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NOW IN THE FUTURE – PurrSong Makes Cat Litter Box An Innovative Solution

PurrSong Cat Litter Box
Written by Clair Chesterman

Taegu Noh, CEO, and founder of PurrSong has turned his grief to innovation, with the campaign launch of the LavvieBot S – the new and improved first-generation model of LavvieBot. After losing his cat because of kidney failure, Taegu has created an automatic cat litter box that can keep track of cats’ urinary health. Taegu’s work was decent but not enough, and so, he and the members of PurrSong worked hard to create the LavvieBot S. It’s now available for pre-order on IndieGoGo.

The LavvieBot S is an automatic self-cleaning litter box that enables cat owners to monitor their felines even away from home. The litter box has auto-clean, auto-refill, and real-time tracking features that keep homes clean while keeping cats healthy.

The LavvieBot S’s auto-clean feature efficiently gets rid of the litter box’s excreta through a patented rotating mechanism. It automatically starts cleaning after a cat has done its business. Cat owners can set waiting time from 15 to 90 minutes to give enough time for excrements to harden.  

In addition, the smart lavatory automatically refills litter from its 6.5L extra storage after cleaning. The feature allows the inside of the LavvieBot S to be in top shape all the time for cats. The feature helps cleaning and maintaining much easier for busy cat owners.

For your cat’s health, the innovative litter box enables users to monitor their felines by providing necessary information through the “PurrSong” app. Users will be able to check their LavvieBot S’s status such as the Wi-Fi connectivity status, how much is the litter storage content, how long is the wait time before new refills, and if the waste drawer is vacant or not.

The PurrSong app also keeps track of how often and how long your cat uses its litter box. The feature enables users to monitor the urinary health of their felines to help avoid possible urinary complications. 

For a multi-cat household, the smart lavatory recognizes each cat if their weights differ by more than 1.5 lb. However, if the weights are similar, each cat will be distinguished through the ID tag that PurrSong will be selling shortly.

For a more exciting tracking, the notification alarms of the PurrSong app can be set to three different modes:

  • Default
  • Cute
  • Custom mode.

The notifications received by the users can be customized according to their liking.

As an innovative product, the LavvieBot S’s Firmware update is available through the users’ mobile devices. For smarter usage, users can update their cat litter box wirelessly which can be done by simply touching the update in the users’ PurrSong apps.

The LavvieBot S’s specifications prove that it is designed carefully. The creators used non-sticky material on the bottom of the tray so the cat lavatory is always hygienically clean. On the other hand, LavvieBot S’s waste drawer is large enough to collect waste for up to three weeks. Users can cover a plastic bag on the waste drawer and simply throw the plastic bag away for disposal. Either way, the waste drawer can be easily cleaned.

Other highlights of the LavvieBot S’s is the footrest is properly placed inside to prevent cat litter tracking. The smart lavatory also effectively prevents odour through its activated coconut carbon deodorizer. The deodorizer absorbs up to 93.3% of ammonia that also functions as a dehumidifier. By replacing the deodorizer once or twice a year, the LavvieBot S will surely keep every place pleasant.

It’s also worth noting that even if the LavvieBot S is a machine, it produces a low noise! The smart lavatory’s noise level is only 26.5 Decibels, which is less than the noise level of an average bedroom. This way, cats would not be bothered and frightened of using the LavvieBot S.

In terms of cleaning, the LavvieBot S is easy to wash. Users can easily detach the litter tray by pressing the “Empty” button. The parts can also be cleaned with water is users want to keep their cat litter box cleaner.

The LavvieBot S has started its Indiegogo campaign launch last August. The next month, September will be used for preparing mass production. To end the year, PurrSong will be officially launching the new LavvieBot S in South Korea in December. February 2020 will be used for performance check-in South Korea and March 2020 will be the start of manufacturing LavvieBot S for backers. The next month, April 2020, is officially the start of shipment to the public.

Since February 2016, the PurrSong team has started with the project. Through the years, members of the team have been working to create the “Purr-fect and Smartest Lavatory for Kittys.”

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