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Tuft + Paw Cat Litter Review: Is It A Really Great Cat Litter?

My cat posing near Really Great Cat Litter from Tuft + Paw
Written by Clair Chesterman

Tuft + Paw cat litter is making waves in the cat world, and I’ve been asked by many in our community to give it a thorough test. Like Pretty Litter and Kitty Poo Club, Tuft + Paw offers a subscription-based cat litter service to make your life easier and save some cash.

I personally tried out their cat litter to see if it would win over my cat. Dive into my in-depth review of Tuft + Paw cat litter below.

Tuft + Paw Really Great Cat Litter

An ultra low tracking, clumping, dust-free tofu cat litter that disintegrates completely in water so that you can flush safely down the toilet. Totally mess-free. Flushable, odor eliminating, quick clumping and low-tracking for a squeaky clean home. Thoughtful, non-toxic ingredients made from soybean byproduct (tofu) that would have otherwise gone to the landfill – safer for your cat, better for the planet. Gone are days of lugging litter all the way home. We get you what you need, when you need it. Includes free shipping.

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Tuft + Paw Really Great Cat Litter stands out for its almost non-existent dust level. Say goodbye to dusty paw prints and scattered litter crumbs!

This cat litter, made from a soybean byproduct with added charcoal, guar gum, corn starch, and corn flour, is not only safe for your cat but also eco-friendly, preventing landfill disposal of these byproducts.

My Personal Journey with Tuft + Paw Really Great Cat Litter

My cat tries to open Really Great Cat Litter from Tuft + Paw packaging

My order for the cat litter arrived swiftly, and I was keen to see if it lived up to the hype.

Upon opening the pack, the texture impressed me right away. This tofu-based, pellet-style litter is definitely a treat for feline paws. My cat took to it in just a few days, and I can happily report she’s a fan of Tuft and Paw Litter too! Its dust-free, non-tracking nature makes clean-up a breeze.

I’m particularly fond of the Really Great Cat Litter for its exceptional odor control and absorbency. No more battling unpleasant smells from my cat’s litter box, unlike with some other brands.

The cherry on top? Its eco-friendly angle. Made from soybean byproducts, this litter is guilt-free when it comes to disposal – it’s sustainable and even flushable. Tuft + Paw cat litter not only simplifies the cleaning process but also saves time and effort.

Tuft + Paw Really Great Cat Litter: A Natural and Eco-Friendly Choice

Really Great Cat Litter from Tuft + Paw eco-friendly material

In every aspect, Really Great Cat Litter by Tuft + Paw excels. Perfect for the environmentally aware, those aiming for a spotless home, and above all, for ensuring your cat’s safety. This premium, low-dust cat litter ticks all the boxes.

Dust-free, flushable, clumping, absorbent, and non-tracking – these are the hallmarks of Tuft and Paw Really Great Cat Litter. The price may be a tad high for some, but it’s a worthwhile investment. You’ll find yourself cleaning less, using less, and thus, getting more out of each bag compared to regular cat litters. Plus, the convenience of a subscription service like Really Great Cat Litter is a real game-changer.

Tuft + Paw Cat Really Great Cat Litter Pros and Cons

Comfortable handle of Really Great Cat Litter from Tuft + Paw


Let’s break down the pros and cons of Tuft + Paw’s Really Great Cat Litter, so you can figure out if it’s the right pick for you:


  • Eco-Friendly: Good for the planet.
  • Long-Lasting: Goes the distance.
  • Low Maintenance: Less work for you.
  • Dust-Free: Clean paws, clean house.
  • Non-Tracking: Stays in the box, not your home.
  • Easy Cleanup: Clumps without the fuss.
  • Unscented: Naturally fresh.
  • Non-Toxic: Safe for your fur baby.


My cat is using her litter box with Really Great Cat Litter from Tuft + Paw


  • Pricier: A bit heavy on the wallet.
  • Moisture Sensitive: Needs to be kept dry to avoid mold.

The Lowdown on Really Great Cat Litter Subscription

Really Great Cat Litter from Tuft + Paw subscription options

A month’s supply of this litter will set you back $29. Want to save a bit? Opt for a three-month supply at $79, shaving off 10%. The convenience of their kitty litter subscription is a real lifesaver – regular, hassle-free deliveries straight to your door.

If you ever want to stop your subscription, cancelling is a breeze on the Tuft + Paw website.

Tuft + Paw Really Great Cat Litter: Is it Worth Is?

Adding Really Great Cat Litter from Tuft + Paw to my litter box

So, is it worth the splurge? In my book, yes. Forking out a bit more for higher quality, solution-oriented products like Tuft + Paw Really Great Cat Litter is a smart move. It does its job brilliantly, and the convenience of having cat litter delivered to your doorstep is a huge plus for busy cat parents like me.

Plus, it feels great knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment by choosing this litter. Hope you found this review helpful

Check the current price on Really Great Cat Litter by Tuft + Paw.

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