How Can I Make My Cat Drink From Water Fountains

My cat is scared to use cat water fountain
Written by Clair Chesterman

Did you get your cat a water fountain, but sadly they don’t seem to be interested? They might even be scared of the strange new object that has taken the place of their dependable water bowl.

For cat owners, this transition can be worrying and annoying. Your cats don’t seem impressed with the fountain you bought to make sure they have the best water source possible. There are, fortunately, steps you may take to assist them in adjusting to their new water source.

Why You Should Use Cat Water Fountains?

Cat water fountain from Catit

The sound of falling water is a cat water fountain’s main benefit. Your cat is drawn in by that mysterious siren song. The idea dates back to the ancient desert cats from which our domestic cats evolved.

Falling water signals “time to drink,” according to their ancestors’ instincts, and is a straightforward answer to a complex medical issue. Healthy hydration enhances kidney function in cats, clears undesirable crystals from the bladder, and maintains their glossy, smooth coat. Not to mention the benefit of preventing them from touching your drink glass or the counter.

However, the benefits don’t end there; reservoirs in water fountains can contain more liquid than a typical water bowl. You won’t need to worry about refills every so often.

You can change the water’s flow rate at a lot of the fountains. In the event that you find waterfall noise to be intolerable. Filters made of coconut shells eliminate undesired debris such as dust and dirt from the water. This gives you and your cat peace of mind knowing that the water is always clean.

Tips on Training Your Cat in Drinking From a Water Fountain

My cat is drinking from Petlibro Cat Water Fountain

Thoroughly Clean the Water Fountain Prior to Use

Fountains do not necessarily come clean and ready to use just because they are packaged in a box. Rinse the filter after cleaning the bowl with soap and water.

Before usage, properly rinsing the filter aids in getting rid of any loose material. You can prevent the debris from cycling through the filter and contaminating the water by rinsing it out, .

Keep the Fountain Off Until They Feel Comfortable

Keep the fountain off if your cat is wary of the noise it creates until they get used to drinking from it. This can prevent potential dehydration from not drinking enough and help them gently get used to their new fountain.

Let Them Look Into It

My cat is exploring Uahpet Automatic Cat Water Fountain

Perhaps your cat is too timid to approach the fountain or is unaware that the water is already in the bowl. Place your hand or finger in the dish and bring it up to their lips while they are still looking. This will inform them that there is water in the bowl and aid in their comprehension of the new device.

Avoid Bringing Food Near the Fountain

Your cat may become less interested in using the fountain if it splashes water on their food after they use it, out of concern that it will make their food wet.

Fortunately, some cat water fountains have settings that let you control the water flow. However, it’s better to keep your cat’s water away from their meal if they tend to be messy drinkers in general.

Keep Fresh Water in a Separate Bowl

If turning on the water fountain didn’t go so well, be patient and keep giving them access to another clean water source. By taking away other water sources, you are forcing them to drink from the fountain, which is not a smart idea. They might have a bad impression of the fountain as a result.

Entice Your Cat to Drink From the Fountain

Even though the fountain is off if you notice your cat drinking from it, reward them with a cat treat. They will feel proud of themselves and receive encouragement to continue using their new water source as a result.

Switch on the Fountain and Keep Rewarding Them

Turn on the powered-off fountain and check to see if they use it after they have reacted well and begun to use it more. Keep in mind that waiting for them can make them anxious, so be patient and refrain from doing so.

Taper Back on Rewards While Gradually Eliminating the Other Water Source

As soon as your cat begins drinking from the fountain, keep an eye on how much water they are consuming. This will enable you to decide when the supplementary water source should be eliminated. You can gradually cut back on giving them sweets as rewards and start complimenting them instead after they start to associate the fountain favorably.

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A cat water fountain is a very useful tool for motivating your cats to drink more water and stay healthy. Cat water fountains are actual hydration stations for animals. So, it takes patience to make the device work its magic.

You’ll do a good job of preparing them to use the fountain. Additionally, it is a rule that applies to all cat training and interpersonal relationships.

Unfortunately, not all cats may respond well to our suggestions. It’s critical to persist in your efforts to get them to use their water fountain.

Even if the process of getting your cat to drink from a water fountain is challenging, it is worthwhile. After that, you may rest easy as you are giving them access to filtered, clean, and fresh water. 

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