How To Cat Proof Electrical Cords & Wires

How to cat proof electrical cords & wires
Written by Clair Chesterman

Some cats are nice and others are a bit on the naughty side. They may have developed this habit that is difficult to get rid of or they are just too playful and see those dangling or loose electric cords as something to hunt and play with. Biting and chewing things is part of their nature and it is very unsafe for both the cats and us, humans, to have wires chewed up and left open. However, it is up to the cat owners to discourage and correct this unwanted behavior. 

Different ways to Cat-Proof Electrical Cords & Wires

There are various ways that can guide you to a better handling and protection of those dangling and loose electrical cords and wires around your house, and help you stop your cats from chewing cords. Check out below of ways to stop cats and kitten from biting cords: 

  • Protect The Wires To Protect You And Your Cat

One great way to minimize or prevent your cat from attacking, playing, and chewing electrical wires and cords is by protecting and covering up the wires and cords themselves, in short, cat-proof electrical cords. 

  • Make The Cords Taste Awful For Your Cats

Make electrical cords taste awful for cats

You may find non-toxic sprays being sold in pet stores and you can consult with the vet first before purchasing xone just to be sure it is safe for your cats. You may also choose to apply citrus oil, dish soap, sports liniment, or hot sauce on the cords as cats  dislike those types of taste. Felines love the taste of saltiness and you therefore would want to avoid applying such stuff on the electrical cords. 

  • Hide Cords From Cats

Cover them up. You may opt to do this and purchase some split wire loom tubings from your local hardware store. You can ask the staff if you are not much familiar on how to install such tubing. 

  • Switch To Wireless Devices 

Nowadays, as the technology gets more advanced, more and more latest versions of our gadgets also become better versions of itself, and they can now come as wireless devices that we can bring anywhere, anytime such as wireless mouse and keyboard, and even wireless earphones. We can now even recharge our smartphones anywhere without the need of a charger with cords. 

  • Hardwire 

This can be an expensive solution to cat-proof the wires, alternatively, you can choose to use pot lights or sconces instead of using regular lamps that have dangling wires. 

  • Build An In-House Charging Station

You may want to build charging stations around your house, in your bedrooms, and/or work station in your house. You can set it up inside a small cabinet that has a door in a desk; the door will surely help to cover it up and prevent your cats from targeting the electrical wires as their prey. 

  • Set Up Barriers

You would also want to block access or set up barriers from cords that cannot be unplugged such as the ones connected to your TVs, stove, fridge, etc. You may want to build a fence or cover to protect wires from cats. 

  • Proper Storage

This may be the simplest solution, in our opinion: store all the cords that can be stored in the safest storage space or box or container possible, that is out of reach by your cats. 

Keep Your Cats Entertained

Keeping cat entertained

There are various ways to keep cats away from wires that could help prevent any further damage to your electrical cords and wires, and your cats. 

  • Playtime And Toys

With enough playtime, your cats can not only get their exercise for the day, this will also make them tired and distracted from chewing up the electrical cords. Give them their usual or favorite toys, or buy new ones to keep them engaged with something new and much more interesting. Keeping them distracted while keeping their mind and body stimulated. 

  • Let Them Wander Around Outside

Whether or not your cats are outdoor cats, it is best to let them out for a while, but if you are not confident enough to let them go out by themselves, you can try to start leash-training them until they get used to it before taking them out for a walk. 

  • Get Another Feline 

Cats may get bored and anxious when left alone by themselves, therefore it is not a bad idea to get a new one or perhaps adopt one to take home as your cat’s new companion and someone to play with that can distract it from chewing up the electrical cords. 

  • Bird-feeder For Indoor Cats

This is a great cat-entertainment if your cat is an indoor type. You can build one just outside your house near a window where your cat can watch from the windowsill. This, in our opinion, can be one of the most effective ways to keep your kittens distracted, just don’t let them outside as they may prey on the poor birds and, unfortunately, kill them in the end.  

  • Separate Spaces

If you have an extra room inside your house, it is not a bad idea to keep them housed separately in a different room especially if you have multiple cats. This can be a healthier way for them to live as you can decorate their room properly with enough toys and scratch posts to play with, but without all those dangling and loose wires and other harmful things hanging around. 


Cats and electrical cords are a bad combination in a house especially if your cats like chewing stuff. Prevention is better than cure. We want to avoid any more damages on your things by your cats and any more injuries to your cats by them biting and chewing on electrical cords and wires. Therefore, the best thing to try is to choose one or a few of the above solutions that can be accomplished that can help prevent any more unwanted cat behavior and unfortunate casualties around the house. 


About the author

Clair Chesterman

Clair is a professional cat breeder having her own cageless CFA and CCA Registered cattery & fostering company FluffyMeowPaws in Eugene, Oregon. Clair knows everything about multiple cat breeds and how to use the latest technologies to make the cat's life better.

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