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Best Choice Travel Cat Backpack Review

The Best Choice Travel Cat Backpack is a mind blower. You know when you had a product that you swear is the best product out there of its kind in the market, and just when you publicly declared it, you stumble across a better one? That’s what happened between me and the Best Choice Travel Cat Backpack.

After publicly declaring my backing of another brand of cat bubble backpack, I was given the Best Choice Travel Cat Backpack and I quickly took a look at my old declaration and found out that Best Choice’s product beat all of my old one in almost all talking points.

Plus it comes in different colors.


One of my argument about best cat backpacks is it should be relatively priced for its feature. Well, the Best Choice Travel Cat Backpack is one of the cheapest in the market today. Check the price on Amazon.


When I made my public declaration as to what is the best cat backpack’s feature should be I included great holes for ventilation but they should be smoothly protected in the rim to avoid cuts and accidents for the more curious cats. I also said they should have a good spherical bubble design to engage my cats more and so they will not get bored during long walks. I also said a good cat backpack or carrier should have pockets for treats or water. A strong durable handle to take on all the stress of traveling and lifting, Wide shoulder pads so I can take my cats for long walks and hikes. And I believe it should also come with padded backs that are ergonomically designed so it would not be a burden for me or my cats when we are out. I also said it should be airline travel approved.

The Best Choice Travel Cat Backpack checks all these boxes and more. It has a great safety hook for pet’s leash, easy to remove washable cushions, lightweight, water-resistant in case of rain, and it has a great strap and zipper.

What more can you ask for? If the features are not enough like I said the makers decided to up the notch by giving us different color options while maintaining the price point. It’s often on sale on Amazon. Make sure to check the price.

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