blood that may be a problem with the bladder. For more info check the website and consult your vet.

  • Where can I get Pretty Litter?

You can get Pretty Litter in several stores, but it’s best if you get it from the official website, also it is better for the price, the shipping, guarantee, and other things the website offers if you buy it there. I personally prefer Kitty Poo Club because it comes with a disposable litter and it’s way more convenient to get rid of cat things. Additionally, you can choose from five premium litter types so you don’t have to stick to silica. Check it on the official website or check my Kitty Poo Club review first.

Pretty Litter Review
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About the author

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Clair is a professional cat breeder having her own cageless CFA and CCA Registered cattery & fostering company FluffyMeowPaws in Eugene, Oregon. Clair knows everything about multiple cat breeds and how to use the latest technologies to make the cat's life better.


  • I went to the store and a good friend introduced me to pretty litter so I want to try it out

  • This was the worst litter I have ever used! And when my 75 year old mother tried to cancel her subscription they ignored her and continued to charge her and send more. After I found out I called myself and they denied her refund! I then had to cancel her credit card! This is a horrible company!

  • Having more than one cat can be quite expensive when you have to completely change out the old with new monthly. I’m looking at $60+ per month. I am hesitant to try this out because of the cost factor.

    • I’m with you – have 4 cats and it would be really expensive to swap out monthly!

  • I am beyond thrilled with Pretty Litter. I gave my neighbor a bag and she is just a amazed as I am.

  • NOT as advertised. We have three cats- all of whom prefer to use the same extra large pan. So we use two 8 pound bags to give a 3.5 inch depth (more than recommended on the bag). It is scooped and mixed twice a day. After 7 to 8 days the litter’s ability to absorb liquid lessens quickly and you end up with a big pool of liquid at the bottom of the pan. After 10 days TOPS this stuff is useless. At $50.00 for two bags at Target it ends up costing a whopping $150 per month (or more)— just for cat litter. Insane

  • Would give zero stars. I tried this for my two cats and it was way too smelly before it was supposed to be. Also the kitty litter is everywhere around the house. I find it too expensive for what it is. The worse part is that it is really hard to cancel. There is very little customer service and it can take days of back and forth for them to agree to cancel your subscription. You can’t just call and talk to someone, it has to be done through email or text. After they had stated that they’d cancelled my subscription, they charged my credit card again and shipped another box of kitty litter. They refuse to refund the money until they get the litter back but are not responding to emails to follow up about the shipping tags they were supposed to have sent. I ended up canceling my card and getting a new one so that they don’t charge me again next month. I would avoid this company and their horrible service.

    • I have nothing bad to say about them. I had to cancel my subscription because I have 4 cats, at it gets too expensive for me every month. I went to their site, and a chat window came up and I explained what my situation was and I canceled it right away, no hassle. Representative just asked me for my info and that was it…less than 5 minutes. Maybe try it this way.

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Pretty Litter package with my cat on it