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Petforu’s Cat Backpack Review: My Real Experience

The Cat Backpack by Petforu is like the Air Jordan of pet carrier backpacks. Like it took the designs and materials of the Nike brand and made a different much more plush and unique product. I loved this backpack so I even included to the list of the best cat backpacks.

Basically from what I can tell Petforu took all the great things and review about the other products and made them better.


First of all, you cannot deny the sleek looking synthetic leather that Petforu used in their Pet Carrier Cat Backpack. It looks smooth and shiny and sturdy, I would not be surprised at all if that is waterproof. It does not have that funky leather smell when you first take it out of the box.


The inclusion of a mesh window has been a big thing for Pet Carrier Cat Backpacks since some pet owners felt that the air holes are not enough. What Petforu did it as a whole wide window to the side panels making sure our pets are comfortable inside the Pet Carrier Cat Backpack. There is also a new mesh window that you can use to replace the semi-sphere window, which is intended if you do not want to attract attention or you do not want your cat to get noticed when you are walking around. It takes a little bit of elbow grease but you get used to it.


Petforu’s Pet Carrier Cat Backpack improved their straps by adding a wider and softer strap, plus they employed an S Design which is better ergonomics for the shoulders and the back. It doesn’t hurt also that they put in air vents at the back to give relief to pet owners who might be carrying their pets for longer periods of time or long travels.


Overall Petforu Pet Carrier Cat Backpack also retained the air holes, adding an additional three vents to the space capsule-style transparent window, making a whopping 15 air holes for your cats to breathe in. And adding the air holes on the capsule itself prevents fogging caused by the cat’s breath when they are looking through the capsule window. Check more reviews about the backpack on Amazon.

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Tillie Bailey

Tillie is a professional dog & cat breeder. Tillie is a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant focusing mostly on cat active breeds e.g. Bengal or Sphynx. For the past 3 years, Tillie was using a numerous cat gadget to research how the affect cat's behaviour.

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